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Welcome to my page dedicated to the best and my favorite team, The Dallas Cowboys!

This is my award winning, one stop shopping spot. 1. disclaimer below. I have helmets, stars, images, banners and buttons. If that's not enough, I have pictures, wallpaper and links. Everything you need for your own Cowboy Page. So, kick back and relax. See what there is to see, see what you cannot live without, but mostly, enjoy!

I did this page so people could easily get images for their pages. But, if you take something I made or credited to another, an E-mail to them with a link back to their page is not asking too much. It's classy and the right thing. Also, this should go without saying, but download these images to your own server for use, do not link directly to the images. :o)

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If you want pages bashing other teams, look elsewhere. Only no class scum sucking bottom feeders with no confidence in their own teams do those pages and I won't promote them. No true football fan lowers themself to that level. I only have Dallas Cowboy pages that are (IMHO) quality sites reflecting work, dedication and taste!

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Hi, me again. I know I've not updated recently with new stuff but in truth there hasn't been a standout player or year in some time. Maybe the 2005 season will change that. I hope you enjoyed my page and took lots of presents. I know, it's cheesy but take a sec and sign my guestbook so I know you were here. I hope you checked out my search engines and web rings for more Cowboy and football sites and BTW: come back soon. &rea's Coordinated Set Line

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1. Here's my DISCLAIMER - - The proof is in the pudding, but the pudding has been ruled inadmissable.
Seriously, I've asked permission for everything that is not mine. However, many said they found them and didn't remember from where or I found them on many different pages it was difficult knowing who made what. If I have something you made with no or improper credit, tell me and I'll correct it. Thx! AND if you take something with a copyright and/or credit to someone (there's a link to their page) do the right thing and send them an E-mail telling them and give them a link to their page. You'd want the same for your own work and you know it!

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