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This is a work in progress featuring an historical novel based on the life of the emperor


Who was Magnentius? A usurper who stole his throne from the then emperor of the Western Roman Empire Constans, a son of Constantine I. The problem was that Constans had a brother who was very much interested in being the sole ruler of the Romans.

Below, you will find a selection of chapters from an historical novel inspired, in part, by the wonderful ancient novels. Please note that this novel is written in the form of an ancient history with numbered paragraphs and plenty of gossip. There is some real history present in each chapter and as you shall see a lot of fiction involved. If you like what you have read and want more please contact me. Enjoy!

Chapter One Magnentius Becomes Emperor Chapter Two Decentius Becomes Caesar
Chapter Four The Case of Primus Chapter Five Plotting to Murder Gallus
Chapter Six Magnentius Learns the Ropes Chapter Seven The Imperial Races
Chapter Fourteen Glory Through Building Chapter Twenty Magnentius and Bishop Jean

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