Concepts by Islamic Viewpoint ISLAMIC CONCEPTS

ISLAM is a very powerful code of life as its commands, which are given by ALLAH, complement each other. Indeed, this true path is set by Allah Himself. To know these commands, there are 3 sources (1) The Holy Quran (2) Traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. (3) Consensus (IJMA). The fourth source is said to be IJTEHAD (this term means an Islamic Decision which takes place when a true Muslim exercises his power of making decisions through a high degree of knowledge of Islam in a matter which is not clearly defined in KITAB i.e. the HOLY QURAN and/or SUNNAT i.e. the TRADITIONS of the HOLY PROPHET) but it is not necessary for all Muslims to accept one IJTEHAD on a certain matter. Insha Allah, I would give the details ahead on Ijtehad and in fact I would put my remarks here on many things that need Islamic Attitude today (Medicine & Surgery included that badly need consideration of Islamic Moral Values) by the Blessing of Allah so as to make the understanding of Islam easy. Let us understand clearly that the true aim of life is that a person must worship ALLAH only as is said "I have created JINN & INSAN only so that they worship Me" (Sura ZARIAAT-56). When the aim of life is only this then this must be kept in view at every place and at every time. Islam is not only a religion that a person can call himself a true Muslim if he happens to fulfill some rites of Islam. Our Holy Book Quran says "Only Islam is the true path in the eyes of Allah" (Sura AAL-E-IMRAN - 19). That means to neglect Islam in any matter relating to life, degrades the value of a person in front of ALLAH. Islam is clearly stated as more than a religion in the Holy Book Quran and to obey its commands regarding all fields of life is a necessity for a true Muslim. It is said that "To issue Commands is only for ALLAH" (Sura Yousuf - 40) and these commands are known from the Holy Quran (KITAB) and traditions of MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H. (SUNNAT). The qualities of these Commands and power and emphasis on each is known by IJMA, the third source. Outside these 3, there is no value of anything said, in the view of Islam. It is said in the Holy Book Quran that "whoever obeyed the Prophet, obeyed ALLAH and who did not, then we have not made you their Guardian (Sura NISA - 80). There are many other Ayaat too for this Islamic point. Also the respect of IJMA is clearly stated "And whoever opposes the Holy Prophet when the true Guidance is known to him and takes another route than what is of Muslims, We will let him go where he goes and We will enter him in JAHANNUM, very bad place to enter" (SURA NISA - 115). Now, whoever wants to learn Islam, will certainly try to know ARABIC uptil at least that extent where he or she may easily understand the Holy Book Quran without any translation. There are great number of books and indeed great books written, for understanding of the Holy Quran & Ahadees, but there often rises confusion about IJMA & IJTEHAD and I will try here to clarify these 2 briefly so that the Islamic teachings can clearly be understood.

IJMA, in brief, means the decision of all Muslims united about a matter or a situation. This meaning is derived from the Ayat I have just quoted i.e. Sura Nisa - 115. Now, this meaning opens the question whether such a decision ever came into existence or not. Let me clearly state here that IJMA can take place by the consensus of the scholars of Islam on a certain matter and IJMA does not give any command but it clarifies & explains the commands of Islam. It is related to the defining of the qualities of the Islamic Commands so that these may remain clear and Muslims may easily practice Islam. It shows what commands are the principles of Islam and what are the branches of those principles. It clearly denotes on what commands, Muslims have to believe with all heart without any question (and such commands are the "ESSENTIAL FEATURES OF ISLAM") and on what, they may exercise their choice uptil a certain extent taking one of a few things acceptable to Islam regarding a matter. Also, it clarifies whether a command is to be obeyed individually or has to be fulfilled collectively. Then, this also is denoted through IJMA that if a command is to be taken collectively, whether it can be observed by an individual on behalf of a collection of Muslims or whether each & everybody has to see to it to fulfill its demands. All this defining of the qualities and the position of Islamic Commands is the field of IJMA. Here, I would take the opportunity to point out some matters about the Essential Features of Islam. All the principles are certainly included in this term but not only these principles, all the features relating to these principles in such a way that after leaving them, it is impossible to understand these principles or to practice them, are included in this term indeed. For example, to believe and observe SALAT (Namaz) is necessary then all the detail about Namaz given in Ahadees must be taken into account for that is equally necessary as after leaving this detail there is no way of observing this principle. This goes for SAUM (Roza), ZAKAT, HAJJ etc. too that their true explanation must be had from Ahadees (SUNNAT; these both terms are interrelated as Sunnat is the deeds of the Holy Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. and Ahadees is the narration of Sunnat) and must be observed accordingly. The Holy Book Quran gives all principles of Islam indeed for it is a complete code of life but whoever considers taking Guidance from the Holy Quran only, leaving the last Prophet Muhammad PBUH certainly will lose the true path as the terms Quran uses to give the commands of Allah, can never be understood correctly by such attitude. Whereas the Holy Book Quran clearly defines Islam completely in theory for all times and all places, the person of Muhammad PBUH clearly defines Islam completely in practice for all times and all places for this great man & messenger of Allah was the last Prophet and it was announced in the Holy Book Quran by Allah near the close of his worldly life, that the Islamic Commands have been given in the Book Quran totally and thus Islam has been defined completely in theory & practice to the world to know, believe & practice. This is a point to note and that is why Islam is based on Kitab & Sunnat and the qualities and details of the Commands received are known by the Consensus (commonly known as IJMA-e-UMMAT or simply IJMA). None of these 3 must be neglected, if Islam is clearly to be understood. IJMA is also stated in Ahadees. There is a Hadees that the Holy Prophet said "Allah will not collect my Ummat on anything wrong, He puts His Hand on a guided group of people. Whoever leaves the guided group, he goes into the Fire" (TIRMAZI, one of the six important and authentic books of AHADEES). The same book reports that the Holy Prophet PBUH said that "When even two men from you Muslims recommend (or show appreciation for) a deceased person, then JANNAT surely is clear for him as you are the witnesses of Allah on earth". By this, it can be understood how powerful that word would be upon which all the Muslims are united. However, mind it please, that IJMA does not give commands but defines them only. After IJMA, let us consider IJTEHAD.

It must be noted here that IJTEHAD is a matter of "Subject & Object" as Islam indicates. There are some matters in which this Subject & Object works in such a way that once this is understood, those matters become exceptionally clear. See SHAFA,AT (i.e. Recommendation of somebody for Jannat at the JUDGMENT DAY) for instance, that everybody who will be given the right to make SHAFA'AT will have a high standing in view of Islam such as Hafiz, Aalim, Shaheed etc. Such people only will have this right of Shafa'at and moreover, they can use it only for the faithful people who led themselves to JAHANNUM by their wrong deeds and not because of their faith, for that must be correct. Here, we find the rule of Subject & Object clearly applying as the permission of Shafa'at by Allah will only be granted to the Muslims of high standing and its benefits will only be to those sinners who never lost their True Faith. The matter of dreams is also like this that the more truthful among people gets more true dreams than the others. Ahadees of Tirmazi and other authentic books of Ahadees prove this application of the rule clearly and the related chapters may be seen for detail. Here, I took up this rule of Subject & Object as it also applies in the matter of IJTEHAD. The rule of Subject & Object must be observed here as it is necessary for a Muslim (Subject) to be on a high degree of the knowledge of Islam for IJTEHAD and the power of IJTEHAD can only be exercised in those matters (Object) which are not definitely stated in Kitab and/or Sunnat. TIRMAZI reports that when Mu'az Bin Jabal were going to Yemen as Hakim the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH asked how will you judge (make decisions). He replied "By the book of Allah". The holy Prophet PBUH asked "how will you judge, if you don't find the concerned matter there". He replied "then by the traditions of Muhammad PBUH". The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH again asked "And if you don't find it there". He replied "then I will judge by Ijtehad (by my own understanding)". Upon this, the Holy Prophet praised Allah and showed his appreciation for what Mu'az has said. Here then, is the rule clearly put and it should be observed in Ijtehad. If a question is to be answered by Ijtehad then it should be open to debate in view of Islam. Please note that Ijtehad also like Ijma defines the commands of Allah as it is completely based on Kitab & Sunnat because total Islamic Commands are present in theory & practice in Kitab & Sunnat. The difference between Ijtehad & Ijma is that Ijma has to be accepted by all Muslims, for leaving any matter based on Ijma or not giving it the rightful place it has, puts an unfavorable mark on Faith according to the power of that Ijma, while for Ijtehad Muslims have a choice to accept it or leave it, after considering it & weighing it as it is based with an understanding that MOST PROBABLY, this is the right attitude to take in a given matter or a given situation in view of Islam. However, this must be noted well that in a matter where some Ijtehad must be taken immediately for practical purpose, Muslims must take a stance and not leave the matter open to debate for long as this may cause a lot of unnecessary complications and much undue hardship for the Muslim people. By our foolishness of this type, Islam is face to face with hypocrisy. We all, excluding no one at all, are responsible for this troublesome situation. Let us try to eliminate the evil now which has occurred by our delay and work for the good so much as to let a true Islamic Society come into being by our words and our deeds (May Allah grant us His Mercy and gives us the power to enlighten the whole world by His permission AMEN).

At the time of Creation of Adam, Satan who was a Jinn (being created from fire by Allah) forwarded this argument that he was created by fire and man by mud so why should he bow to a lower creature. Though the argument seems valid at face yet this argument was completely based on a great misunderstanding. Surely, a higher being should not bow to a lower creature but Allah had created the Man better than him. Allah had blown a high Spirit in Adam and had given him a great knowledge and had placed him in a position of enforcing His Law so now there was no way to disobey for Iblees but he only saw the physical things and totally disregarded the spiritual side. It is not at all possible for a person to get to the Truth, neglecting the spiritual traits totally. Man is created in such a way that by his Rightousness, he can rise even above angels and if he takes up the life of caring about his physical needs only disregarding his spiritual side totally, he can fall even below the dirty animals for sure. Today, the Western world due to this very mistake of neglecting the spiritual side (and keep aside the psychic study for it is only observation through which they consider getting at the bottom of the psychic matters and that also is a form of giving weight to the physical side), has got into a life where a confusing glamour clearly denotes that they seem to have forgotten totally that there is a true life after this one of examination. Men have forgotten their commanding position there and women have disregarded their duties at home; both degrading themselves uptil an extent where only a great sacrifice can return them their true peace of mind (and piece of mind also because invention of scientific & technical commodities specially sophisticated war weapons is not a sign of intelligence but surely the neglect of one's true identity is a great foolishness). The true understanding can only come by giving value to both ZAAHIR (the physical side) and BAATIN (the spiritual side) as to leave any one causes wrong assessment of any matter relating to man. Muslims must always keep this in view as this point needs attention.

I would take the opportunity to write something about Jinn here. These are such creatures of Allah who are created from fire mainly as man has been created from mud mainly. There are good and bad in them just like human beings and they possess the physical strength much more than human beings. They have the power to keep hidden from people even when they are among them. They can see the people being hidden and the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to ask Allah to guard him from all evil whenever he went to the toilet. Jinn do not attack men even when they are much stronger as angels are guarding the people by the order of Allah who are more powerful even in physical strength than Jinn and moreover, men are given much more spiritual power than Jinn indeed. Sometimes, the guard is put away for someone and at such occasions if the spiritual power of the person concerned fails to meet the challenge, some satan i.e. a troublesome JINN does get a chance to make mischief for him and sometimes even to get hold of him. Men, when they try to attack JINN put to use spiritual power and apply special words and specific terms known to cause effect on Jinn repetitively so that they may come under their control though attack from Jinn on men and the attack of men on Jinn both is totally against Islam. Solomon, Salam on him, was allowed as an exception to enslave Jinn and make them work for him and this must not be cited for attacking Jinn as the Hadees clarify that to control Jinn is not allowed. Like the event of creation of man, Sura Namal - Ayat 39 & 40 also clearly state the point that the spiritual power is much more a blessing than the physical power indeed.

Allah has created the world in such a way that all good leads to peace and true pleasure while all which is bad leads only to disaster, a complete disintegration of the setting of life. Please note that the Truth has always been one while evil took many colors to fight it and never succeeded. This clash of good & evil has been going on at every place. This is the same story which is repeated again & again and we are all part of it but certainly success is for the right ones. Now, the great story has assumed an international character, having somewhat a same sequence in the whole world. It seems that it is just a century or two before the end of the world and surely before the end, the Word of Allah will reign, as is written. This must be noted that all messengers of Allah were the healers of all spiritual ailments. To go for cruelty or to submit oneself for shamelessness in any form is indeed a spiritual disease which the messengers of Allah tried their best to cure by spreading the right concepts about all matters and the right attitude to take in all situation. Now, when there are no more messengers of Allah to come (as the Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH was the last one), we must do the job collectively and even individually in the same manner by indicating the right way to take according to Islam in every matter of life and must not be discouraged by what we have to face. This is the only correct way to get the job done, and please note here that this is an Islamic concept that every person has been born with a sense of Truth and so as we go on putting the right way in front of people, time will come when the voice inside will answer. For that time, we must wait and go on patiently with the work of spreading the teachings of Islam.

Here, I am presenting the Islamic concept regarding twelve things as their understanding will cause the total understanding of Islam easily. These twelve are :- (1) TRUST (2) TAUFIQ (3) STOPPING OF MEANS (4) WEIGHT (5) WISDOM (6) EQUALITY (7) JIHAD (8) RIGHTS OF NON-MUSLIMS (9) KNOWLEDGE (10) PSYCHOLOGY (11) MEDICINE & SURGERY (12) PHYSICAL APPEARANCE

TRUST :- The Islamic teachings give the concept of TRUST. This means that the true possession of all things is of ALLAH only and men have actually been relied upon to use it in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Strength, Wealth, Fame etc. all are the gifts of Allah which must be put to use by a person's efforts only for Allah. The Holy Book Quran demands that all the things which a man wants to get must be had by keeping Islam in view and all the things which he possesses or earns must also be used in accordance with the Islamic teachings, the Commands of Allah.

TAUFIQ :- This is of course very clear that whatever a man does with true faith will pay him greatly after this life but even in this world a special return of a good deed is presented to the person doing good. Take the matter like this that where a man practices NAMAZ, he gets an immediate reward of getting the TAUFIQ of another Namaz. In other words, when a man says the prayers of MAGHRIB he gets the Taufiq of the prayers of ISHA, and because of ISHA he gets the Taufiq of FAJAR and because of that, gets the Taufiq of ZOHAR & ASAR. Thus a good deed brings another good deed and so a good person goes on to become a symbol of righteousness and with that, of humanity. The Holy Quran states "Whoever believed in Allah and clutched Him properly, so very soon He will enter them in His Blessing and His Care and will guide them towards Him the right way" (Sura Nahal - 97). So a clean life is promised in the world for good deeds committed with Faith while good return will also be had after this life. In the same way, wrong type of deeds attract all evil and when a person persists on such practice, a time comes when that person considers only evil as good and this is the place where the true Guidance is totally put away from him. An AYAT says "Indeed the people who believed, then rejected the Truth, then believed then again rejected the Truth then went on ahead in this rejection, Allah will certainly not forgive them nor will He guide them to the right way"(Sura Nisa - 137). Taufiq may be understood more by the study of the works of the great scholars of Islam, if desired.

STOPPING OF MEANS :- This third concept to be understood here is known as SADD-e-ZARAI which means the stopping of means. Islam commands to keep away from all those things which have the potentials to lead to some big evil just as it orders to take up all things which make the right deeds easy. This keeping away from certain things for the sake of not falling into big sins is the stopping of means. Adam, Salam on him, was ordered to keep away from certain tree to avoid any chance of eating the prohibited fruit while an Ayat says "And do not go near any shamelessness, may they be open or may they be hidden" (Sura ANAAM - 151). At another place the Holy Book says "And do not go even near adultery for it is a great shamelessness and a very wrong way" (Sura BANI ISRAEL - 32). The stopping of means is in truth a strong barrier against all kinds of shamelessness and this is the reason for the command of not making or taking pictures of living beings except for necessity and the command of HIJAB.

WEIGHT :- One of the Islamic teachings is that weight always remains in favor of the Truth, though the supporters of evil may be present in a great number. The point is that there always remains a sense of Truth collectively. This Islamic concept tells us to take the argument and the stance of those who base their reasoning on the three basic sources of the Islamic Commands and neglect the number of people which a matter may have at its back. It is the weight which has to be considered, not the number for a matter to make it acceptable. In the day of judgment, the verdict will be based on weight and a few good deeds done with complete faith may be able to defend a person from Jahannum, though he may have the number of sins much more than the good deeds. The Holy Quran points out "Say that filth and purity is not equal though the quantity of filth may amaze you so fear Allah, O persons of understanding, so that you may achieve success" (Sura Maida-100).

WISDOM :- This is the fifth Islamic concept I would like to put into my discussion here. This also like others, is a wonderful concept. According to Islam, the definition of this term is that "To put the knowledge of Islam into practice correctly is WISDOM". This means that to apply the knowledge of Islam, a person must have the understanding of the situation that person is in, of the place he wants to impress, of the power of acceptance of the people he is with and in fact all the matters relating to making easy the practice of Islam. To educate in HIKMAT (Wisdom) was one of the tasks given to the great man & the last messenger Janab Muhammad PBUH and the definition I have just written about Wisdom can be seen with total adherence to Islamic teachings in the Holy Quran (See Sura Baqara-269, Sura AAL-e-IMRAN - 164, Sura Nahal - 125).

EQUALITY :- I consider this concept so important that I have devoted a whole book to the subject of EQUALITY in Urdu and in fact that was my first writing by the name of "MUSAWAT KA ISLAMI TASAWWUR" (The Islamic Concept of Equality - published 1983). The first thing to note here is that "All persons are equal in the eyes of Allah regarding the things which a person is unable to change by efforts". Thus, a person must not worry about things like why was she born a woman, why was he or she born at this time or at this place, why was he or she born crippled and so on as in regards to AKHIRAT (true life after this life), these things are unimportant. The second thing to note here is that "Each & every person is getting examined here, which will clarify whether he or she deserves JANNAT or not and that asks to pay total attention to keeping the True Faith and to the power of action guiding it towards the collection of good deeds". The third thing to note here is that "Each person has his or her rights and duties and those are totally interrelated and must be observed accordingly". With these three points in view, the Islamic concept becomes quite clear that Islam values that person, man or woman, who has a more pious nature and the true success i.e. of AKHIRAT (true life after this life) is only for those who are given JANNAT due to their complete belief in Allah and the good deeds according to that belief. This can be achieved by putting the efforts in a right way and everybody, man or woman, has a full chance to get the true success so nobody must complain (though the rights & duties are laid taking into account whether a person is a man or woman of course but the aim of life is same for both). Please note that, in this world, woman has been given in the custody of man and that is a shelter for her taking the point positively as Allah has given command to some over some naturally for the sake of examination (See Sura ANAAM - the last Ayat). This is not because woman is a lower creature than man or cannot achieve high status in Akhirat but this is a way things are set by Allah our True Lord so that the worldly matters may proceed in a smooth manner and so that He may put all persons into an examination by the rights & duties laid for each other to know the true color of each & everyone for the Judgment after this worldly life. I would repeat, for the sake of clarification, that if a person is not the father of his father or the elder one in the house, this is not a matter of complain. Such is the matter of man & woman. Each one has been appointed his or her own duties to fulfill and male or female characteristics respectively to aid in the fulfillment of those duties to achieve glory. Here, women have been put into man's care and he indeed possesses a commanding position over her but success with a higher status in AKHIRAT is based on the True Faith and the right efforts and that is what matters.

JIHAD :- The term according to Islam means to use one's abilities extensively and to put one's efforts exhaustingly in the way of Allah. Commonly, it is used to denote the war against non-Muslims for the sake of the glory of Islam. Keeping this common use of the term in view, I would comment that Islam has not spread by sword but whenever & wherever sword has come into action, it has been used for punishment and for creating fear for mischievous people but never for spreading Islam as is wrongly assumed by the non-Muslims due to the little understanding of Islam and the history of Muslims after Muhammad PBUH. The truth is that Islam has spread by good faith, sacrifice and tolerance as can be easily verified by history. Even common sense confirms the statement as the places where Islam took hold are still with the Muslims in these times when they are totally in the state of disorientation (with the exception of Spain which was lost due to Muslim's own foolishness and disintegration at that time. In fact, it was the beginning of the end of glory for Muslims as the New World was found by the support of Spain when non-Muslims gain its control and though it took a few centuries for the downfall yet Muslims were in for a hard time from that period) and the places where Muslims have lost power to govern, even there a good many people have saved their true faith and are living as Muslims. What Islam teaches is that all the world is actually of Allah and in the world man has to enforce only His Law. The true Muslims have to act on His orders in such a way that lives of every people may be for Allah only. Whatever knowledge of the truth they have, they must spread it with wisdom in all corners of the world. Before the conveying of the message of Islam, there can be no Jihad but however, once the Truth as is clarified by the Islamic teachings is fully known, the wrong people must accept the same and if they reject it, then it is asked of Muslims to make a respectable pact with them or to fight them so as to punish them as the appointed force of Allah though they must have a specific Islamic leader at the head of affairs whom they must follow with total heart. This is JIHAD which may even take place as an attack just like defense for the cause of Islam. If the true Muslims do not find enough strength to fight the wrong people, they must ask for mercy from Allah who will certainly protect the true Muslims and will punish the wrong-doers HIMSELF (in the present situation where amazingly deadly weapons have been introduced in warfare and killing of innocent people can not be avoided even though not desired at all with the sincerity of heart, I have my leaning towards this attitude of keeping away from non-Muslims after they have been shown the Teachings of Islam). Jihad in actual is the elimination of all evil and it does not mean killing of innocent persons at all but whenever and wherever it takes place the enemy has to be openly challenged stating the reason for them clearly. Rather it has always been a great blessing in truth if you read the History of Muslims though at the present situation it is better for Muslims to keep away from non-Muslims neither asking any assistance from them in any matter nor challenging them in any way. This is the attitude we must take in the present situation and no other indeed.

RIGHTS OF NON-MUSLIMS :- There is a principle which Islam gives in the matter of non-Muslims that they must not be stopped from earning their living in any way except when they become a danger to the Islamic society. Non-Muslims, even though they are on the wrong path as Islam takes it, have the physical needs like all people and this world is a place of examination (DAR UL IMTEHAN) not the place of judgment (DAR UL JAZA). If they live in an Islamic Society with an agreement with Muslims, they must never be troubled in such a way that they may not find themselves able to earn their living or find problems in fulfilling the requirement of their own belief. This has to be noted here that non-Muslims can fulfill their physical needs by their efforts and though we must help them even in that yet we must see to this specially that they are called towards Islam for sure & this true path of life must fully be presented to them (this in fact is their right on all the Muslims for sure). It is however, their own wish to accept it or reject it. Please note that the teaching of JIHAD would not be applied here as these are ZIMMI (non-Muslims living with an agreement with the Muslims) and in fact as I wrote we must ask Allah to take His Revenge directly by His Own Great True Power as there is no way by which we may become able to punish wrong doers specifically in today's world without wasting or killing innocent lives. We must keep away from all enemity even in the answer of enemity and also avoid making friends with people who base their attitude on hypocrisy only but must give total care to Zimmi for sure.

KNOWLEDGE :- Knowledge, as all gifts of Allah, must be used for the betterment of human beings in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Today, it is seen that knowledge is mostly used and imparted for worldly benefits. Although the subjects presently taught in education may be adopted in an Islamic society giving it an Islamic touch here & there yet I would take the opportunity to comment that an Islamic Educational set-up also must be established well for all education. All study must remain somehow connected with the study of man as that in truth is knowledge and therefore General Knowledge, History & Geography, Medicine, Law of the Islamic country, Economics, Accounting, etc. and above all, the study of the Islamic teachings will be given a special attention; males must be educated by male teachers when they achieve adulthood and similarly female students must be educated separately by female teachers at adulthood. There must be no examination preferably in this set-up and certainly there must be no beatings for the sake of study in this set up of education in the Islamic society.

PSYCHOLOGY :- As far as Psychology is concerned, the error of the students of psychology is that they don't have a sketch of a right person (the symbol of perfection) by which they may understand how a right person must be and treat the affected one accordingly; They talk about understanding the inside of people but they don't even know this fact or overlook this fact purposely that Human Beings have an inclination towards the Right and the spirit takes to what is correct as is clearly stated in Hadees. This is why it seems that they themselves show a psychic tension when they try to heal someone suffering from psychic tension. Let me put the point this way that as man has a system of defense in his body with Leukocytes fighting against the attackers on body with anti-bodies and even without them, eating the foreign bodies for sake of health of the body, the spirit of man also has the ability to fight against those things which are disastrous to the spiritual health and a defense mechanism to keep man into a healthy form in the spiritual sense. Jealousy, pride of being high among all people, hatred of the right ones and even the right teachings, untimely anger and in a nutshell all kinds of cruelty and all kinds of shamelessness are included in the spiritual ailments. Spirit achieves power by good deeds and gets weak by evil deeds just as the body of a person remains healthy when the principles for the physical fitness are observed and gets unhealthy if they are totally neglected. Allah has indeed made the world in such a way that all good leads to peace of mind while all evil brings to man total disintegration & complete confusion in life with no guidance remaining for him whatsoever. I would like to point out the placement of a few things here according to the Islamic teachings which have their effect on psyche (though they are often taken as of no value & with no influence in the lives of men which is not correct). From the Islamic viewpoint, there are three conditions to fulfill in these matters specially Astrology, Numerology, Tarot cards etc. which are taken to see the hidden matters relating to man, that "The faith must be correct i.e. Allah only is truly Powerful and these things like others, can put an effect only by His permission". The second thing is that "The rules of such things if & when a man understands them by observation, devotion and total application of self, must not be disclosed except where some cause of Humanity asks for it, because such disclosure may cause the foolish people to lose the way and mislead others without consideration of HIKMAT (Wisdom)". The third thing is that "These must not be put to use for worldly profits but must only be used for the benefits of AKHIRAT by applying these things for the study of man". This also implies that such things must not be used for casting a bad spell as some people do with these things. Here, I would point out that Astrology in particular must be studied and applied with total care as the rules here are great in number though basics are limited which when come into grasp, the judgment of the person greatly benefits his understanding in this matter. Those who consider such things just a pastime or who want to seek future through these things considering them as some kind of fortune telling system must not study such things due to SADD-e-ZARAI as this can easily cause tensions to them putting them into a state of wishful thinking or in a state of a useless fear of some unknown fate.

MEDICINE & SURGERY :- First, note that a very important Islamic teaching is being omitted in today's living much and that is the mixed working of the male & the female in not allowed unconditionally. This however is found extensively in the Medical & Surgical field. Now, this teaching also implies that women are not allowed to nurse men and men are not allowed to tend women by the Islamic Viewpoint and that statement also goes for surgery as must be understood by all male & female medical students if we really want to make some advancement in our own way in medicine or surgery in an Islamic Society (please read Surah Noor and Surah Ahzaab in total). In today’s situation of Big Hospitals of Big Cities in Pakistan, I am totally positive that females must not become in-patients for any reason whatsoever. The only exception may be where the female is more than sixty years presenting with an affliction needing immediate surgery and needing much post operative care but only by the female personnel though it is better even for them too that they accept death rather than exposing themselves to a great probability of totally un-Islamic attitude. So even then, it must be seen that no male medical practitioner or staff worker or any other, nurses the female in any way and this must be seen by the hospital personnel as it is very difficult for the patients’ relatives to speak out bluntly at such emergency situation or they may not even have much control of the patients attitude to the situation. However, I personally would go for the heroic attitude seeing the situation that is seen in the Big Hospitals clearly with physical practitioners, surgeons and staff workers interested but little in the Islamic Teachings, that death must be accepted by heart even by males at such emergencies so that a tradition of keeping away from big hospitals may become strong particularly by females, only asking for pain-relief and that also at small clinics (with males for males and females for females), rather than saving or extending life for a couple of years or so and though I understand that surgery may drastically decrease if this Islamic point of not becoming in-patients at big hospitals is accepted by females as admission to hospitals is taken a must nowadays for surgery but let this be, as we must not sacrifice our Islamic moral & spiritual values just for the sake of betterment of physique that is still doubtful. Quality of life with safety of Islamic Moral Values is more important than extension in quantity of life for a few years with omission of great Islamic moral values to which doctors and surgeons give no consideration or very little if any, but that are highly important for good muslims indeed. We must spread this word as much as possible and very fast as to make things better in a good time. May Allah help us in all our good endeavors and righteous deeds. Amen. Secondly, note that there is a rule to observe in matters regarding Medicine and Surgery by the Islamic viewpoint that by the medical or surgical treatment, the assistance of the body must be in view and no addition of any part from any other human being must take place in the body as that is against the natural way of living i.e. Islam. This type of attitude comes under the changing of creation which is not allowed (Sura NISA - 118 & 119). Keeping this rule in view, it must be understood that blood may be given & taken as it does not cause any reduction or any addition in the body parts as its transfusion is due to necessity and must be upto necessity and also the use of skin of one place for other place in the body (grafting) is quite all right due to the necessity faced but transplantation of any part is totally against Islam indeed. The organs transplanted are not grown by the body again and this kind of surgery is against the great respect given to man by Islam and therefore totally prohibited in my opinion after much study of Islam. This goes well even if the organ is donated and that is taken from the cadaver, as the body of everybody is the property of Allah in which a person must not put commands of his own self as that is totally against Islam. Thirdly, note that a Muslim patient is allowed to take whatever cure he deems fit for his ailment if the Islamic moral values are not challenged yet to ask for any method of cure that was not present in the times of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is not obligatory. So, if any cure challenges Islamic moral values then for the sake of spiritual integrity, it must better be discarded only asking for pain-relief as death is inevitable and it has to come sometime and somewhere so it must be faced and must not be avoided at all cost.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE :- As for Physical Appearance, please note that to keep beard for a Muslim adult man is a necessity and whatever dress he chooses to wear can be taken as quite well if that is not too "fashionable" as Simplicity is one of our basic traits. Though shirts and trousers are quite well with men, women must always wear eastern closed dresses with a long cloth above as other than these, no dress really fulfills the demands of Islamic teachings. It is indeed not necessary for a Muslim to wear always a cap or turban and put a cloth on shoulders and wear a lose pajamas above the toes. Though even this one is quite well, but it is not necessary and only optional indeed. I would like to put the matter in three points keeping a Muslim person in view so that the concerned issue becomes totally clear. The first one is that "Beard must be kept". The second one is that "No such similarity with Non-Muslims must be taken that they consider as their religious symbol (due to this, some scholars of Islam do not like the usage of Neck-ties taking it a symbol for cross that the Christians consider holy, while some scholars of Islam do not find any problem in its usage as they do not take it as related to cross). Here, I would like to mark a great difference between Islam and Christianity. While Christianity takes man as impure at birth needing baptism, Islam does not. In fact, on the contrary, Islam takes a child very pure at birth and born on Fitrat (or in other words with a natural tendency towards the Truth). That is why AZAAN (call towards prayers) is given in the child's ears so that he or she may feel at ease after birth. This difference is actually a result of the view about the error of Adam & Eve on the basis of which our Christian fellow beings take the world as a place where the bad consequences of this error must be faced or in other words, they take the world as a punishment whereas Islam takes it as an examination. Again, they take that Jesus Christ, Salam on him, has given a great sacrifice, as he was crucified so that the wrong doings of all men & women may be washed away, while Islam clarifies about this great man & messenger of Allah that, like his birth, his departure from the world too was amazingly unique. He was not crucified but taken above totally alive as stated in Sura NISA and the teachings of Islam indicate that everybody has to face his deeds alone. This difference of viewing the man's place has made a lot of difference and though good Christians have a great inclination towards the love of Humanity (which I hope sincerely would lead them to see the Truth as it is, someday), this view does put an effect upon their ability of collecting good deeds. May Allah guide every wise person towards Islam. The third one of the three points to note regarding the Physical Appearance is that "A Muslim man must not put an emphasis upon fashions for what he wears but put emphasis on covering his body parts that are SATAR as specified by Islam (the body parts that must necessarily be covered are called SATAR and satar for men is from the stomach to the knees while satar for women is her whole body except for face, basic hands and basic feet)". If these simple three points are observed, I understand that a Muslim man can achieve a correct appearance as Islam demands and this will make him more conscious, I consider, of being a Muslim at every time and at every place, making him care about Islam in all walks of life and all matters of men indeed.

These are the twelve things which if understood clearly can make the study of Islam completely easy and also can make the application of Islam in practice very convenient for all those who really are interested in the making of an Islamic Society. From the times of Adam, Islam has come as the Truth uptil this day winning all struggles with evil and it will again no doubt, for the final settlement. With many negative points present against the coming of an Islamic Society into being, I am sure this is the very time when Islam would manifest its light to the whole world for the sake of making everyone right. The Will of Allah would be done on Earth as in Heavens for sure and by the study of Islamic history, I am totally convinced that it does not need much waiting now.


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