Poems and Prayers

This section is where I will put prayers and poems used in my classes for those who want a copy for themselves.

Let us light a candle of peace
Let us open our hearts
In an outpouring of compassion and love
Let us think beautiful thoughts
And speak kindly words,
Indeed let every sound we make
Be a full and deep expression of our inner truth
Let our actions be wise and good
Let our being be absolute stillness
Let our light never be diminished
Let us light a candle of peace

By Angela Paskins (BWY South West Newsletter Jan. 2002)

1. The lotus starts its day in bud
2. As the sun comes up so the petals open
3. By mid-day the Lotus has opened its blossom completely
4. It draws in light and strength through its petals down to the stem
5. The gentle breeze sways the plant, first to one side…..
6. Then to the other…..
7. The breeze can turn into a strong wind
8. But no matter how far the little flower bends….
9. It always manages to keep control, returning to its original position.
10. Many tiny fish swim around the roots
11. All around there are tiny insects
12. They hover overhead
13. All kinds of birds sing peacefully
14. Occasionally smaller birds land on the louts lily to rest
15. As daylight fades, the petals of the lotus lily fold upwards
16. Closing tightly to seal in the goodness of the day
17. …….and resting peacefully until the dawn comes again.

Passed to me by Jill Maxwell (author unknown)

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