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The book of spells has been opened and deep within its wilting pages is the story of the few heroes that still exist and have yet to prove themselves.

Character stats of my friends and I. Character stats of the animals. Poems from my friends and those of you who were kind enough to share their's with me. Stories from friends on the net. Come read their adventures! Causes I believe in and support. Come take a view! Cliques! The awards I have won from the net. Also some awards you can win! The adopted babies of my home. Some links to some enchanting places. The webrings I am apart of as of now. Come join some!

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Remember them always. September 11, 2001.

The haven of the night has opened its doors to the dark hearted who live within the moon glow. Creatures of the night lurk in the mind's shadows while slayers race out with weapons drawn. Behold, here lie the ones who wish to tell their stories and dreams.

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CROSSING WARNING: Beware of strange fools with sharp swords.

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