Photo Album
Dave Ailano and Al Smith, on exercise in Canada in 1990. Pete O'Kane sleeps in the backround.
As you can see I'm desperate for photos for this page so get that old tin out of the loft and send me one to post on the site!!
Len Simpson in Salalah, Oman 70/71
Pictured above is Frank McGrogan, Frank served from 79 to 82 as the Sqn Clerk...about this rail warrant Sarge....He saw the light in 87 and settled in Motherwell. He is the secretary of the Glasgow Branch of the REA
Mario Reid is the 35 Regt RQMS. He served in the squadron from 83-87 as a POM.. Next year his times up and he tells me he's off to live in Spain. So the re-unions at yours then...
Thanks to Len Simpson for these photos of Masai visiting the 53 camp in 1972
Beef Island in the Carribean. Thanks to Brendan Touhey of 221 EOD for this pic.
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