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Earthly Angel Kayden's Journey
Shanna was 16 years old when her 3 day old son was diagnosed with a very rare, but yet terminal diagnosis, called Hydranencephaly. Her son, Kayden, is three years old right now, and has been given until the age of four to live.

Kayden had two strokes, one in utero (during contractions) and one right when he was born. Because of the two strokes it demolished and disintegrated all of his brain but his brain stem and cerebellum. From the day he has been born he has been fighting for his life every single day. This has taken a toll on Shanna and her family.

Her son has touched so many lives, and she wants to share him with the world. His diagnosis is not curable, nor does anyone know why this diagnosis happens, but it does. We want to spread awareness, provide support and information through Kayden. We hope you will be apart of our journey.

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