Lord of Badenoch
The Wolf of Badenoch
'The Red' Comyn, Wolf of Badenoch
     Pictured before the Battle of Falkirk 22nd July 1298.
( History Channel commision)
The Red Comyn was from one of the most powerful families in Scotland, supporter's of the then King, John Balliol. After the defeat at Falkirk, Wallace resigned as Guardian of Scotlland (King John was in forced exile), the Guardianship was then shared between Robert the Bruce, and the red Comyn, an uneasy partnership as Bruce saw Comyn as an obstacle to his own claim for the throne. This came to a head at a meeting in Greyfriars Kirk in Dumfrieshire where Bruce drew his sword and killed the Comyn on the steps of the Altar, a few weeks later on 25th March 1306 Bruce was crowned King of Scots.
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