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Dee first began practising yoga in 1985, while working as a Secretary, and found it to be an uplifting experience for her. In 1986 her life took a different path when she began teaching Life Skills and Personal Development at the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce Training Centre. In 1992, following redundancy, she became a full time student at The College of St Mark and St John (Marjon) in Plymouth, studying Public Relations, Sociology and Social Psychology. She graduated in 1995 with a BA Hons awarded by Exeter University.

In 1997, while studying for a Certificate in Education (Post 16) with the University of Plymouth, she visited India and was there inspired to deepen her experience of yoga, as a result of which she took the decision to study for the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Diploma. Dee has been teaching yoga classes in and around Plymouth since 1997.

Dee’s life and yoga practice have been greatly influenced by the late Swami Neel Kamal who taught in the village of Wembury, prior to taking up residence at the Mandala Ashram. Dee’s yoga practice and teaching has also been influenced by several other local yoga teachers including: Roma Thomas; Mira Love; Barbara Cooper; Rob Barnes; Sophie Richmond and Nic Sharpe, all of whose classes she has attended over a period of 20 years or so. Then of course, the time she spent studying for her Diploma with Black Feather Moon (Frances Taylor) has been an invaluable experience from which she has learned so much more about Life the Universe and everything! More recently Dee has been studying with Ranju Roy (Yoga Mala) and her yoga practice has, she feels been greatly enhanced by the influence of the Vi Niyoga style. There are many others too numerous to mention who have helped Dee on her journey this far, students, colleagues and teachers, both from inside and outside of the world of yoga. Dee wishes to thank them all for their support.

Dee is married to Andy (who has been practising yoga for several years now) and they have two grown up daughters, Emma who is a professional face and body painter. and Vicki who is an Analytical Chemist.

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