Q: Why do members of the Falcanian Khanate/Phoenix Project use strange names such as Sharr, and Koris?

A: Well there are a number of reasons.  First the Phoenix Project is about reinventing ourselves so we see taking new names as part of doing this.  Also taking a Falcanian name helps separates us from the Christian/Secular world to say nothing of the anonymity this helps to provide.

Q: Why are Falcanians known as "The Scavengers of the Galaxy"

A: Falcanians are known as "The Scavengers of the Galaxy" because we believe strongly in recycling - not  "junk", though even sometimes that as well but ideas and things that others have cast off.  We think there are treasures to be found right before our eyes and we've but to reshape the discarded for our own ends.

Q: Why make your own language?

A: Simple because its ours.

Q: Are you really intending on genetically altering yourselves?

A: Yes.  We will try to achieve this goal to the best of our abilities.

Q: What's with the philosophy and culture... isn't this about Transhumanism?

A: Yes its about Transhumanism - but in order for there to be context and justification for the Phoenix Project one needs both culture and a philosophical basis from which to precede. It is paramount to understand that our cultural goals are naturally more easily achievable and can have long lasting effects that will help bring about a new mindset.  WARNING do not be mislead by the seeming religousness - if it helps think of this as the Bene Gesserit at work.

Q: Is this all serious?

A: Indeed it is very serious.  This is not play acting or an experiment in politics.

Q: Are you a Micronation?

A: No a Micronation is an experiment in politics only to be found on the web.  The Falcanian Khanate considers itself to be a Sovereign Nation without territory - though at some point we would like to change that.  The Khanate and its people exist in the real World.  We have the ability to meet and carry out our traditions and government.  Our goal is recognition and our models are Nova Roma and The Empire of Atlantium. [See Links]

Q: Can I join the Falcanian Khanate: Phoenix Project.

A: Yes.  First send an email telling us about yourself.  Be as detailed as possiable.  However for full membership there must be a face to face meeting with the leaders of the Khanate.  Once you are approved you will under go a year long examintion before you become a Full Falcanian.

Q: To be a Falcanian must I practice Tarik Fordonism?

A: The short answer is yes as its intertwined with our goals and world view.  There can be some exceptions of course.  To understand Fordonism is to understand being a Falcanian.

Q: Can I be a Christian/Catholic and be in the Phoenix Project?

A: No.

Q: Can I be a Hindu or Sikh?

A: Yes.  It is more likely that you'll be asked to join then if you are a former member of one of the Abrahamic faiths because a Hindu or Sikh's world views can more easily mesh with our own.  Fordonism in fact is close to Tantric Hinduism in that it believes in embracing the world not renouncing it.

Q: Is the Falcanian Khanate: Phoenix Project atheistic?

A: Now that depends what you mean.  Generally Falcanians tend to have their own kind of spirituality and do not reject the possibilities that there is something more then the material to the World.  It can be said that Falcanians are Humanistic [That is the ascendy and joy of being Human is at the core of our beliefs.] We do not depend on being "saved" or the need for gods.  We consider ourselves cynically agnostic in an Eastern sort of way.

Q: You do not seem like other Transhumanist groups?

A: We aren't.  The Falcanian Khanate does not hold itself to anyone else's agendas of politics and holds its own counsel on many issues.

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