Flag of the Falcanian Khanate
Falcanian Culture
T'Saar! Akram kiefra gei valshai!  Jow, aurali nur ra sra tara-ziral, zhari irith ziral gir dhar.

A Male Falcanian is known as a Tengu and a Female as a Valka.

Skora: Falcanian words and their meanings.
Falcanian Name Index: Proper Names, Surnames and their meanings.
Dreikatha: The so called "Three Halls" also known as the Falcanian Senate.
Vrasi: Castes.  The division of labor and necessity. "A place for every man and every man in his place."
Artifacts: Objects that are of a Falcanian nature and have been fashioned by Falcanian artisans.  Here you will find images of the Phoenix Puzzle, Kraris, and the necklaces worn by members of the Phoenix Project.
Food: Falcanian Whey Soup, flat bread, and curries.
Clothing: Duster Cloaks, Lehnga-Choli and Jodtoks.
Tea Ceremony: The Chai Naraj


Shaichani Vra Sra Falcanian

Inari vra sra shierakna, ehna-ra sra ziral
Zorkaz i'kala Falcanian drahj.
Tarm vra Char i'kala.
Alira-Koris schlaj ri'bax sra teila. 
Konar, Tahru, zuti Guilthari.  Shaicha Falcanian. Katar zuti Krari i'rhath.
Jathchari sra teila charis ehna charin amon.
Vorkrur vra rhidar shaichani,
Urkoth kothri ehna ikr zorkaz.
Tairlok jiran tah.

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