Phoenix Rising
A History of the Phoenix Project

The conception of the Phoenix Project owes itself to my interest in Science Fiction and asking myself why must all this remain in fiction? Why can't we make better Humans? What if a man could fly? I idealized birds in my younger days and still do.

There were and are two distinct influences on what the Phoenix Project was and is: DUNE, and the Star Trek Episode "Space Seed".  The central figure in Space Seed was the Eugenic Superman Khan Noonian Singh a Sikh by birth. Ricardo Montalban's charismatic portrayal of the supposed villain of this episode did not at all come across as the "bad guy" to me, rather he was the type of man who should inherit the Earth and someday the STARS! Khan Noonian Singh fueled not only my interest in genetics but also an interest in India and its culture

Concurrently I was reading Frank Herbert's Masterwork DUNE.  Its deep philosophy and political intrigue helped shape my concept of time and space and what Humans could become.  With its various schools of teaching - the Bene Gesserit, Spacing Guild, Theilaxu, and Suk all impressed me as both well thought out but also a logical progression of science and Human history.  I will add that I am highly impressed with the sci-fi Channels two miniseries based on Frank Herbert's books - of course I was struck with awe by the Lynch version but as I got older it seemed less true to the books.  You should know that either reading the books or watching the series are required for Phoenix Project Members.

It must be mentioned that James Clevell's Shogun had a deep Asian influence upon all members of the Phoenix Project.

Later I would be influenced by J. Michael Straczynki's Babylon 5.  One of the best science fiction series to appear on TV in my opinion - and I would add that like reading DUNE I felt a spiritual transformation. The show is perhaps unintentionally a Transhumanist show.

Like its name the Phoenix Project has risen and fallen a number times, undergoing different incarnations - even for a time taking on the guise of a Teutonic Heathen group [that accounts for the LOTR's influences] which could never keep a name for it was seeking ever to become the Phoenix Project that was of it's Falcanian form.  From its ashes the Phoenix Project has returned ... subtly different and yet very much the same as before.

I will leave the details to the others to fill in.  Each has an interesting story to tell at how they came to be a Falcanian and in the Phoenix Project.

Shotar Sharr Khan Mingh Drakonis
[East Haven CT. June 28 2003]

Vladimir Kra

Kvaltar Vron

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