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My name is Tommy Allen. I live in Sylacauga, Alabama. Sylacauga is located in Talladega County, in the central part of the state. The Allen household consists of Stephanie, (my 16 year old daughter) and myself. I also have a son, Wesley Allen, who is 17 years old. Wesley lives with his mother near Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
I grew up in Sumter County, in the small community of Cuba, Alabama. Yes, it's a town in Alabama, not the country. People tend to give me that eye when I tell them I'm from Cuba. I lived in Sumter County until shortly after starting my law enforcement career.

My law enforcement career started in 1984 as an auxilary/part-time police officer with the Livingston Police Department, also located in Sumter County. After about a year, I became a full-time sworn officer with the LaFayette Police Department, located in Chambers County and attended the Northeast Alabama Police Academy which is located in Jacksonville, Alabama. Chambers County is located in the east-central part of the state of Alabama. After five years, I left the department as a Detective/Sgt., and started as a patrolman with the Lanett Police Department. During the five years I was at Lanett, I was assigned to numerous divisions at the Lanett Police Department. Patrol, Sgt./Patrol, Sgt./Detective and Sgt. Narcotics. Before leaving Lanett, I was Commander of the Detectives and Narcotics divisions. I left the Lanett Police Department and came to Coosa County to work for a very small police department in the Town of Rockford. After about three years at Rockford Police Department, I was hired at the Sheriff's Department in Coosa County. In July 2000, I worked as a patrolman for the Wetumpka Police Department till April 2002 and moved to reserve status with the Coosa County Sheriff's Department. I am currently a patolman with the Sylacauga Police Department. That makes around 19 years of law enforcement and I still love this job!!!


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