Membership is determined by a panel of Vedik judges who observe your conduct as a Falcanian.  You will be a probational member for one year while under the tutelage of a Darr-Varth from a Falcanian Eyrie.  Once your time as a candidate has past you will undergo the rashalon and become a full Falcanian. 

To begin. 
Submit a short essay about yourself and your interests.  Please include your age and location.  Be as clear as you can and tell us what you can offer the Falcanian: Phoenix Project

    Membership will be judged on
    • Commitment - What actions you will take to further the Falcanian cause. 
    • How well you learn to think and breathe like a Falcanian - Very important! That's the point after all to be a Falcanian. 
    • Input you offer. 
    • Attendance at official events.
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