From the ancient times, Astrology has been regarded a tool to understand the Human Beings. It is a well known fact in Astrology that the Planetary Patterns have the ability to tell much about the Native regardless of the other factors of consideration in Astrology. I have discussed the Planetary Patterns in my previous writing and here I am presenting the Special Planetary Patterns that also denote interesting qualities in the Native. These include Grand Trine, Grand Square, Yod and the Star of David in the Natal Charts.

The Grand Trine Pattern is formed with three or more Planets that stand apart 120 degrees from each other so each planet has a trine from both sides whereas the Planets involved are in the same element. This is a good configuration and gives a good planning power to the Native though as it is an “easy” configuration, it needs a “hard” aspect to any of the planets forming the Grand Trine, for the Native not only to achieve much from the world but to return it much making the environment better suited to an easy life. This is like Potential Energy that needs an adverse situation to show itself fully, for its betterment (as then it has the ability to change to Kinetic Energy) with a good guidance to the right ways to deal with that given situation. The Fire Grand Trine has the power to develop and ask for development of Knowledge, Confidence and Inner Good Qualities. The Earth Grand Trine has the power to develop and ask for development of the Practical Side and the Judgment Tendency by the clear reasoning that is presented. The Air Grand Trine has the power to develop and ask for development of Logic, Thought relating to the matters at hand and Relationship to each other for understanding of matters of ordinary concern. The Water Grand Trine has the power to develop and ask for development of the Feelings of Love, Emotions that may affect the world much and Care for Humanity. The talent to guide well comes with this configuration and with the Bucket or the Positive Distribution, it is a wonderful configuration to have in the Natal Chart as it increases the ability to judge all the important matters of life in a fine manner.

The Grand Square Pattern is formed when four planets make squares to each other. It is a configuration of two oppositions that are in square to each other whereas Planets involved are in the same Mode. This is a tough configuration that poses much challenges to the Native in different fields of life. It is a high version of T-square that involves one opposition with the middle Planet getting Square from both sides. The heat runs high when a Grand Square is in the Natal Chart as it denotes that the Native has got more than the fair share of challenges to face (or the Native considers the situation that way). The Cardinal Grand Square creates challenges in taking the initiative for any matter and it creates frustration due to this. The Fixed Grand Square creates challenges in forming any matter of importance, may that be tangible like making a building or intangible like forming a status, and this again creates frustration. The Mutable Grand Square creates challenges in changing a profession, home or anything and this effort with much late or without any results again creates frustration. However, Grand Square in any case is the indication of challenges and if not managed with a high will-power for the betterment of the given situation with sacrifice, an indication of frustration.

The Yod Pattern is where one planet makes the in-conjunct aspect (150 degree) to two such planets that are in sextile to each other. This pattern gives lucky chances regarding the Planet that forms the In-conjuncts and it is termed as the Finger in the Yod. It gives the power of the two planets to this finger. So if Pluto is at the Finger, the Native may inherit wealth or as the case may be, he may repent after committing a crime, becoming a better man. It is said that with the Yod Pattern, a person may rise to a good height in status and its taken as a Positive Mark in the Nativity.

The Star of David is a rare pattern to find in the Natal Charts. It consists of two Grand Trines in Different Elements. Though as a rule, it must be present in sextiles in different elements yet even the two Grand Trines that present themselves in semi-sextiles in different elements pass in practice for this configuration. It is a wonderful configuration of Planets that not only denotes a great ability of judgment but also denotes a Native who has an amazing power of co-ordination among different matters. If the remaining planets are also in harmony of some sort the Native has the talent to pave out ways to get rid of extremely difficult situations with quality and character.

There is one more thing that I would like to point out here and that is the Prominence of a Planet. There is an old rule in Astrology that count all the Planets in elements and see what element has the highest number of Planets. Similarly count all the Planets in the modes (qualities) and see which mode has most Planets. Suppose the Element comes to be Fire and Mode comes to be Mutable then regardless of other factors, the Native would show the traits of the sign Sagittarius (the Fire Mutable sign) and Jupiter would be an important Planet in his Nativity so its sign and more than that, its house is an important feature. If it is well aspected specially by both the Luminaries, it would show a very good power of judgment of all things. From this example, any Planet that is taken as important may be calculated and seen accordingly in the Natal Chart.

Astrology has affected the ancient people so much that we find an astrological connection in many such matters that relate to the understanding of occult. In Palmistry, there are Mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Moon, Venus & Mars (Positive & Negative). In Numerology, numbers are related to the Heavenly Bodies; number of the Sun being one, the Moon being two, Jupiter three, Uranus four, Mercury five, Venus six, Neptune seven, Saturn eight, Mars nine and Pluto zero. Even Tarot Cards are connected to Numbers and as such to Astrology. But in all the things that are taken to understand the occult, there is always a search for Patterns. This quest does show the realization that the Human Beings are affected by Patterns of all sorts and as such it is not amazing that the Planetary Patterns tell us so much about our own selves clearly. We have found a pattern in Chemistry for the function of elements (Periodic Table), a pattern in Physics for the inter-connection of all physical bodies (Law of Universal Gravitation)and a pattern in Biology to retain the composition of cells (homostasis) that prove totally that everything around us and even inside us, works in a pattern. It seems that we would understand ourselves much better just by understanding patterns all around us and astrology has the power to assist us in this regard clearly and cleverly.

Muhammad Saleem Dada
E-mail:  saleemdada@yahoo.com

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