Squadron History
53 Field Squadron's history dates from 1900 when 53 Railway Company RE was formed. Although disbanded in 1919, 53 Squadron re-emerged in 1948, first as 53 Port Maintenance Squadron and then 53 Port squadron RE based in Southampton. On 1st August 1965, 53 Field Squadron (Airfields) was formed at Waterbeach, where it has been based ever since.
The Squadron's varied history is reflected in it's emblem The badge of 53 Railway Company RE was a locomotive wheel; that of 5003 Airfields Construction Squadron RAF is a Ram's head. 53 Field Squadron's badge is a ram's head mounted on a locomotive wheel, against a background of yellow (signifying an airfield role).
Since 1965 the Squadron has been all over the world on a variety of operations, exercises and construction projects, in addition to providing support to the RAF in Germany. In 1968, 53 Squadron constructed an airfield for civil use on Beef Island in the Carribean.
Recent history has had the Squadron in The Falklands, Cyprus, Canada, Kenya  and the Gulf
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