The Animals

This page I have set up for our furry friends. I had to put them somewhere. Also this page has a problem with loading slowly. Please be patient with me and I should have the thing fixed in no time. Thanks.

Elvis, Calico Tabby
Small little cat with stripes of different colors as fur and golden eyes with rings of green in the middle. Very sweet to all creatures, so far, and loves attention and plenty of scratches under the chin. Has a broken squeak of a meow and three legs ever since he was found by Codi. When he was young someone dumped him in the yard after being badly abused and we rescued him and had his broken leg removed so it would not damage his other legs. Now a days heís healthy and very friendly.

Kurbi, Iguana
Small little lizard who has an attitude towards all, but Sammy. Her scales are green and brown with a hint of yellow on the spikes along itís head and back. A tail like a whip and a mouth that hurts when clamped down. This little creature is fast when able and is hard to chase and find once its off. In a weird kind of way its very unique in a way.

Frank, Siberian Husky
Large black and white dog with a blue and green eye and the kindest heart of all pets. Very playful and protective of his owner, Adam as well as the friends. Canít stand the cat, but gets along with the lizard pretty good. Loves to go for walkies and playing fetch. Hardly barks at anyone and rarely bites. Is very sweet and well behaved. Everyone loves him.

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