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Crocodile Jack's Home
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Hello everyone, my name is Jack Valentine (aka Crocodile Jack for my long nose), but my person and everyone calls me Jack in short. :)

I am a Smooth Fox Terrier and am about 5 and half-6 years old. My favorite things are: going to the park and play with other doggie fellows, getting lots of treats, eat yummy food, sleep, play, play, play...etc. Oh yeah, did I mention PLAY?! :)

My person doesn't know how my life was before, and I don't remember either...But all we know is that my person got me out of the "doggie jail" the beginning of last year and now  I'm living happily ever after with my person. :)

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice day. Don't forget to sign my guestbook so I know you come by to visit us. :) Enjoy. :)
Jack Valentine
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It's Fall Now!

It's now this yellow-ish/reddish color season. Everything is pretty outside. The weather is cooler and most of the time nicer than summer. Even so, it can gets cold at times, so don't forget to keep your pets warm inside. Don't let the pets that are not spay/neuter out roaming free since it's now they are going to be in heat. This is one of the season (the other one is Spring) that'll later on leave many un-wanted pets (puppy/kitten) end up at shelters.

The best way to prevent this is to have your pets spay/neuter. There are many places you can go to have your pets spay/neuter. It's not a big process and it's good for your pets and it also helps to decrease chances of having un-wanted pets flooding the shelters. Please help! Spay and neuter your pets. And if you have pets that are not spay/neuter, keep them on leash when out walking them during their heating seasons.
Latest News
10/23/02-- Today my person took some pics of me, don't forget to check them out under "New Pictures 2" link. ^_^ And don't forget to keep your pets inside and warm, it's probably going to rain again today. :)

11/25/02-- Thanksgiving is in the corner. So I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you all. :)
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