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Updated Common Era: 8/29/04
Falcanian Standard Date: 15th Year of the Jade Phoenix
The Falcanian Khanate: Phoenix Project is a Transhumanist and social organization, which is seeking to build a NEW SPECIES by use of genetic engineering and cybernetics.  This new species is to be a winged race of beings. These beings are to have extended life spans of at least 300 years, superior eyesight and hearing, an inborn telepathic awareness of their fellow Falcanians, a kind of "Over-Soul" which will be achieved by a cybernetic connection intended to bring a greater group bond and pool of knowledge. 

Our culture is based around the clan, which we call Eryies.  The ThunderHawk Compact is our founding legal document that outlines our government and laws.  Our government is a clan-based monarchy.  We have a Socialist attitude based on the idea that all Falcanians should provide for the common good of the species.  This should not be confused with the modern understanding of Socialism but rather that the idea that government is an extension of the clan.  There is a slight Asian flavor to our culture symbolized by the Kraris sword.  We have our own language called Skora that has been influenced by Sanskrit.  The Phoenix Project is exactly that, the reformatting of Humans into higher beings by using science and technology.

What We Do: Our Senate meets on a biweekly basis where we make decisions about laws and ©ThunderHawk Enterprises our umbrella company which we have formed so we can fund our research and development.  This company is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  We also enjoy coming together simply to feast and have some fun.  Our culture is constantly being developed and there are no shortages of philosophers, warriors, and craftsmen.  We prefer to build something before buying it so we can become as self-sufficient as possible.  This means each of us tries to learn new skills such as glass blowing, woodworking, and publishing and printing or any skill that will help us best build our culture and achive our goals.

Our Major Projects: First and foremost our genetic alteration into our new species.  Many of our funds will also go to the construction of Vanguard Island.  An artificial island, like Palm Island located near Dubai and the UAE.  Vanguard is to become our outpost and a place where we can exercise our sovereignty as a nation.

The ideas that you shall find here are wide ranging. From Sci-fi to genetic engineering and a unique philosophy known as Tarik Fordonism - A philosophy that puts Self-Evolution at its core.
Frank Herbert's masterwork DUNE, Star Trek [(Space Seed)], Babylon 5, and indeed LOTR and Hindu myth have influenced much of what you find here.  An unlikely combination to be sure. Come step upon the long road...

Who Are You?
What Do You Want?
Where Are You Going?
Who Do You Serve?
Who Do You Trust?
 ---  The SynanonGame, by way of Babylon 5


New Guestbook rule! I have set the Guestbook to approve or disprove mode do to rude posters.  If you feel as though you must say something then you must include your EMAIL address or I will not allow the post to go up.  This is so if there is a disagreement or criticism a little face to face can go on.  If you don't have the honor to at least carry on a discussion then your post is not worth it.
Debate is acceptable and so are questions.  Snide remarks and one liners are not!

Like it or not - the Phoenix Project is working.  Science is on our side.  Learn to think outside the box people!

For what purpose humanity is there should not even concern us: why you are there, that you should ask yourself: and if you have no ready answer, then set for yourself goals, high and noble goals, and perish in pursuit of them! I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible...
      - Nietzsche, unpublished note from 1873

The Falcania - Veda: Teachings of the Rai Falcania and the rise of Arn-Drak.  Lessons through metaphor.
Tarik Fordonism: A religion without gods, a religion of challenges!  Ideals.  Often called Nietzchean-Hinduism.
Falcanian Culture: Government, Language, Food, artwork.
FAQ:Why we do the things that we do.
Membership: Joining the Khanate.
Technological Advocacy: Speaking out on issues concerning genetics, diseases, new materials, and overhauling the Human species.
Phoenix Project - Transhumanism: Goals of our enhancement.
Phoenix Rising: History of the Phoenix Project.
Eryies: Houses and their lords.
Links: Various links of interest.

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