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FILMOGRAPHY 1983-1998*
Another Country, 1983 
Nineteen Nineteen, 1984
Camille, 1984
The Secret Garden, 1986
A Month in the Country, 1986
Apartment Zero, 1988
Valmont, 1989
Wings of Fame, 1989
Femme Fatale, 1990
The Hour of the Pig, 1992
The Playmaker, 1993
Circle of Friends, 1994
The English Patient, 1995
Fever Pitch, 1996
A Thousand Acres, 1996
My Life So Far, 1997
The Secret Laughter of Women, 1997
Shakespeare in Love, 1998

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TELEVISION 1983-1995*
Crown Court, LWT 1983
Dutch Girls, LWT 1983
Lost Empires, Granada TV 1985
Tales from the Hollywood Hills, PBS 1987
Tumbledown, BBC 1987
Out of the Blue, BBC 1991
Hostages, Granada 1992
Master of the Moor, Meridian 1993
The Deep Blue Sea, BBC 1994
Pride and Prejudice, BBC 1994
The Widowing of Mrs Holroyd, BBC 1995
Nostromo, BBC 1995

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TV productions made 1996 and later



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