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Is internet addiction becoming your affiction? Are you losing sleep because people won't stop posting those LOL BubeTube videos you just gotta see? Or you should be sleeping, but OMG, if just one more friend you've never met joins your social network, it will put you just 5 degrees away from Kevin Bacon?

If you can't stop streaming when you should be sleeping then come on over to my homepage for relief. I guarantee that it is so boring that you'll be snoring in no time.

Thanks to my new digital camera, you'll find up to date shots of my latest yard project, along wiht numerous photos of my dog taken from various distances and angles. If space allows, I'll also include a one-of-a-kind blurred mystery shot of what may be my foot, or my knee, or my wife's foot, or possibly a rock.

So put a pillow by your keyboard and surf on over for some much needed rest.


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