SATURNIAN MIDPOINTS Planetary Indicators of Ruthlessness

Astrology, if only we could respect it as a study for Character Analysis, is indeed a wonderful tool to understand our own selves. It is a pity that we are so obsessed with knowing the future that we do not care about the real message, and due to that the real value, of Astrology. I have seen that Astrology tells clearly about many tendencies that are present in Human Nature and I have conveyed my views about Suicidal, Religious and Criminal Tendencies in my writings written in recent months at net. You may read them at:

In this Paper, I want to present the Indicators that are present in those hard-natured leaders that have ruthlessness as a part of their character. They perhaps enjoy this tendency of cruelty and the planetary configuration in their Natal Charts points it out in a very simple and clear manner. Please note that I want to present this simple planetary configuration so that we may recognize such people of hard nature and keep them away from our leadership by our conscious and good efforts, because much damage to the cause of Humanity has been done by such type of leadership and there is no other reason apart from the mentioned reason for this presentation. With this remark, I would ask for the pardon of my readers if they feel hurt at some place in this bold writing due to my adverse remarks for the leadership they may hold respect for, as even the Surgeon’s work hurts though it is for the betterment and not to inflict any pain or injury to the Physique for sure.

For this study, I took up many charts of present and past leadership that are and were clearly noted for their ruthlessness. I found out that Planets at Midpoints of certain Planets were often the same and these Planets are usually taken as hard and harsh in their activity, showing a harsh nature that finds pleasure in inflicting pain to the people and cares but little about human emotions. These people in general don’t have any regards for Justice and they even try to make laws to project themselves, hindering Justice wherever possible. The data was not difficult to get as we have got such leadership in abundance today in the East though even West is not immune, believing only in “Might is Right”. I would not name any person in leadership today as it is not desired at all on my part yet I would give the Astrological Indicators that show such tendency. Also, if Allah wills, I would point these indicators out in the ruthless persons and the persons who combated those ruthless persons, both sides being at the leadership in the Second World War (for at that time, cruelty was the only option left to end cruelty though even with such a position, I doubt if it ever could be justified), for the cause of clarity and for the sake of reasoning.

The main feature in the Natal Charts of such persons is a planet showing some adversity in the Nativity at the Midpoint of Malefic Planets (Mars & Saturn) or at the Midpoint of both Deadly Planets (Mars & Pluto) or at the Midpoint of both outermost harsh Planets (Uranus & Pluto). Mostly one of these four present itself at the Midpoint of two of these four in the Natal Charts allowing three degree orb and this type of configuration is also found in those criminals who cruelly inflict deadly wounds to their victims. In fact, most of the ruthless leaders too had and have deadly crimes to their Account and anybody can verify this fact only if he or she takes the trouble to read their history well. Mostly Uranus or Pluto presents itself at the Midpoint of Malefic Planets and if that is not the case then one of the Malefic Planets is at the Midpoint of these outermost harsh Planets as that also gives a totally ruthless nature. Please note that there are two Midpoints between any two bodies, one being the short one and other from the other side being the long one, both acceptable here. Sometimes the Moon is at the Midpoint of one of these 3 pairs though in this case, the Native sees a ruthless attitude as a demand of the status he enjoys at the time of practicing cruelty.

However, this feature is not the only one found in the ruthless persons at leadership. The second indicator that I have found in my observation of the data in study for ruthlessness is that the sign Libra mostly present itself at an important place in these leaders. It maybe at the Ascendant (as in Hitler) or at the 10th House (as in Stalin) or containing a planet that is an indicator of ruthlessness due to the Midpoint involved in the Nativity (as in Hideki Tojo). Of course Libra is much connected to politics yet it is the only sign that has a lifeless thing (scales) for its symbol, denoting a total lack of emotions and understanding of feelings of any human being (or of any living creature for that matter), and thus leading to cruelty.

There is a third thing to see for the leaders who adhere to deliberate Cruelty and that is the house that is in play. By what I have seen, I consider that one of the planets indicating cruelty is mostly placed in the 10th or/and 7th house. These houses denote guidance and political inclination respectively and as such any indicator of cruelty at one of these places in the Natal Chart is clearly understandable due to the status and attitude of the Native who happens to be a leader of a number of people. I have also seen an interesting thing in such Natal Charts that the degree 22 (+2, -2) of Cancer presents itself much here (and I have read somewhere about this same degree that it is connected with artistic qualities) and also sometimes sign Scorpio presents itself as important in the Nativity, but these both have to be verified well. Let us sum what has been written here to detect the indication of the Tendency of Cruelty in Natal Charts with ease and clarity.

The Summation of the foregoing remarks is that when Planets are in the following configuration in the Natal Charts of the leaders, they denote a tendency towards deliberate cruelty:

-1-When Uranus or Pluto is at the Midpoint of the Malefic Planets or alternately, when Mars or Saturn is at the Midpoint of these outermost harsh planets, and one of these occupy seventh or tenth house with the sign Libra (the sign of seventh house) pronounced, it denotes a very high tendency of abuse of power and inclination towards deliberate cruelty.

-2-When Saturn or Uranus is at the Midpoint of the Deadly Planets (Mars and Pluto) with one planet of the trio occupying seventh or the tenth house with the sign Libra pronounced, it denotes the tendency towards deliberate cruelty.

-3-When Moon is at the Midpoint of any two of the four indicators of ruthlessness and one of the trio occupies the tenth or the seventh house while the sign Libra is pronounced, it denotes some tendency towards deliberate cruelty that is developed by the Native himself, considering it the demand of the status held by the Native.

Now, let us see the Natal Charts of some of those persons that were at the leadership at different places in the Second World War to find these indicators there as that war was responsible for killing of millions of people (it began at September 3, 1939 when Mars and Pluto were in Opposition and Saturn and Moon were at the Midpoint of these deadly planets and considering the sign of depth or/and death Scorpio at the Ascendant, Uranus is in Conjunction to the Descendant in the seventh house) and it’s a moot point if any of the leadership was totally clean of the harsh injustice that was order of the day at that time.

The first one to see here is the Chart of Hitler (Libra Rising) that shows Saturn at the Midpoint of Uranus and Pluto at the tenth house. His seventh house contains Mars while Libra is at the Ascendant containing Uranus. The chart of Hitler is also a chart of a deadly criminal as can be conformed by reading my article on the Criminal Tendency. This configuration clearly points out his ruthless nature and the high tendency for practicing deliberate cruelty.

The second chart of interest here is of Mussolini (Scorpio Rising) who has Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the seventh house (all of these in Conjunction) with Saturn at the Midpoint of Mars & Pluto. Here Libra is not much powerful as no planet is present in it while the sign Scorpio rises in the Nativity. He also has a clear indication for a Criminal Tendency in his Natal Chart.

The third chart to see here is of Stalin (Capricorn Rising), though I do feel that some rectification is needed in his date of birth, taken generally as Dec. 21, 1879. There is another one too that is Jan. 02, 1880. However, even if the general date is taken, Moon is in conjunction to Saturn and Mars in a very wide conjunction (twelve degree apart) to Pluto, both conjunctions near to each other. If there is a discrepancy of a day or two in reporting his date of birth then Moon may be at or very near to the Midpoint of Mars and Saturn or perhaps Saturn and Pluto. Also, I have not found any prominence here for Libra though taking the date generally accepted, Moon’s South Node does present itself at Seventh house at the Midpoint of Uranus and Pluto. However, I have my doubts about the validity of the date generally mentioned as his date of birth.

The fourth chart to note here is of Hideki Tojo, who was at the leadership in Japan at that time while Hirohito was the Emperor. Hideko Tojo had Uranus that is in Libra at the Midpoint of Mars and Saturn and though I could not get his Ascendant yet taking the beginning of Aries here, Uranus comes to conjunction with the Descendant (the seventh house) while Moon poses itself at the Midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. Incidentally, Emperor Hirohito had Saturn at the Midpoint of Mars and Pluto, with Mars at seventh (taking Aquarius rising in the Chart). It is interesting to note that apart from Hirohito, all these leaders were born at day time and also at the last 10 or 11 days of any given month (dates being 20 to 30 and in this even Emperor Hirohito is no exception).

The fifth chart that needs comments is of Joseph Mengele, the criminal Nazi Medical Practitioner. He has Moon at the Midpoint of Uranus and Pluto and incidentally, the Moon also occupies the Midpoint of Mars and Pluto in his Natal Chart as Mars and Uranus are in conjunction and it (the Moon) presents itself at Libra. Nazis do seem to have the Midpoints conforming the adverse effect of these mentioned four Planets Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto as Goebbles has Uranus at the Midpoint of Mars and Saturn (with both the Benefic Planets occupying the Sign Libra) while Goering has this same planet Uranus at the Midpoint of Mars & Pluto (with Saturn occupying the Sign Libra).

The sixth chart that I would mention here is of the President F. D. Roosevelt (Virgo Rising) who had Pluto at the Midpoint of Mars and Saturn. Here Mars is at the tenth house with Moon though the sign Libra (and even the sign Scorpio) does not present itself strongly. However sign Aquarius has an emphasis with Uranus rising in the Nativity and it also has the ruler Mercury inside. I would reserve my remarks for President Harry S. Truman who took office after the President F. D. Roosevelt.

The seventh chart I would take for remark here is of Mr. Winston Churchill (Libra Rising). Though an intelligent Statesman, with many qualities to run politics well, he does present Saturn at the Midpoint of Mars and Pluto in the Natal Chart though with allowance of orb of 4 degrees to it with Pluto at the seventh. His Uranus is at the tenth house squaring Pluto and opposing Saturn, developing the career into a business of a very hard attitude.

These charts clearly denote the point that Midpoints are important factors in Natal Charts and they do show the tendency towards Cruelty if three of the four Hard Planets (Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) come into play in the Natal Chart with the Sign Libra and seventh or/and tenth house involved. I would ask my readers to verify these results by their own independent observation so that we may get conformed results and a clear criterion to detect those persons at leadership that are ruthless by nature. I do consider about the planetary set-up mentioned for ruthlessness that this type of planetary configuration does denote some inferiority complex on the part of the Native and as the person is the representative of his people, those people may also have some of this complex in their make-up. To use or abuse Power to get things one’s own way even at the expense of the moral values that have been and are respected by all the people is surely an act of inferiority complex. It is some kind of fear that works in such attitude and in Islam, we are commanded to use Power for the sake of helping the weak and not to use it negatively to suppress the weak, as this attitude degrades a person even in his own eyes. Man is created such that he may become an angel by developing his spiritual powers or may degrade himself to become like animals, caring about the needs of physique only as animals do. However, I consider that in today’s world, if we could rise to live as Human Beings only, caring just a little bit more for each other and avoiding ruthless leaders, more than half of our political problems of all sorts would end totally and though it needs sacrifice on part of everyone, the reward surely is worth it.

Muhammad Saleem Dada

April 25, 2004

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