It is estimated that 1% or more of the population hurt themselves. The problem appears to be growing, whether because of greater openness is difficult to say. Men and women, young and old, members of all races and faiths suffer. This site offers help and information specifically targeted to Pagan self-injurers, and those who love them. That said, members of any and all faiths are welcome here.

You are not alone - while no formal studies have been done, it seems that Christians and Pagans are the two largest faith groups among self-injurers. What I have tried to do with this site is provide general information about self-injury, what it is and what it isn't, dispelling myths, and giving advice on telling others, and how to help a loved one who self-injures. There are other sites which provide similar information (see the links section). What makes this site different is that I have included spells and rituals and particularly Pagan ways of dealing with self-injury, and certain related problems. I have also included an overview of Pagan thought on self-injury.

Feel free to ask any questions you like, and to contribute anything you feel would help others. I have endeavoured to make this a safe place, but some content may be triggering. Please note that "SI" is the abbreviation I use throughout for "self-injury". If you like, you can also view the awards this site has won.

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