Here are various links of interest.  Like the Phoenix Project they are wide ranging in content and purpose.  You are likely to find anything on any possiable subject on this page.

Falcanian Khanate: Yahoo Group.
Vanguard: The Sundering: Falcanian Fiction.  A Yahoo Group for the ScFi novel based upon Falcanian Ideas.
Christian Exodus: Yahoo Group set up to debate Church State Issues.  I am active there.  The originated in response to a group of Christians who want to set up their own Nation based on Christianity.

Sacred Texts: A very eclectic collection of the worlds sacred writings.  Along with some surprises, such as a Tolkien section.

Transhumanist Association
Transhumanity - news and views
Anders Transhuman Page
Journal of Evolution and Technology
Nick Bostrom's home page
World Transhumanist Association

Micronations & MiniStates
The Micronations Page
The League of Micronations
The Commonwealth of Micronations
Nova Roma
The Kingdom of Talossa
The Empire of Atlantium
The Sovereign Principality of Corvinia
Lykosha: Wolf-Nation: Our distant Cousins!

Lawnmowerjetpack: The best music ever made. So says Vin Conti.
Inama Nushif: A powerful piece from CHILDREN OF DUNE on the Scifi Channel.

Khaos [Chaos Magic!]
The 555 Files - Techniques of Chaos Magic:  A good introduction to Chaotica.  Reading it you'll understand why its included here on this site.  Chaotians are about creating their own world and making it manifest so are Falcanians.
Chaoism & Chaos Magic:
Chaos Matrix:  A Wealth of info.
Sentence ov Desire
Illuminates of Thanateros America: The IOT.
Specularium Web: Peter J Carroll's Website

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Kevin Smith
ViawAskew: Yup that's right the director of Dogma and Clerks.  Here's his official website.

SCIFI.COM  Dune: Official Site for the miniseries.
The Official Dune Website: Run by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Dune News and Information.
Jodorowsky's Dune: If you thought Lynch's version was wierd take a look here its wierder.  Pun intended.
The Landsraad: A very awsome site on MSN with interviews from the cast from the miniseries.
The art of Lone Star Fedaykin
Inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune chronicles: The artwork here rules!

Chai [Tea]
Darjeeling Tea: A very nice site on the subject of tea.  I'll let you follow their links rather then me repeating them here.

India [All Subjects]
Tajmahal: The True Story
Indian Cuisine- food and recipes: Mumbai/Bombay pages.
Indian Herb & Spice Mixes:
Mother Teresa The Final Verdict By Aroup Chatterjee: Very Important.  MT is a mythos that deserves to be undone
Things Indian: Indian cookery and recipe web-sites
Indian Mythology
Priyanka Chopra's Official site: Ms. World 2000
The Golden Temple: Amritsar, India.  A Holy temple of the Sikh people.
West Bengal
Bengal Tourism Home Page
Bengali Recipes
Internet Indian History Sourcebook

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