53 in The Gulf
53 deployed in late September 1990. During the first two months the Squadron built transit camps and carried out many associated engineering tasks around Al Jubayl, enabling the armoured brigade to land and move through the port.
At the end of November, the Squadron moved to support the RAF airfields of Muharraq (Bahrain. HQ and 1 Troop), Dhahran (3 Troop) and Tabuk (2 Troop), carrying out many construction tasks while training and preparing for airfield damage repair.
During the land campaign the Squadron regrouped at Al Jubayl, and moved up to Kuwait City, arriving just after the ceasefire. In the next two weeks the Squadron started work repairing the shattered infrastructure of the city. Work was done repairing the British Embassy, airfields and power stations. Major routes were cleared of obstacles and munitions and plant work was carried out amongst the burning oil wells, to contain the oil flows. Using its own generators and desalinisation plants, power and water were supplied to military units and civilian facilities including hospitals and a police station.
On March 14th 1991 the Squadron moved back to Bahrain, and flew back to the UK a week later.
3 Troop in Bahrain March 1991
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