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The Shire of the Forgotten Crossroads:Calendar

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Special Events

Event Date Time
Shire Midreign and Chancellor Elections Saturday October 13, 2000 Five PM at Sheriff Harmast's Apartment
Kingdom Midreign Quest Saturday October 27, 2000 Noon at Greely Park, Nashua, NH
Kingdom Midreign Feast (cooked by our own Sheriff Harmast) Sunday October 28, 2000 TTBA at Unitarian Universalist Church, Nashua, NH

Regular Events

Event Date Time
Allthing, Tourney, Ditching Second Saturday of the Month Noon at Jillson Square Willimantic, CT
Battlegames, Quests First, third, and fourth Saturdays of the Month Noon at Alex Caisse Park, Willimantic, CT

The background and buttons are copyright Tazem Designs and are part of their online collection.
The photos are borrowed (unitl we develop all of our film) from the main Amtgard site and are from Clan last year.
Our thanks to all of these sources for their use of graphics, which has made my life much easier.

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