Phoenix Project

"I want to be a Vorlon"

Goals of the Phoenix Project:
1: The enhancement of ourselves and our offspring by means of genetics and or cybernetic technology.
A: Increased life-spans beyond the normal Human average of ninety. Shooting for at least two-hundred years.
B: Better brain power and average IQ including photographic memory.
C: Increased musculature and strength.
D: Heightened senses, for example hearing akin to a cat's or sight like a bird-of- prey. Infrared vision.
E: Wings - the Power of living flight.

2: Space travel. Earth regardless of our moral stance [read: environment] will one day come to an end, that is simply the way of things. It is foolish to keep our eggs [literally meaning the human genome] in one basket. Anthropology and species extinction shows us only those who spread continue to exist therefore it is incumbent upon us to find a new world that we might  prosper upon.

3: More easily replaceable food supplies. This goal ties in with genetics and covers the better/safer production of both vegetables and livestock.

4: The study and understanding of PSI abilities within Humans including telepathy and telekinesis.

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