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The Many Hair Styles of Peanut

Throughout the years and numerous times of going to the groomers (which I just hate), I have come home looking a little different. Here are some examples of my different hair styles...

Here I am when I need to go to the groomers. A little scruffy, don't you think?

Now let's take a look at what the groomers are responsible for...

Bows in the hair! What do they think I am, a girl??

This time they shaved all my hair on my nose making it look really big and keeping it all on my ears!

What a difference it made to shave the hair off my ears!

Now I'll show you a sad picture of what the vet can do to your hair...

This picture was taken right after I came home from having worts removed from the top of my head. Too bad I didn't have a doggie hat. It gets a little cold here in Wisconsin!

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