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Kim Schillings
A little about us frerrets.
by me dragon.

See we ferrets need alot of attention and love. We don't like being locked in our cages all day the more play time we get the better. My mommy always gives me at least four hours out of my cage playing with her. We are very social creatures and need to know that we are loved. If you can not spend alot of time with one than get two. but we still need our play time with you and out of the cage. The cage is basically some where us to sleep and stay safe when you are not home.

We live for a long time too if properly cared for5,6,7 plus yrs. We are proned to a list of medical problems. Make sure you have a vet that can take care of us, many vets do not know about us ferrets. So research a vet. Some states (Haiwii and Calf.) have it illegal to own a ferret so some silly reason. We are also illegal to own in some cities or you made need a permit for us. Please check with your local wildlife dept. or fish and game dept, the humane society, or vets.

We get into a lot of things becuase we are curious and always looking for something new to play in. So ferret proofing the area we get to play in is a must. Many people have one special room for us to play in or a ferret room. Toys are a good idea too little balls are nice(my presonal favorite other than mom's socks!) but make sure nothing can break off or we might chock on it and end up costing you lots of money
We like to borrow things too. I love to borrow mom's cell phone. Though she calls is stealing but i'm her baby and see anything that is mommy's is mine too.

We love to get into trouble though we do not see it as trouble. I love to go into the trash can though my mommy hates. I think attacking toes are a great way to have fun with mom but once agian mommy doesn't agree with me. You can teach us not do these things but it will take time and lots of effort. Some times even after you think we got it we will repeat or mistakes. Never hit us if you do we will no longer trust you. How would you like to get hit?

We love treats though you as mommy or daddy must know what we can and can not eat we don't always know. I love sweet things but too much sugar is bad for me. Remember no matter who much we beg you must control the amounts of treats you give us(mommy made me say that)
We can be taught to use a littler pan though some times I forget too or it is to far away. I know my name but will only go to mommy if I feel like it or she is shaking the treat can!

Please make sure you have the time and money for one of us before you get one. We can get depressed if not properly loved. We need lots of care and attetion. All we want is a forever home and lots of love.

LINKS for more information on ferrets. Remeber do lots of research before you get a ferret.  Don't be afriad to ask questions.
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