What we do now - The Rogues Gallery
Let me know what you're doing now and I'll post the info. Include a pic if you can. Just click on this link - E mail
Dave Ailano - with 53 in 90/91. Now in Northumbria Police
Dan Dare, now serving with 49 EOD as a BDO. Served with 53 from 88 - 94 (1Tp). Here he is with an ICD. Thats an Improvised Cooking Device.
Al Smith: currently working in Bosnia for an American Demining company as a technical advisor
Mike 'Sly' Sylvester, in 53, 88-93 and left the army in 2000. Now land surveying in Yemen.
John Allison - still in the Army, currently serving in N.Ireland
John Wright: Out in Hameln as a rubber duck after a couple of years as a Chippy Instructor at Chatham.
Jim Allen served from 69-72 in Germany, Sharjah and N.Ireland. He is now living in Bangkok!!
Lew Snook, 87-91, still in the army, currently 6 HQ Sqn
Chris Sherry, 90-93 worked out in Bosnia as a plant op for the UN. Chris now works on the plant machinery for 'On Track'
Pete (Scouse) Nelson is pulling women (out of fires)as firefighter in Liverpool, and has been for 8 years. He always liked men with big helmets!!
Len Simpson - pictured in Oman in the photo album,now works for Aberdeenshire council as a Highways Inspector.
Kev Harris, 53 between 84 and 88 now with Lothian and Borders Police
Andy Howe - is alive and well and is also a 'bizzie' in Northumbria Police!!
Charlie Brown has settled in Cambridge and is driving for a local company - click the link to see my pics
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