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When the title is purple, the series is believed to be copyrighted and it will not be traded as if it is in the public domain.
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Himself the Elf (The Fibber)

A Date with Judy -13 episodes
A. L. Alexander's Board of Mediation -1 episode
A Life in Your Hands -13 episodes
Abbott and Costello Show, The - 106+ episodes
Abbott and Costello Kid's Show, The -2 episodes
ABC Mystery Time -9 episodes
Abroad With the Lockharts -9 episodes
Academy Award Theater -39 episodes
Address Unknown (AUS) -5 episodes
Adventure Theater -4 episodes
Adventures by Morse -52+ episodes
Adventures in Research -45 episodes
Al Jolson Show, The -2+ episodes
Al Pearce Show, The -12 episodes
Al Read Show, The -1 episode
Alan Young Show, The -52+ episodes
Aldrich Family, The -108+ episodes
Alka Seltzer Time -19 episodes
Allied Expeditionary Program -2 episodes
Aliens in the Mind (BBC) -6 episodes
All Star Western Theater -94 episodes
Amazing Mr. Malone, The -9 episodes
Amazing Mr. Malone, The (AUS) -4 episodes
American Hour, The -1 episode
American Radio Warblers -See "
Hartz Radio Canaries"
American Trail, The -13 episodes
American Weekly - See "Front Page Drama"
Amos and Andy -273 episodes (3 CDs)
Ampol Show, The (Australian) -8 files
An American in England -6 episodes
Anderson Family, The -29 episodes
Andrews Sisters Show, The -19 episodes
Ann of the Airlanes -24 episodes
Anthology -57 episodes
Appointment with Fear (BBC) -2 episodes
Arch Oboler's Plays -45 episodes
Archie Andrews -37 episodes
Art Gilmore Show, The -1 episode
Arthur Godfrey Time -24 episodes
Ask-It Basket -1 episode
At Ease -9 episodes
At Home with the Kirkwoods -See "The Jack Kirkwood Show"
Audition Programs (Misc.) -13 episodes
Author's Playhouse -38 episodes
Avenger, The -26 episodes
Avengers, The (S. African) -115 episodes
Babe Ruth, The Adv. of -8 episodes
Baby Snooks -13 episodes + 47 sketches
Barrel of Fun -5 episodes
Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator -60 episodes
Batman - 1 OTR episode, 8 NTR episodes
Behind the Mike -1 episodes
Behind the Scenes -20 episodes
Behind the Story -1 episode
Ben Bernie War Workers' Program, The -2 episodes
Bergan-McCarthy Show, The -143+ episodes
Best Plays -14 episodes
Beulah Show, The -22 episodes
Beyond Midnight (S. African) -16 episodes
Beyond Our Ken -86 episodes + extras
Beyond Tomorrow -4 episodes
Bickersons, The -13 episodes + 31 skits + extras
Big Band Remotes -200 misc. files on 3 CDs
Big Guy, The -3 episodes
Big Show, The -29 episodes
Big Story, The -13 episodes
Big Town -41 episodes
Bill Ring Show, The -6 episode
Bill Stern's (Colgate) Sport's Newsreel -123 episodes
Billie Burke Show, The -3 episodes
Bing Crosby Show (Chesterfield) -48 episodes
Bing Crosby Show (30 min. Woodbury Soap) -2 eps.
Bing Crosby Show (15 min. Sustained) -83 episodes
Bing Crosby Show (30min. GE)-2 episodes
Bing Crosby Show (15 min. Minute Maid) -2 episodes

Biography in Sound -67 episodes
Birdseye Open House, The -47 episodes
Black and Blue, The Adv. of -3 episodes
Bishop and the Gargoyle, The -1 episode
Black Book, The -5 episodes
Black Castle -2 episodes
Black Chapel -2 episodes
Black Flame of the Amazon -29 episodes
Black Mass -20 episodes
Black Museum, The -51 episodes
Blackstone, The Magic Detective -55 episodes
Blair of the Mounties -22 episodes
Blind Spot -2 episodes
Blondie -36+ episodes
Blue Beetle -36 files
Blue Ribbon Town -6 episodes
Bob & Ray Show -270 episodes (2+ CDs)
Bob Hawk Show, The (Comedy Quiz) -1 episode
Bob Hope Show, The -129+ episodes (2 CDs)
Bold Venture -31 episodes
Bomber (BBC) -4 episodes
Boris Karloff Show (Reader's Digest) -10+ episodes
Boston Blackie -193 episodes ( 2 CDs)
Box 13 -52 episodes
Bradbury 13 (NTR) -13+ episodes
Breakfast Club, The -1 episode
Bright Star -34 episodes
Brighter Day -4 episodes
Bring 'Em Back Alive -2 episodes
Broadway is My Beat -165 episodes
Broadway Talks Back -1 episode
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century -25 episodes
Bulldog Drummond -21 episodes
Burl Ives Show, The -2 episodes
Burns and Allen Show, The -246+ episodes (3 CDs)
Cabin B-13 -3 episodes
California Caravan -1 episode
Call the Police -1 episode
Calling All Cars -297 episodes
Calling All Detectives -13 episodes
Camel Comedy Caravan -1 episode
Camel Program, The -See "
Jimmy Durante/Garry Moore Show, The"
Campbell Playhouse -47 episodes
Can You Top This? -33 episodes
Candid Microphone -4 episodes
Candy Matson -14 episodes
Cape Cod Mysteries -23 episodes
Captain Flag and Sgt. Quirt -1 episode
Captain Midnight -99 episodes
Captain Starr of Space -5 episodes
Carling Theater -1 episode
Case Dismissed -12 episodes
Casebook of Gregory Hood, The -14 episodes
Casey, Crime Photographer -73 episodes
Cavalcade of America -316 episodes (4 CDs)
CBS is There -See "You Are There"
CBS Radio Mystery Theater -1399 episodes (21 CDs)
CBS Radio Workshop -86 episodes
Ceiling Unlimited -7 episodes
Celebrity Club, The -8 episodes
Challenge of the Yukon -296 episodes
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin St. -13 eps.
Charlie Chan -11 episodes
Charlie Chan (AUS) -7 episodes
Charlie Lung, The Adv. of -2 episodes
Charlotte Greenwood Show, The -64 episodes
Chase, The -54 episodes
Chase and Sanborn Anniversary Shows -2 episodes
Chats About Dogs -1 episode
Chesterfield Moonlight Serenade -9 episodes
Chesterfield Time -11 episodes
Chickenman -153+ episodes
Christopher London, The Adventures of -3 episodes
Cinnamon Bear, The -26 episodes
Circle, The -1 episode
Cisco Kid, The -168 episodes
Cloak and Dagger -22 episodes
Clock, The -54 episodes
Closed Planet (BBC) -2 episodes
Clyde Beatty Show, The -46 episodes
Columbia Presents Corwin -See Columbia Workshop
Columbia Workshop/Norman Corwin-82 episodes
Command Performance -154 episodes
Commander Keen (Australian) -104+ episodes
Congo Curt -16 episodes
Consider Your Verdict -11 episodes
Continental Celebrity Club, The -See "
Celebrity Club, The"
Coronet Little Show -1 episode
Co-Star (LP) -6 files
Counterspy -60 episodes
Country Fair -2 episodes
Country Hoedown -4 episodes
Country Music Time -1 episode
Couple Next Door -167 episodes
Creaking Door, The (S. African) -34 episodes
Creeps by Night -7 episodes
Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players -1 episode
Crime and Peter Chambers -19 episodes
Crime Classics - 50+ episodes
Crime Club -31 episodes
Crime Correspondent -1 episode
Crime Doctor -2 episodes
Crime Does Not Pay -62 episodes
Crime on the Waterfront -2 episodes
Crisis -152 episodes (2 CDs)
Cruise of the Poll Parrot, The -39 episodes
Curtain of Time -3 episodes
Curtain Time -19 episodes
Damon Runyon Theater -52 episodes
Dan Dunn, Secret Operative #48 -2 episodes
Danger With Granger -24 episodes
Danger, Dr. Danfield -26 episodes
Dangerous Assignment -89 episodes
Dangerous Assignment (AUS) -6 episodes
Dangerously Yours -13 episodes
Danny Kaye Show, The -18 episodes
Danny Marsdon, The Adv. of (CBC) -13 episodes
Dark Fantasy -28 episodes
Dark Island, The (BBC) -6 episodes
Dark Venture -4 episodes
Darkness (NTR) -8 episodes
David Harding, Counterspy -See "Counterspy"
Day of the Triffids (BBC) -6 episodes
Death Valley Days -4 episodes
Defense Attorney -3 episodes
Defense Rests -1 episode
Dennis Day, A Day in the Life of -59 episodes
Devil and Mr. O, The -26 episodes
Diary of Fate -24 episodes
Dick Barton, Special Agent (BBC) -16 episodes
Dick Tracy -76 episodes
Dimension X -45 episodes
Dimes for Invasion -1 episode
Dizzy Dean Show, The -12 episodes
Don Gray, Marine Investigator (CBC) -2 episodes
Don McNeal's Breakfast Club -See "Breakfast Club"
Don Winslow of the Navy -2 episodes
Dr. Christian -85 episodes
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde -52 episodes
Dr. Kildare, The Story of -56 episodes
Dr. Morelle -11 episodes

Dr. Sixgun -17 episodes
Dr. Tim, Detective -7 episodes
Dragnet -308+ episodes (4 CDs)
Drene Time -See "The Bickersons"
Drop Dead -(8 stories taken from an LP)
Duffy's Tavern -118 episodes
Dunninger, the Mentalist -3 episodes
Easy Aces -285 episodes (2 CDs)
Ed Wynn, The Fire Chief -11 episodes
Eddie Arnold Show, The -4 episodes
Eddie Cantor Show, The -36 episodes
Edgar Allen Poe Readings -8 files

Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries -25 episodes
Ellery Queen, The Adventures of -14 episodes
Ellery Queen, The Adventures of (AUS) -1 episode
Encore Theater -13 episodes
Epic Casebook (S. African) -11 episodes
Ernie Ford Show -See "Tennessee Ernie Show, The"
Escape -220 episodes (2 CDs)
Esquire Jazz Concert -3 episodes
Ethyl and Albert -12 episodes
Everyman's Theater -5 episodes
Everything for the Boys -17 episodes
Exploring the Unknown -2 episodes
Exploring Tomorrow -24 episodes
Falcon, The Adventures of -80 episodes
Falcon, The Adventures of (AUS) -2 episodes
Family Doctor -39 episodes
Family Theater -384 episodes (4 CDs)
Fantastic Four, The (NTR) -13 episodes
Fat Man, The -10 episodes
Fat Man, The (Australian) -36 episodes
Father Coughlin -40+ episodes
Father Knows Best -112 episodes
Favorite Story -76 episodes
Fear on Four (NTR) -48 episodes
Federal Agent -9 episodes
Fibber McGee and Molly -744+ episodes (7 CDs)
Fire Fighters -140 episodes
First Nighter Program, The -30 episodes
Fitch Bandwagon, The -2 episodes
Five Minute Mysteries -84 episodes
Five Star Theater -3 episodes
Flash Gordon -30 episodes
Fleishman Yeast Hour, The -1 episode
Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel (BBC) -18 episodes
For the Record -1 episode
Ford Show, The -9 episodes
Ford Theater -24+ episodes
Ford V-8 Revue -8 episodes
Forecast -10 episodes
Fort Laramie -41 episodes
Francis Langford Show -13 episodes
Frank Merriwell, The Adventures of -35 episodes
Frank Race, The Adventures of -43 episodes
Frank Sinatra Show -33+ episodes
Frankenstein -13 episodes
Fred Allen Show, The -148+ episodes
Fred Waring Show, The -17 episodes
Free Company, The -9 episodes
Front and Center -6 episodes
Front Line Theater -6 episodes
Front Page Drama -303 episodes
Frontier Fighters -39 episodes
Frontier Gentleman -39 episodes
Frontier Town -47 episodes
Future Tense (NTR) -16 episodes
Gangbusters -80 episodes
Gasoline Alley -13 episodes
Gene Autry's Melody Ranch
-25 episodes
General Mills Radio Adventure Theater -52 episodes
Ghost Corps -26 episodes
GI Jive -82 episodes
GI Journal -23+ episodes
Glamour Manor -See "Kenny Baker Show, The"
Glenn Miller -114 misc. files
Globe Theater (AFRS) -7 episodes
Goldbergs, The -430 episodes
Good News of ... -64 episodes
Granby's Green Acres -5 episodes
Grand Central Station -10 episodes
Grand Ol' Opry -1 episode
Great Gildersleeve, The -509 episodes
Great Performances -1 episode
Greatest Story Ever Told, The -38 episodes
Green Hornet, The -68 episodes
Green Valley Line -26 episodes
Guest Star -127 episodes
Guilty Party (BBC) -12 episodes
Gunsmoke -416+ episodes (6 CDs)
Gunsmoke (Australian) -4 episodes
Hall of Fantasy -39 episodes
Hallmark Hall of Fame -4 episodes
Hallmark Playhouse -70 episodes
Halls of Ivy -80+ episodes
Happy Island -1 episode
Hardy Family, The -12 episodes
Harold Peary Show, The (See "Homest Harold")
Harry Nile, The Adventures of -24+ episodes
Hartz Radio Canaries -1 episode
Haunting Hour -40 episodes
Have Gun, Will Travel -106 episodes
Hayward Sanitarium (NTR) -10+ episodes
Heartbeat Theater -28 episodes
Hearthstone of the Death Squad -3 episodes
Hello Americans -12 episodes
Hello, Sucker -1 episode
Henry Morgan Show, The -14 episodes
Here's to Veterans -7 episodes
Hermit's Cave, The -30 episodes
Hickory House Jam Session -1 episode
High Adventure (USA) -1 episode
High Adventure (S. African) -7 episodes
Hobby Lobby -1 episode
Hollywood Radio Theater -2 episodes
Hollywood Soundstage -3 episodes
Hollywood Star Playhouse -11 episodes
Hollywood Star Time (15 min.) -2 episodes
Hollywood Star Time  (30 min.) -21 episodes
Hollywood Theater Group -4 episodes
Honest Harold -38 episodes
Hoosier Hot Shots -2+ episodes
Hop Harrigan -16 episodes
Hopalong Cassidy -3 episodes
Hordes of the Things -4 episodes
Hornblower -20 episodes

Hotpoint Holiday -1 episode
Hour of Charm -4+ episodes
Hour of Mystery -2 episodes
House of Mystery -4 episodes
Howie Wing -6 episodes
I Deal in Crime -3 episodes
I Fly Anything -2 episodes
I Love Adventure -13 episodes
I Love a Mystery -156 episodes
I Sustain the Wings -8 episodes
I Was a Communist for the FBI -73 episodes
Imagination Theater -417 episodes
In the Name of the Law -12 episodes
Information Please -228 episodes (3 CDs)
Inner Sanctum Mystery -139 episodes (2 CDs)
Inner Sanctum (AUS) -3 episodes
Inspector West -8 episodes

Intrigue -3 episodes
It Pays to Be Ignorant -34 episodes
It Pays to be Married -5 episodes
It's a Crime Mr. Collins -22 episodes
It's a Crime Mr. Collins (AUS) -2 episodes
It's That Man Again (BBC) -6 episodes
It's Time to Smile -See
"The Eddie Cantor Show"
Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy -21 episodes
Jack Benny Show, The -687+ episodes
Jack Kirkwood Show, The -9 episodes
Jack Smith Show, The -2 episodes
Jack Webb Show, The - 2 episodes
Jason and the Golden Fleece -1 episode
Jean Shepherd -439 files
Jeff Regan, Investigator -25 episodes
Jerry at Fair Oaks -65 episodes
Jerry of the Circus -128 episodes
Jill's All Time Juke Box (AFRS) -4 episodes
Jimmy Durante Show, The -39+ episodes
Jimmy Durante/Garry Moore Show, The -5 episodes
Jimmy Fidler -1 episode
Joe DiMaggio Show, The -3 episodes
Joe E. Brown Show, The -2 episodes
Joe Palooka (LP) -2 episodes
Johnny Modero: Pier 23 -3 episodes
Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon
-26 episodes

Jubilee -83 episodes
Judy Canova Show, The -71 episodes
Jungle Jim -313 episodes  (3 CDs)
Kate Smith Show, The -5 episodes
Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge -18 eps.
Kay Kyser Orchestra, The (1932) -7 episodes
Keep 'Em Rolling -2 episodes
Kenny Baker Show, The -1 episode
Key, The (AUS) -21 episodes
KIIS Hall of Horrors -8 episodes
Komadie Kapers -6 episodes
Kracken Wakes, The -5 episodes
Kraft Music Hall -116 episodes
Lassie -6 episodes
Last Man Out -1 episode
Laurel and Hardy -2 Files
Leave It to Joan -1 episode
Leo is on the Air -See "
Movie Trailers for Radio"
Leonidas Witherall - 7 episodes
Les Miserables
-7 episodes
Les Paul Show, The -18 episodes
Let George Do It
-177 episodes (2 CDs)
Let Yourself Go -1 episode
Life of Riley, The -241+ episodes
Life With Luigi -146 episodes
Light of the World -1 episode
Lightcrust Doughboys -6 episodes
Lights Out -56+ episodes
Light Up Time -See "Frank Sinatra Show"
Line Up, The -11 episodes
Lion's Eye, The -See "Jeff Regan, Investigator"
Listen, America -1 episode
Little Evil Things -7 episodes
Little Old Hollywood -1 episode
Little Orphan Annie -9 episodes
Lives of Harry Lime, The -See "The Third Man"-
Log of the Black Parrot -1 episode
Lone Ranger, The -994 episodes (11 CDs)
Louella Parsons Show, The -3 episodes
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone
-15 episodes
Lum and Abner
-1664+ episodes (11 CDs)
Lux Radio Theater -460 episodes (10 CDs)
Ma Perkins -31 episodes
Macabre -8 episodes
Magic Key, The -1 episode
Magnificent Montague, The -34 episodes
Mail Call -45 episodes
Maisie, The Adventures of -72 episodes
Major Bowes -1 episode
Man Behind the Gun, The -1 episode
Man Behind the Gun is a Woman, The -1 episode
Man Called X, The -81 episodes
Man Named Jordan, A -2 episodes
Manhunt -10 episodes
March of Time, The -2 episodes
Marriage -24 episodes
Martin and Lewis Show, The -76+ episodes
Mary Foster, The Editor's Daughter -4 episodes
Masters of Mystery -5 episodes
Matinee Theater -22 episodes
Max Lucado (NTR) -64 files
Mayor of the Town -22 episodes
Media Network (BBC) -2 episodes
Medical File (S. African) -3 episodes
Meet Miss Sherlock -2 episodes
Mel Blanc's Fix-It Shop -42 episodes
Mercury Summer Theater -15 episodes
Mercury Theater -24+ episodes
Michael Piper, Private Detective -1 episode
Michael Shayne -29+ episodes
Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air -7 episodes
Midnight (NTR) -13 episodes
Midnight Cab (CBC) (NTR) - 35 episodes
Milton Berle Show, The -37+ episodes
Mirth and Madness -See "
Jack Kirkwood Show, The"
Mirth Parade, The -1 episode
Molle' Mystery Theater, The -50 episodes
Moon Mullins (LP) -1 episode
Moon Over Africa -26 episodes
Movie Trailers (Previews) for Radio -88 files
Mr. Ace and Jane -15 episodes
Mr. and Mrs. Blandings -11 episodes
Mr. and Mrs. North -58 episodes
Mr. Chameleon -1 episode
Mr. District Attorney -68 episodes
Mr. First Nighter -See "
First Nighter Program, The"
Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons -48 episodes
Mr. I. A. Moto -11 episodes
Mr. President -57 episodes
Murder and Mr. Malone -See "
Amazing Mr. Malone, The"
Murder at Midnight -32+ episodes
Murder by Experts -14 episodes
Murder Clinic -6 episodes
Murder Will Out -2 episodes
Music Depreciation -23 episodes
Music on Deck -3 episodes
Musical Showroom -See "
Andrews Sisters"
Mutual Radio Theater
-103 episodes (3 CDs)
My Favorite Husband -102 episodes
My Friend Irma -49 episodes
My Little Margie -30 episodes
My Son Jeep -2 episodes
Mysterious Traveler, The -71 episodes
Mystery Award Theater -2 episodes
Mystery Classics -4 episodes
Mystery House -16 episodes
Mystery in the Air -8 episodes
Mystery is My Hobby -67 episodes
Mystery Playhouse (AFRS) -54+ episodes
Nate Gross Show, The -2 episodes
Navy Lark, The (BBC)-99 episodes
Nazi Eyes on Canada (CBC) -5 episodes
NBC Short Story -18 episodes
NBC Star Playhouse -1 episode
NBC University Theater -110 episodes (3 CDs)
Nebbs, The -1 episode
Nero Wolfe -40 episodes
New World A'Coming -48 episodes
Nick Carter, Master Detective -116 episodes
Nick Harris (Salute to the Law) - 11 episodes
Night Surgeon (S. African) -4 episodes
Night Beat -79 episodes
Night Editor -14 episodes
Nightfall  (CBC) (NTR) -106 episodes (1 CD)
Nightmare -4 episodes
Nightwatch -46+ episodes
NK Eight to the Bar Ranch -See "
Andrews Sisters Show, The"
NK Musical Showroom -See "
Andrews Sisters Show, The"
Norman Corwin -See "Columbia Workshop"
Obsession -18 episodes
Official Detective -3 episodes
Old Gold Comedy Theater -30 episodes
Old Gold Show, The -2 episodes
Omar, The Wizard of Persia -13 episodes
On Stage -15 episodes
One Man's Family -67 episodes
One Out of Seven -4 episodes
Order in the Court -2 episodes
Origin of Superstition, The -20 episodes
Orson Welles Radio Almanac -See "
Radio Almanac"
Orson Welles, Story Teller -3 episodes
Our Freedom's Blessings -8 episodes
Our Miss Brooks -151+ episodes
Out of the Deep -1 episode
Ozzie and Harriet -64 episodes
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater -1 episode
Parker Family, The -1 episode
Passing Parade, The -2 episodes
Pat Novak, For Hire
-24 episodes
Paul Temple (BBC) -78+ episodes
Paul Whiteman Presents -1 episode
People Are Funny -12 episodes
Perry Mason -16 episodes
Pet Milk Show, The -3 episodes
Pete Kelly's Blues -6 episodes
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show, The -114+ episodes
Philco Radio Hall of Fame -See "
Radio Hall of Fame"
Philco Radio Time -74 episodes
Philip Marlowe, The Adventures of -102+ episodes
Philip Marlowe, The Adventures of (BBC) -2 eps.
Philip Morris Playhouse -3 episodes
Philo Vance -89 episodes
Planet Man -76 episodes
Plays for Americans -3 episodes
Police Headquarters -39 episodes
Popeye the Sailor -4 episodes
Price of Fear -18 episodes
Pursuit -8 episodes
Quiet Please -89 episodes
Quiz Kids -6 episodes
Radio Almanac -6 episodes
Radio City Playhouse -61 episodes
Radio Detectives (BBC) -2 episodes
Radio Doctor -1 episode
Radio Hall of Fame -97 episodes
Radio Reader's Digest -71 episodes
Railroad Hour, The -17 episodes
Rate Your Mate -1 episode
Ray Bradbury (Halloween Special) -2 episodes
Ray Bradbury -Martian Chronicles- -1 episode
Red Book Dramas -19 episodes
Red Ryder -3 episodes
Red Skelton Show, The -? episodes
Request Performance -1 episode
Results Inc. -3 episodes
Retribution -1 episode
Richard Diamond, Private Detective -108 episodes
Riders of the Purple Sage -2 episodes
Rin Tin Tin -2 episodes
Ripley's Believe It or Not -3 episodes + 416 shorts

Rocky Fortune
-25 episodes
Rocky Jones -1 episode
Rogers of the Gazette -25+ episodes
Rogue's Gallery -22 episodes
Roy Rogers Show, The -16 episodes
Rudy Vallee Show, The -2 episodes
Sad Sack, The -2 episodes
Safety Sam -1 episode
Saint, The -59 episodes
Sam Spade, Detective, The Adv. of -66 episodes
San Francisco War Chest -1 episode
Saturday at the Shamrock -1 episode
Screen Director's Playhouse -103 episodes
Screen Guild Theater -153+ episodes
Sealed Book, The
-26 episodes
Sealtest Variety Theater, The
-41 episodes
Sears Radio Theater (NTR) -62 episodes
Secret Agent K7 Returns -67 episodes
Secret of Dominion
-13 episodes
Secrets of Scotland Yard
-57 episodes
Seeing Ear Theater -64 episodes
SF68 -15 episodes
Shadow, The -210+ episodes
Shadow, The (Australian) -7 episodes
Shadow of the Pharaoh
-6 episodes
Sherlock Holmes
-195 episodes (2 CDs)
Show Business Old and New -See
"Eddie Cantor Show, The"
Silent Men, The -27 episodes
Silver Theater -43 episodes
Six Shooter, The -40 episodes
Sky King -8 episodes
Sleep No More -19 episodes
Smiley Burnette Show, The -3 episodes
Smiths of Hollywood, The -27 episodes
Soldiers in Greasepaint -1 episode
Soldiers of the Press -10 episodes
Song Search -1 episode
Songs by Dinah Shore -1 episode
Songs by Sinatra -See "
Frank Sinatra Show"
Sound Off -10 episodes
Space Patrol -100 episodes (2 CDs)
Speaking of Radio (J. Benny Interview) -10 episodes
Speed Gibson -2 episodes
Spike Jones Show, The -49+ episodes
Spotlight Bands -1 episode
Spotlight Review -See
"The Spike Jones Show"
Spy Catcher -24 episodes
Stan Freeberg Show, The -15+ episodes
Stand By for Crime -26 episodes
Stars Over Hollywood -27 episodes
Stella Dallas -2 episodes
Steve Allen Show, The -1 episode
Stories for Children (5 stories read by H. Peary from an LP)

Story Lady, The
-213 episodes
Straight Arrow -8 episodes
Strange Dr. Weird -29 episodes
Studio One -38 episodes
Sunset Serenade -2 episodes
-1162 episodes (6 CDs)
-903 episodes (10 CDs)
Swingshift Program -1 episode
Swingtime -2 episodes
Take It or Leave It -1 episode
Tales From the Morgue -13 episodes
Tales From the Reader's Digest -See "Boris Karloff Show"
Tales of Fatima -2 episodes
Tales of Suspense -8 episodes

Tales of the Texas Rangers -91 episodes (2 CDs)
Tales of Tomorrow -7 episodes
-229 episodes (2 CDs)
10-2-4 Ranch -28 episodes
Tennessee Ernie Show, The -2 episodes
Terry and the Pirates -164 episodes
Texaco Star Theater (multiple formats) -70 episodes-
Texaco Town -See
"Eddie Cantor Show, The"
That Hammer Guy -10 episodes
Theater 1030 (CBC) -13 episodes
Theater Five -149 episodes
Theater Guild on the Air -47 episodes
Theater of Hits -11 episodes
Thin Man, The Adventures of -9+ episodes
Thing on the Doorstep, The -6 episodes
Third Man, The -52 episodes
This is My Best -9 episodes
This is Our Enemy -1 episode
This is War -2 episodes

This is Your FBI
-277 episodes
This is Your Life -2+ episodes
Those Mad Masters -1 episode
Those Were the Days -3 episodes
Three for Adventure -1 episode
Through the Opera Glass -1 episode
Tintin -6 episodes
To Be Perfectly Frank -See "
Frank Sinatra Show"
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet -46 episodes
Tommy Dorsey Show, The -3 episodes
Tooth Fairy, The -6 episodes
Top Secret - 17 episodes
Topper, The Adventures of -3 episodes
Treasury Star Parade -97 episodes
Troman Harper, Rumor Detective -2 episodes
True Detective Mysteries -19 episodes
Truth or Consequences -6 episodes
21st Precinct -27 episodes
Twenty Questions -1 episode
Twilight Zone, The (NTR-HQ) -8 episodes
Two Ton Baker, The Music Maker -7 episodes
2000 Plus -14 episodes
2000X (NTR) -33 episodes
Uncle Sam Presents -4 episodes
Unexpected, The
-23 episodes
U.S. Steel Hour -See "Theater Guild on the Air"
Vic and Sade -323+ episodes
Voice of the Army -8 episodes
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen, The -34 episodes
War of the Worlds (BBC) -6 episodes
Wayside Theater -9 episodes
We Care -2 episodes
We Want a Touchdown -1 episode
Wednesdays With You -See
"Eddie Cantor Show, The"
Weird Circle, The
-78 episodes
Wermacht Hour, The -3 episodes
What Am I Offered? -1 episode
Whatever Became of...?(NTR) -59+ episodes
Whisperer, The
-13 episodes
Whistler, The
-410 episodes (5 CDs)
Whitehall 1212 -43 episodes
Wild Bill Hickock -228 episodes (2 CDs)
Wings to Victory -1 episode
Witch's Tale, The -36+ episodes
Witch's Tale, The (AUS) -5 episodes
Woodbury Journal -(See "
Louella Parsons Show, The")
Words at War -86 episode
World War II Propaganda/News Broadcasts -304 files
X Minus One -127 episodes (3 CDs)
Yank Swing Session -4 episodes
Yiddish Melodies in Swing -1 episode
You Are There -60 episodes
You Bet Your Life -128 episodes
Your All Time Hit Parade -1 episode
Your Army Air Forces -12 episodes
Your Army Service Forces -1 episodes
Your Date with Deb -1 episode
Your Hit Parade -10 episodes
Your Radio Almanac -See "
Radio Almanac"
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar -649 episodes (6 CDs)
Zero Hour -130(+extras) episodes
Zorro, The Adventures of -2 episodes
"The Martin and Lewis Show"
(and also reading Jerry Lewis' new book, "Dean and Me, a Love Story"
which Molly gave to me for Christmas.)
"The Alan Young Show" stars the actor best known as Wilbur Post, the man who talked to Mr. Ed!
The "Allied Expeditionary Program" ran on the BBC and featured the American Band of the Supreme Allied Command with Capt. Glenn Miller.

"Coming, Mother!"

Revive the memories of your youth with "
The Aldrich Family"
"Aliens in the Mind" was a BBC serial featuring Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.
"Archie Andrews" was a juvenile comedy series (based on the popular comic book character) which always began... "Jughead! Get over here right away! It's a matter of life and death!"
Some shows never made it beyond the "audition" phase of production. Many of those audition recordings survive. You can find some of them under "Audition Programs (Misc.)".
More "Baby Snooks" can be heard inside episodes of the "Good News of..." series.
Edgar Bergan was a ventriloquist,... ON THE RADIO! You've GOT to be funny to make that gig work.
I began collecting Bill Stern programs because the stories were so interesting. His stories were introduced as "some true, some hearsay, but all so interesting...."  I now realize why he made such a disclaimer.
Remember this man's initials when listening to his show!
More Bing Crosby shows can be found under "Philco Radio Time" and "Kraft Music Hall".
"Biography in Sound" was kind of like "This is Your Life", only nobody invites the guest of honor.
"Blue Ribbon Town" (sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, of course) was a comedy/variety program hosted by Groucho Marx.
"Bold Venture": Bogart and Bacall in their own radio series,...'nuff said.
"Bright Star" was a 1950's comedy-drama featuring Irene Dunne and Fred MacMurray.
Want to study the art of comedic timing? Then listen to Gracie Allen in "The Burns and Allen Show". According to Jack Benny, nobody had better timing than Gracie. And I agree!
"Cape Cod Mysteries" was a spooky NTR (New Time Radio) series. If you ever listen to the episode called "Playback", you'll never forget it,... it's THAT creepy.
Can't get enought of Orson Welles?
Then you'll enjoy "
Ceiling Unlimited", especially the episode about "Gremlins".
"Chesterfield Time" is another great source to hear Glen Miller and his Orchestra performing LIVE!
"The Creaking Door" is the South African version of "Inner Sanctum Mysteries".
Boris Karloff fans won't want to miss
Creeps by Night".
"You're a private eye. That's your business. Anything else, that's for laughs." "Crime and Peter Chambers" was a short lived series, but a good entry in the "wise-guy-private-eye" genre.
If you enjoy "The First Nighter Program", check out "Curtain Time". The formats are almost identical.
"The Devil and Mr. O" was a series of "Lights Out" reruns done in the early 70's hosted by Arch Oboler,...Mr. O.
Will "Dick Tracy" EVER propose to Tess Trueheart?
"Dragnet" features Jack Webb seeking... "Just the facts, Ma'am."
"Drop Dead" is a rarely heard record, considered a "must have"  item for fans of Arch Oboler."
"Duffy's Tavern", where the elite meet to eat. Apparently Duffy wasn't one of the elite, since he never seems to have set foot in his own bar.
Tired of the everyday grind? Want to get away from it all? We offer you.... ESCAPE!!"
"Everyman's Theater" is another rarely heard "must have" item for fans of Arch Oboler."
Recognize the theme music for "Exploring Tomorrow"? It's "As Time Goes By" from "Casablanca".
Did you know that SNL's Bill Murray did radio? You can hear him playing "Johnny Storm" in "The Fantastic Four"
My personal favorite:
Fibber McGee and Molly".
When Molly would say, "T'ain't funny, McGee", she was telling one of the biggest fibs in the history of radio!
Marx Brothers fans will love the BBC recreation of "Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel" which uses original scripts to recreate a 1930's series starring Groucho and Chico. (See "Five Star Theater" for a few rare existing shows from the original series.)
"The Fred Allen Show": Come visit with Mrs. Nussbaum, Senator Claghorn, and the rest as we take a walk down Allen's Alley.
"Future Tense" consisted of new productions of old  "X Minus One" scripts.
Listen to the begining sound effects for "Gangbusters" to learn where the expression "Come on like Gangbusters." comes from.
While not as popular or well remembered as "Command Performance", I think "GI Journal" was the most enjoyable variety program produced by the  AFRS during the WWII years.
The Glenn Miller list contains 35 songs, 37 pre-WWII remote broadcasts, and many other of Glenn's radio appearances. Most shows are identified with the show title, date, and the name of the broadcast's first song.
Remember the TV show "Green Acres"? It was based on the radio series "Granby's Green Acres.
"There's only one way to handle the killers and the spoilers,.. that's with a U.S. Marshall,... and the smell of GUNSMOKE" This was an outstanding  adult western and lead to the successful TV series.
"Hall of Fantasy" has very original stories of the supernatural, but if you need stories with happy endings, this won't be your cup of tea.
Based on the MGM film series, "The Hardy Family" starred Mickey Rooney and Lewis Stone.
"Heartbeat Theater" was a long running series in the same vein as "Family Theater" and was sponsored by The Salvation Army. So, next holiday season,
(as Jack Kirkwood would say),
"Put some money in the pot, boy!."
"Honest Harold"
was a 38 episode stinker that ruined Harold Peary's career in radio.
Enjoy the movie "The Man Who Came to Dinner"? Well, wait until you hear Jack Benny in the title role! Check out "Hotpoint Holiday".
This "Inner Sanctum" set has had duplicates meticulously weeded out., so the set is smaller than some collections, but it is believed to be composed of all existing episodes in circulation.
Listen to the 03-28-48 episode of "The Jack Benny Show" to hear one of OTR's funniest moments, when Jack gets held up and has to decide between his money and his life.
"The Jack Kirkwood Show"- Don't recognize the name? Maybe you've heard him play Santa Claus on the Bob Hope Show saying "Put some money in the pot, Boy!"
Can't you still hear William Bendix, as Chester Riley, saying those immortal words: "What a revoltin' developement 'dis is!"

I BELIEVE... that to have a friend, a man must be one.

...that all men are created equal
and that everyone has within himself
the power to make this a better world.

...that God put the firewood there
but that every man must gather
and light it himself. being prepared
physically, mentally, and morally
to fight when necessary
for that which is right.

...that a man should make the most
of what equipment he has.

...that 'This government of the people,
by the people, and for the people'
shall live always.

...that men should live by the rule of
what is best for the greatest number.

...that sooner or later... somewhere... somehow... we must settle with the world and make payment for what we have taken.

...that all things change but truth, and that truth alone lives on forever. my creator, my country, my fellow man."
"Life With Luigi" starred Irishman
J. Carrol Naish as an Italian immigrant.
For additional "Lights Out" episodes, see "The Devil and Mr. O"
"...And now, let's see what's going on down in Pine Ridge."...with Squire Skimp, Cedric Weehunt, Dick Huddleston, Grandpappy Spears,.... and "Lum and Abner".
"Marriage " was a 1950's radio drama featuring real life husband and wife Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.
Check out the "Martin and Lewis Show" to rediscover why the French thought Jerry Lewis was funny.
On October 30th, 1938, Qrson Welles' "Mercury Theater" gave a production of H. G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" that was so realistic, it caused a panic. Listen to this show and find out why legislation was passed afterwards which forbade the use of simulated newscasts in future entertainment programs.
"Mel Blanc's Fix-It Shop": Yup! It's THAT Mel Blanc. "Ahhhhh,what's up, Doc?"
"The Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air" featured Walt Disney himself , both as the  host and as the voice of Mickey Mouse.
Most of the 1947 and 1948 episodes of "The Milton Berle Show" contain those classic commercials with doctors recommending one brand of cigarettes over another. The sponsor was Phillip Morris.
Molle' Mystery Theater (pronounced Mo-Lay) is the best mystery-suspense series I've encountered. THIS SERIES IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Cary Grant reprises his role as Jim Blandings (as seen in the movie "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House") in the series "Mr. and Mrs. Blandings".
The creepy voice of the opening signature belonged to a Long Island minister named Raymond Morgan who gave up the cloth for the excitement of radio.
"Mystery in the Air" showcased Peter Lorre in dramatizations of literature's classics of mystery and suspense.
"Mystery Playhouse" wasn't really it's own show. It was a series created by the Armed Forces Radio Services with episodes consisting of original introductions to stories lifted from several different popular radio series of the day.
Since this series was never broadcast in the USA, it is nearly impossible to create a log like is done for other shows.
"NBC University Theater" was a dramatic anthology series which offered college credits in literature through a correspondence curriculum. Sheesh! And I thought that Cliff's Notes made my Lit. courses easy!!!
"New World A'Coming" starred Canada Lee and dramatized the case for African Americans' need for civil rights in the 1940's.
Nightfall: a spooky NTR CBC production.
"One Out of Seven" was Jack Webb's earliest series. It dramatized a news story from the past 7 days with Webb acting ALL of the parts.
Included in this set of "Our Miss Brooks" is the rarely heard first audition episode where Shirley Booth plays Miss Brooks instead of Eve Arden.
All of the 1953 episodes of the "Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show" include audience warm-ups at the begining of the recordings.
"GET THIS, AND GET IT STRAIGHT! CRIME IS A SUCKER'S ROAD AND THOSE WHO TRAVEL IT WIND UP IN THE GUTTER, THE PRISON, OR THE GRAVE!" That was heard at the begining of "Philip Marlowe", Raymond Chandler's straight talking private eye.
"Plays for Americans" was an anthology series featuring topical wartime dramas  produced, directed, and written by  Arch Oboler.
"Price of Fear" stars Vicent Price in mystery/suspense stories.
In "Results Inc.", Lloyd Nolan stars as a private eye who guarantees results. This is one of those series FIBBERMAC wishes had more surviving episodes.
"Rocky Fortune" starred Frank Sinatra, and was written by George Lefferts and Ernest Kinoy (who were better remembered for their work on "X Minus One").
"Rogers of the Gazette" starred Will Rogers Jr.
This show shared it's producer, writers, and supporting cast with the radio series "Gunsmoke". Although it isn't a western, you can listen for the similarities.
Not enough "Sad Sack" in existance for you?
You can hear Mel Blanc in the role of Sad Sack in skits on many episodes of
GI Journal".
Episode #26 of "The Sealtest Variety Theater" is a radio legend. It's a live, remote broadcast where everything goes wrong.
Hear Jim Jordan (AKA Fibber McGee) in a NTR radio production in the 2-20-79 episode of "Sears Radio Theater" called "The Trouble Maker".
The audition episode of "The Six Shooter" can also be found in my collection. Look for it in "Hollywood Star Playhouse."
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? "The Shadow" knows!!!
"The Six Shooter" stars Jimmy Stewart and is an outstanding western series. The episode "Crisis at Easter Creek" is one of my all-time favorites. Fibbermac highly recommends this series.
"Sleep No More" features stories of suspense being read, not acted out, using modest sound effects to enhance the stories.
Although he was best remembered as a top-notch OTR announcer, Harry Von Zell breifly starred in his own comedy series. Check it out in "The Smiths of Hollywood".
"The Spike Jones Show" had perhaps the funniest opening line in OTR.  Spike would start his show with "Greetings, music lovers!".
Included in this set is 33 episodes of "Spotlight Review" and 10 episodes of "The Chase and Sanborn Program", plus Spike Jones Music and other OTR appearances.
"The Story Lady" is a series of comedy NTR short stories similar to "Fractured Fairy Tales".
The "Strange Dr. Weird" was a 15 minute "poor man's version" of "The Mysterious Traveler",... using the same narrator and one of the same writers.
903 episodes well calculated to keep you in "SUSPENSE"!
"Tales From the Morgue" is also known as "Chet Chetter's Tales From the Morgue".
They had so much fun telling the life story of Charlie McCarthy, they turned it into a two-part episode of "This is Your Life"!
This set of "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" is done in high bitrate encodes of excellent source material. It was encoded as a labor of love by a fan of the show.
"Troman Harper, Rumor Detective" was the U.S. Govt's way to deal with wartime rumors during WWII. Was it true that U.S. G.I.'s were reduced to eating alfalfa? Troman Harper will set you straight.
I can't explain why I enjoy "Vic and Sade" so much, I just do. Just call me a "Vic and Sadist".
If you're a fan of the original "Star Trek" television series. try listening for similarities in
The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen".
You'll be surprised.
"The Wermacht Hour" was U.S. Military propaganda, sending Glenn Miller's swing music to a German audience.
"Whatever Became of...?" was an interview show hosted by Richard Lamparski in the late 60's and early 70's. Many OTR stars are interviewed in my set. Also, some additional interviews are listed on the same log. Check it out.
What was "Whitehall 1212"? It was a series almost identical to "The Black Museum". It was also the real life number one would dial to reach Scotland Yard.
"Countdown for blastoff...!" "X Minus One" was the very best of OTR Science Fiction. The episode "A Gun for Dinosaur" is one of the finest examples of radio storytelling that I've heard.
Groucho Marx hosts the game show  "You Bet Your Life", where  you could say the secret word and win a lot less than they did on the TV show.
Johnny Dollar was the insurance investigator with "the action packed expense account".
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