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Welcome to my C++ Programming web page.  You will find a collection of the more usefull or interresting programs here which I have written and a bit of information on them. If you find any of the programs usefull, please let me know.  Any Paypal donations will be gratefully accepted.

HexFiles is a fairly simple to use hex editor which can be used to simulate logic operations as well as edit data as decimal, hexadecimal, binary and Ascii values.

Winlog is my utility for windows diagnostics.  It is basically a collection of utilities all compiled into one program.  It analyzes the contents of directories and looks for changed files, missing files and added files.  It allows the file system of two PC's to be compared to help diagnose problems.  It displays sections of the registry to help find spyware and viruses.  It allows processes to be viewed and manipulated.  All data gathered can be used to generate reports and simillar reports can be compared to find differences.  It can view any files as text by looking for strings within the binary data and can even figure out the capabilities of a program.  It is basically my "Swiss army knife".  Don't forget to register it if you will be using it in any commercial capacity.

SIRDS Generator generates3D pictures like the ones which were very popular in the 80's that worked when you cross your eyes.  All you need is a picture in greyscale where distance is represented by shade (lighter shades are closer) and this program does the rest.  The background editor allows the random dot sequence to be customized or even replaced by tiled images.

Binary Clock was created for a laugh and just displays the system time in binary coded decimal.

Leet was also created for a joke and converts text to and from Leet.  Leet for those who don't know is the language which is used on the net to make text using numbers and other symbols.  th15 15 an 3x4mpl3 0f wh47 17 l00k5 l1k3.

Code Library allows collections of subroutines to be maintained easily for future projects.  It assists greatly with re-using of code and can cut development time.

Tab Browser was written mainly to help at work where I use a number of browsers for different administration functions.  This puts all the browsers into one program and allows all of them to open automatically.
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