Konnichiwa everyone,

This is a little introduction that I've prepared for you before you go adventuring on my web page. I'm a Canadian and I recently had the opportunity to live in Japan for five years. Fortunately, I had ample time to explore this beautiful country as well as other asian coutries during my vacation periods. Although it may be closer to tour Asia from Japan than from Canada, it can sometimes, believe it or not, be even more expensive!

With this web page, I would like to share my many different experiences in these fantastic countries (especially Japan). I'm sorry to say, but neither books, movies, nor documentaries will prepare you for the "culture shock" you will experience if you were to visit Asia. Unfortunatly, the English version of this site is not finished yet, so please bear with me.... doing a web page is much more work than I thought!!! Especially since I had to "bribe" my best friend into editing it for me!

I hope that you enjoy your visit here. I know that I enjoyed putting this site together. If you have any comments or suggestions for my web page, please don't hesitate to contact me at this e-mail address: s_doire@hotmail.com

See ya


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-Here is some pictures of my trip to Himeji.

8 AUGUST 2005

-Here is some pictures of my trip to Amanohashidate.

-Another one on my sightseeing in Matsumoto.

-Here is an update on Takayamain Gifu Prefecture. I went back there to see the Hida-Takayama village.

2 AUGUST 2005

-A new addition to my web page: My trip to Vietnam in April 2005.

1 APRIL 2005

-A new page on my worse hiking trip EVER in Japan: Zao-san.

30 MARCH 2005

-New page on my trip to Cambodia last year.

22 FEBRUARY 2005

-I added another page on Hong-Kong. I had some problems lately with my hard drives so I lost a lot of my ongoing work. Since I'm lazy it took more some time to rebuild all of it. Sorry about that! I also repaired some of the broken links.

-I added another page on Bandai-san.

-I updated the page on Aichi prefecture.

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2003 Add-On

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