Dooks! I'm Silver Dragon, ie Dragon, I was brought home by my homan Sept. 12, 2001. She came into the mall pet store to look at us ferrets. We where house in a small glass cage.  The guy there let her play with us I bite her first :) so she decided to take me home. Her friend though she was silly to take me because I bite her. She did not understand I was just scared and needed a nice, loving home to go to.  My homan did though.  Now I have trained her to spoil me with lots of love and toys. Working on the unlimited rasin supply she's being a little stubborn on that :(
This page is about me. Aren't I the cutest thing you have ever seen? How could my homan not bring me home? I have a new sister now. She only 7-8 weeks old. her name is Phoenix or baby. Mom said i had to be a good big brother. I am a share my food my cage, my mommy. but it don't mean i have to share my toys or hammie. Good thing she don't like raisins*grinning*  she was the runt and tiny very very tiny. Now she has a great new family with me and my mommy.
"Where the raisins mom?"
"So many feet to trip, so little time."
"I must be worth a million rasins!"
"What's this?"
"MY Garfield!!!"
A page with general info on us ferrets and some helpful and fun linksFerrets
A page about Wolves I don't know why but my human wanted it for her cowboy...what's a cowboy? I think he is the silly guy that makes my homan happy. don't know why she needs another man than me but it keeps her happy. What we ferrets do for our homans.  Wolves
A page about my homan
The Homan
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"Hi!! I'm Phoenix Dragon's new little sister. :)"
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Guess what ... mommy took me and phoenix out to the pet store.. of course we had too look at the ferret babies, well wouln't you guess it one jumped in our bag and fell asleep with me and phoenix soo mommy decided to take him home and htan some guy came inand didn't want his ferret how could some one not want us so mommy offered him some green paper stuff and he gave mommy the now i have 2 baby brothers Griffin and Sphinx
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