Falcania - Veda


   The Falcania - Veda is not intended to be a religious work, so much as a work of philosophy where concepts of life are explored.  The Veda is much more in the spirit of THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSTRA by Friedrich Nietzsche then the Bible.  It is a work of metaphor because metaphor is a useful tool to teach ideas and concepts that are relevant to the Phoenix Project.  Myth also serves as cultural glue.  In a project such as the Phoenix Project made up of very different people a repository of shared ideals and goals which can be passed on in a communal setting is needed to help build and establish a sense of "oneness" or group think.  Think of it as consciously shaping memes.  Besides everyone enjoys a good story.
   Please understand that the Veda is a work in progress.  I shall post each section and update the character and term lists, as need dictates.
   I have deliberately set Falcanian myth in a world of its own context.  This is intended to free the myth from historicism.  It is a Star Wars kind of Universe as far as Char is concerned, where science/technology and a kind of "Eastern" mysticism play out.



Dramatis Personae

Anubis: Techno being who leads the Skarin.
Arntiraas/Arn-Drak: Originally named Arntiraas Srnga ("Eagle-Arrow" "Horn") central figure in the Veda.  His Ascendants is the key to the story.
Atlaar: The Primordial who brought "The Spark" to Char and founded a city of technology.
Baltar: A Leader of one of the Armies that Arn-Drak challenges at Urkoth's bidding.  He becomes Arntiraas's greatest student.
Falcania: A Rai, forger of the Kraris she guides Arn-Drak in his ascendants.
Kieva: Cat General who befriends Arn-Drak.
Mingh: Hermit who sits under the Rishaak tree.
Urkoth: "Primal-Rage" he is the embodiment of the "Big Bang", wielder of the bow of instinct.  
Shayera: Twin sister of Falcania she is always accompanied by a barn owl & black ram with red eyes.  She is a hybrid of Artemis and Aries.  Her name means “dawning” and she is called on in times of war.  Shayera is a favorite “Rai” to be called on by the Valküri Sisterhood.  Her weapon is a war-hammer and she carries a bow made from the same material as her Father Urkoth’s “Bow of instinct”.
Zahur-Rao:  “light-bearer” [Skora ziral ‘light’ hjur ‘to bear, to bring’], Lucifer – the Ninth Ratava. Called the “Most High”, he who presides over the twenty-four Ratava. Zarhur is depicted as a being of light with great wings that has pupiless blue eyes. It was he who welcomed Arntiraas into the Mountain of Flame. Very much Prometheus.  His emblem is the Great Horned Owl.


Atlaar:  Once a great Empire known for its technology.  It was they who created the Skarin. Baltar's people are descended from the Atlaar who are said to be related directly to The Primordials.
Falcanians: Arn-Drak's tribe reforged by him after winning Falcania's blade.
Kheigra: The Cat People who live in the land of Sirad.
Skarin: Techno Beings.


Char: The world in which our characters inhabit.
Char'Kal: The Mountain of Ascended Flame.  Here the Ratava reside.
Mount Shira: The Blade mountain where Arntiraas starts his journey.
Sirad: Land of the Lion the Cat realm
Zoris: Urkoth's dwelling.  Center of Char, where the All-Spark churns.  Arn-Drak and his people form a tent city here on the Plains of Chithra.


Charis: Ascendants, those mortals who had by their wills earned the right to enter Char'Kal the Mountain of Ascended flame to continue the challenge of mankind.  Out of the three, the Charis were considered the most important for they were the Primordials only hope that mankind would one day ascend and take the Urkras's place upon Char'Kal. 
Darr: A cliff-dwelling.
Darr-Varth: "Eryie-Watcher" the title given to the head of a Falcanian Clan.
Rais: The Primordials called their progeny Rais for they were considered beams of light and teaching meant to enter the world and inspire mankind.  The Rais were the outcome of the Primordials who had joined with mortals looking to build a better species of Ratava in reflection of the Om's search to understand itself.
Ratava: The None-Gods who force evolution upon the dwellers of Char.  A quick eye will catch the inverted word "Avatar" and as to be an Avatar is to be a god incarnate – a Ratava is to be a mortal made into a god.
Rashalon: Reformating, the Falcanian "willed self"
Thraj: A tent similar to a yurt, a Falcanian mobile dwelling.  Compare to a Darr.
Urki: The Primal Spark.  Each Human has one.  The animating force similar to Chi/Ki.
Urkras: Elemental Ratava born out of the OM they were tools so that the Om might explore its nature.
Zakal: "The Heart (Center) of the Flame", like an altar it is the place a Falcanian assembles icons of his cultural ideals and affirms identity as a Falcanian.

The Breaking
The Drak

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