Hey, I'm Destiny Austin (for those of you who've figured it out, keep your damn mouths shut!). If you see anything that says Melissa (as in "Duh Melissa!", etc.)...yes, that is me! Just so ya know. Anyway, you've somehow stumbled onto my website...unfortunately for you ;) Enjoy your visit, and make sure to keep checking back for updates, as the site is still under MAJOR construction! (As if you couldn't tell). Below you will find my changing picture of the day...I like it very much, you should get one. :)

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UPDATES: 7 May 2000

-I'm SO sorry for the lack of updates lately! Although I'm not really doing anything new right now, I've been trying to convert my art files to jpg, so you don't hafta go thru all sorts of crap to try to see them...and they should also download faster that way. That's pretty much it, tho...

-The Lozer Lounge is the host for all humor on this site (as in the Makeovers, the pictures of me and Anjel with the superstars, everything!)

-There are lovely custom-made greeting cards that you can send to your friends....scan right on down and find them :)

-Go and adopt your brand new baby wrestlers! :) Can't you just imagine helping your little tiny Undertaker eat his food without getting it all over the dining room? Awwwwww!!!! :)

-E-mail me if you're interested in reporting news or writing columns for this site.

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If you feel the need to send me hate-mail for whatever reason (like if you think I'm showing cruelty-to-X-Pac and you just happen to be part of the X-Pac Protection Agency so it's your sworn duty to harass me) please direct it here and I will use it to ridicule you in the future. Thank you!  


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Check out this website! It's what inspired me to make my own :)

I adopted these wrestlers at Hellfire's Hot Men of Wrestling!

Here's some of my lovely children/adoptees, more will be up soon :)

Go here to adopt your own!

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DISCLAIMER: This page is in no way affiliated with the World Wrestling Federation or Titan Sports. It is simply a page created by a fan for the fans, and none of the humor or adoptions are to be taken seriously. NOTHING on this page is intended to be degrading in any manner, especially anything pertaining to X-Pac. I'm sure you already knew that, but this disclaimer stuff can be important ;)

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