Hex Files
Hex Files is a simple, easy to use hex editor.  It is designed to help with programming in assembly language and to create test data files.  It can create and edit any small binary files (up to 2.5k)  as binary, hexadecimal, decimal and ascii values as well as performing logical operations.

Logic operations can be done on constants (values which you enter manually),  Addresses of values in it's buffer and ranges of values in the buffer.  The logical operations can take either of the input values from any of these three sources and place the result in any of the three destinations allowing it to assist with creating checksums over a range of the dataset. Using constants allows it to function as a simple logic calculator.  Using ranges has the added flexibility of being able to choose the odd values in the range, even values in the range or all values in the range. When saving a new file, don't forget to set the filesize first or you will save a 0 byte file.  If you open a file, the filesize will automatically be updated to the size of the file.

If you find any bugs in this program, please let me know and I'll endeavour to rectify them.

If you intend to  use this program in a commercial environment, please contact me first.
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