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>Duet:**big eyes** Duo-chan looks really cute in my logo, ne?
>Duo:**gyrating hips** Yeah baby! You know it! Yeah!
>Duet: Baka! You're cute and you know it! **yanks Duo's braid**
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UPDATE! 11/27/00: Hey everybody! The wonderful person known as Dark Devil just made a whole bunch of images for the title banners of my different pages. Check out all of my sections to see them! THANK YOU!!
UPDATE! 11/26/00: Hi! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Well, a great person named the Dark Devil was really nice to me and made me a really cool banner!! Click here to see it! Thank you so much! I also added new links to the Links section- check it out!
UPDATE! 11/7/00: Wassssuppp?!! I just added a character review of Duo Maxwell to the character review section. Hope you enjoy!
UPDATE! 11/6/00: Hey everyone! I added a little ficcy by me in the fanfics section, called "Best Friends"- it's a must read! Keep checking back for these way cool updates!
UPDATE! 10/31/00: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! As a Halloween gifty, and because it finally got done, I have added a third page to Duo's image gallery, and gotten my links section up. If you would like me to link to your site e-mail me! Have fun!
UPDATE! 9/22/00: Hi everyone! Hope you've been enjoying the site! Today I added a GREAT fanfic by La Mangust- it's a must read! I also added a character review on Heero Yuy. Have fun!

If you have any fanfics, songfics, or fanart (yaoi or non-yaoi) please e-mail them to me! I would LOVE to post your stuff for everyone's edification!

>Duo: **hits self-destruct button** "Follow me on my journey into...well, where DO you want to go?"

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