Towards Islam Through Observation

Islam, the collection of commands given to men by Allah and path set for salvation from the times of Adam, is today the only religion which survives. This may sound totally amazing but it is a fact which I have stated plainly. All the other religious teachings have been completely neglected by those who claim to be their followers and in fact, the reason Islam has survived through such trying times as the last century, is that it is not only a religion but a complete code of life demanding from the believers to adhere to its teachings in all walks of life. On the basis of this truth, the fact becomes very clear that whenever & wherever Muslims lost their battles or had a significant fall, that was much due to their approach to Islam as only a religion and not as a complete code of life. This reality can be understood better by studying the fall of Muslims in Spain and the setback they incurred in India in the previous century. By their attitude, it seems that they do not have the recognition of the severe mistake they had committed at these occasions (and at the advent of Chengez Khan many centuries ago, and Communism and Kamal Pasha in this very century, for that matter) because they are gradually leading themselves to the same position except for some, and this means that they are again going for a fall. In this writing, I intend to put forward the fact that how beautifully the happenings in the world point out the truth of Islamic teachings. This may guide Muslims to understand the beauty and the power of the Faith they have, making them go for its true application in each and every field of life. Let us first take the matter of distortion of the right concepts in many fields by the non-Muslims. The first thing I want to comment about is the concept of history which many non-Muslims believe in and profess. They say that it is some kind of conflict between opposite forces (and they are correct uptil this point), the successful part of which gives birth to its own opposition from itself and they again have a conflict for the sake of development (here they deviate from the truth i.e. the Islamic viewpoint). Islamic teachings about history is that it is in fact a fight between good & evil in a very disciplined manner - Note that Islam specifies the opposite forces - in which the good always came out as the winner. Please note that the Right always is and has been the same i.e. the word of Allah while the wrong took many colors and faces to fight it with Satan Iblees at its head, always losing the game whenever and wherever they clashed. A little more about this can be had through my Urdu writing FARASAT-e-ISLAM (the wisdom of Islam), if desired. Mark the difference between the concepts that the view held by the non-Muslims commences by a correct statement by the Islamic terms, deviating towards the wrong just as Iblees deviated from the right towards the wrong. This attitude is totally present in many of the views and concepts which the non-Muslims today hold. Keeping the discussion on the same topic, let us see two different views these people hold in regards to the place of man in the world, both totally wrong indeed. The first one is what the Christians believe in i.e. they consider that men and women are being punished because of the disobedience of Adam & Eve (as they ate the prohibited fruit) and only because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Salam on the great man and messenger), have been saved. Here again, we find that this is a fact that Adam, Salam on him, and Eve, Salam on her, did eat the prohibited fruit but they asked for mercy which was granted to them and the world then became a place of examination for men and women and not a place of punishment. Mark the difference between the angles of view for a specific event. This is also a point to note that Islam clarifies that the great man and messenger Jesus Christ was never crucified. See my book MUSAWAT KA ISLAMI TASAWWUR for a few more tips about this. The second view among the non-Muslims about the man's place is totally satanic. It argues that man has achieved his present form through evolution coming into one form from another and takes this as a necessary process for survival. Again, there is a distortion as it is not the survival of the fittest in the physical sense but it is in the moral sense as Islam takes it for that is how the Holy Quran has indicated. The truth is that the Human Beings by their creation have an affinity with each other indeed as the plants resemble each other and as animals have resemblance with each other. To try to prove the changing of form by evolution is a foolishness indeed as that is not in accordance with the natural & fundamental law of life by the Islamic viewpoint so even when physical and spiritual law complement each other, it needs wisdom to detect the similarity so that the thin line of difference if it exists may not be omitted and two things different in nature may not be taken similar. Mark that the moral fitness is changed to physical sense and affinity in one kind of creation is replaced by resemblance in all kinds just to put an argument for a foolish idea. Please note that according to Islam, Humankind is totally another kingdom in its own right and it is not included in animals as is wrongly assumed in the study of taxonomy today. We Muslims also believe in Jinn and Angels that can not be seen by our eyes though Men and Jinn have to answer for their Knowledge, Faith and Deeds in the day of Judgment but not animals & plants (as they are not given such sense of Morality as to consider them MUKALLAF which means capable of making their decisions on moral reasoning) and also angels do not have to answer on the day of judgment as they never disobey Allah (as they do not have the power to disobey according to their creation). Men & Women are created in a natural status between animals and angels so if a person has True Knowledge, Right Faith and Good Deeds according to the True Knowledge and Right Faith, he has the power even to rise above the angels in status becoming ASHRAF-ul-MAKHLOOQAT (best among all creation) and if he chooses to go on a wrong path only, he has the ability to put himself into a position even below animals due to his wrong beliefs and evil deeds. Let us further see the distortion in the concept of democracy these people profess. In democracy, the assembly which runs the administration in a country comes into being by the votes of the people of that country. This is quite right that the administration must be based on the advice of the people by the Islamic view but it is the weight which Islam asks for and not the count of votes. This statement can be understood better by my book ISLAMI FAISLA that was written and published in 1987, which elaborates the Islamic system in regards to administration giving a complete picture of the Islamic society. Here we find a replacement, rather a distortion again that though the rule among the people must be based on the advice of the people, yet it is the weight which is to be considered and not the count of heads. With a statement based on knowledge, these people go on to apply it in totally wrong ways completely disregarding all demands of Wisdom and this type of attitude is present in all their concepts which you will easily detect if you ponder, keeping Islamic teachings in view. For my argument, I consider these examples quite enough. I intended to guide your attention towards the fact that even for a wrong attitude, a right base is necessary as the inner self of man does not apply itself to any kind of wrong at all. This understood, let me tell you that this is an Islamic concept that every person has been born with a sense of Truth (i.e. born on FITRAT - study Islam for detail) and so as a person goes on putting the right concept in front, the time comes when the inner self answers. The non-Muslims are deceiving their inner selves by distortion of what is right and this attitude can be checked and avoided through a higher understanding of all things by a good Observation having Total Faith in Allah, and its true application by a great Wisdom. This will make the mistake of the non-Muslims come in open and the difference of right and wrong, which is as thin as a hair, will be known totally. This would also for everybody lead towards Islam through observation.

The second thing is the command of Hijab, which can be observed in the creation around us, only concentration upon the point is desired. From the ancient times, Moon is taken to be a symbol of beauty which is at its total beautiful form in the middle of the Lunar month. The fact to note is that it rises in the night at this occasion to convey the message that all beauty must be hidden. As the people sleep, it goes on to achieve its peak. Such also is the matter of stars that they only manifest themselves in darkness when everybody has retired from activity. Venus, the beautiful morning star and at many occasions the beautiful evening star, can only be 48 degree apart from the Sun as seen from Earth as if conveying the message that the beauty has its limit to which it must see to, without fail. Pearls are only to be found in shells in the deep waters while another beautiful ornament diamond can only be had by breaking into the depths of Earth. There are other examples too where you would find Beauty in Hijab naturally and this is how Islam the natural religion teaches that Beauty has its limits and a reservation that must be observed. Taking or making pictures of living creatures is not allowed except for necessity (in today's situation of the world, we can use still-camera for official needs while TV and computers can be used generally in the Islamic Society indeed as they have a great power to impart knowledge yet with this remark, I would also add that I do not appreciate the current use of these three as they are being put to use nowadays unconditionally and that is against Islam for sure). Entertainment by music can only be had keeping 3 conditions in view as is clarified in the ISLAMI FAISLA and a good taste for soft music with minimum instruments must be developed in the Islamic Society. And indeed women must observe Hijab, a natural tendency for all beautiful things, as they themselves are symbols of beauty and charm and they are ordered by Allah to have some necessary reservation. Let us make the phenomenon common so that all must care for the limits for beauty and so that True Muslims feel more attraction towards Islam through observation.

The third thing which I would like to comment upon is the amazing accuracy in which the last messenger of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H., foretold the events near QAYAMAT. If you read AHADEES in relation to this matter, you will understand more about what I mean. Everything is going on in a perfect order and though we all must believe the great man and messenger with blind faith yet this observation makes the belief more powerful indeed. There is a sequence in which events are taking place and in fact, I find patches in the recent history where the clash of Good and Evil achieves height and the most remarkable patches in this century are the troublesome war, end of Khilafat by Kamal Pasha who was a symbol of dictatorship and secularism, rise of Communism and the beginning of the Philosophy of Fascism, silent movies, women coming out of homes for jobs (1914 - 1924), all happening in a short time. Another patch is where we find the end of Fascism (and that is good) yet there was another troublesome great war, U.N.O., very deadly weapons made, industrialization of motion pictures, Communism gaining some power, political power shifting to selfish and worldly people, women coming to disregard their respectable position mixing with males in all fields of life and in the midst of darkness, a ray of light and hope, a country taking shape for the rise of Muslims as a great nation i.e. Pakistan (the decade of 40's). The third important patch is the present time where we do find some good things indeed and among them is the end of Communism, and at this time Muslims are leaving indifference and hypocrisy as most people are taking with all heart to Islam though there are many such persons too who call themselves Muslims but openly oppose Islam. However, the much adverse things present here are a troublesome war again, change in political ways and trends with selfish people gaining more power politically, putting morals and ethics at the back for medical & surgical treatment of the Physique, spread of filthy movies and few other matters that adversely impress the Islamic way of life. Also, there are some modern things the impression of which would be clear in the future only and among those are that the world is becoming small in the sense that there is an amazingly effective system of communication (via satellites) and totally fascinating means of conveyance, computers being applied in many different ways with a few programs being most wonderful and a great help to knowledge, the development of tolerance and the desire taking place among nations to have an understanding and relationship with each other (beginning from 1987 and will probably last till the last of this century). This period in my opinion is most crucial and in regards to the application of HIJAB, quite trying for the Muslims for we are at a make or a break pattern to which we must answer immediately and forcefully with Love & Humanity. The sequence in the events of history is very evident and even the patches can be detected here and there but the patches in this very century as I have mentioned are very striking indeed. Let us ourselves concentrate on this point and ask others too for attention as this may empower all to answer strongly to this occasion guiding us more towards Islam through observation.

A very interesting thing to note is that in the first patch of this century, a drama took place in Muharram the first hijri month in our calendar; the actors were Russians and totally unaware that they are making a play. That was Nov. 7, 1917, when the Hijri month Muharram was in progress. The man dethroned was born in Muharram (though Czar Nicholas was dethroned in March, yet this in actual was the turning point for him) and the main leader of the coup was also born in Muharram (yes, Lenin was born in Muharram). The main leader who assigned to Communism a specific nature and ruled that place for nearly 30 years, was also born in Muharram. After Stalin, this satanic system was on the decline and though it was Safar, the second Hijri month, when it collapsed completely (Aug. 21, 1991), the plan for this evil system which failed may have been made in Muharram. This month seems to have an affinity with injustice and just recently we had a ruler who talked about Islam much but only took steps which were more of a show, neglecting the essence of Islam. He was born in Muharram and died in Muharram but indeed his total support for JIHAD-e-AFGHANISTAN is something which really is an amazingly great credit for him and which may even wash his wrong-doings. We must always remember that there are many influences operating in this world around us and therefore nobody must be judged by only one influence as this in itself would be injustice. Everybody in truth must be judged on the basis of Islam and no other. Keeping the same topic, let us see another Hijri month which is unlike Muharram, of a great Islamic value and asks for development of high morality. Even an ordinary Muslim knows well that Ramazan is a very holy month and indeed a chosen month by Allah. All of the Holy Books have been sent in the world in this month by Allah and the fight of BADAR the battle marking the Truth took place in this month. The conquest of Mecca was had in this great month and indeed in this very month, the decisions of Allah are conveyed to angels for the coming year so that they may fulfill their duties accordingly. ROZA is practiced in this month and a very special attention is achieved regarding all good practice. A very important thing is that Ramazan is again manifesting itself as a very holy & sacred month in regards to the events which have and are taking place in this century. The most striking thing is that Pakistan came into being in Ramazan in the 40's, the second patch. This must also be remembered that Islam was introduced here by Muhammad Bin Qasim in Ramazan the date being 10th (I often feel pleased as I remember that I was born in Ramazan on this very date i.e. at the Taraveeh time of the 10th Roza which is a great blessing by Allah upon my humble self and it was the time when by lunar basis, the day was Saturday while by the Solar basis, it was Friday as the midnight was still a couple of hours away so this is again a blessing of Allah as these are the only 2 days mentioned by name in the Holy Book in a Holy Sense. The word "SALEEM" i.e. PURE has come twice in Quran to explain the quality of the heart of the great man and messenger Abraham at both places i.e. SIPARA 19 and 23, a blessing indeed) and therefore it seems that Islam is specially related to this piece of land without any doubt. The special features about Muharrum and Ramazan presented here can also be seen in my Urdu book Farasat-e-Islam, which was written and published in 1987. Pakistan has achieved some very important success in Ramazan but here detail is neither desired nor possible. We must guide attention towards the special features regarding Muharrum and regarding Ramazan so that people interested in natural matters may be guided towards Islam through observation.

The fifth thing to note in this discussion is the amazing similarity between languages. The Holy Quran has pointed out that all languages spring from a basic speech, taught by Allah (see any good Tafseer of the first few verses of Sura Rahman). Not long ago, I read about a report of how the words having a certain meaning of many languages resemble each other and thus indicating that all languages in actual have one root. MUFASSIREEN (persons who have through their vast Islamic knowledge wrote comments on the verses of the Holy Quran for Its better understanding) have suggested this many centuries before. There are quite a few things taken as discoveries leading to some opening in the knowledge of the study of man, mostly in the field of Psychology due to its affinity with the spiritual side of man, which have been put forward by Muslims many centuries before in true nature and the interpretation of Dreams by Ibn-e-Sereen is one of the greatest works of Muslims in this regard. Muslims have much contributed to the knowledge of Medicine and Astronomy too and in fact these 3 subjects must be studied by Muslims deeply today and their commands regarding moral side must be clarified in these times as the Holy Quran points out that by the study of AAFAQ (universe) and ANFUS (self) non-Muslims would be convinced of the Holy Quran being the Truth particularly about QAYAMAT (See Sura HA MEEM AS-SAJDA-53) and therefore concentration on these 3 subjects would indeed pave way for the non-Muslims to respect Islam, if not accept it fully. However, concentration must only be through the power of observation and laboratory experiments must totally be avoided as much of the wrong has been committed through lab. in these 3 fields of knowledge by the Islamic viewpoint. The trouble with the non-Muslims is that they first have a distorted idea about something as I indicated before, and then they take it as something new to follow with the result that it leads them to fire. Although, I feel sorry for them yet when I see Muslims who have a complete code of life and then get dazzled by the philosophies of the West, which does have people of intelligence where material & physical matters are concerned but is totally wanting where spiritual things come into consideration, I really feel an ache for the Muslims much more. This folly suggests an inferiority complex on the part of the Muslims and also is a barrier for them to understand the truth about any matter regarding the mentioned 3 subjects. Muslims must shake off all kinds of inferiority complex and must care about the concepts of Islam in all walks of life so as to achieve the glory they have lost and so as to teach the world and not be taught. This must be understood well that Muslims are facing these trying times since a century and its not much time in the life of mankind. We must work hard for the job to be done well. The Word of Allah would surely reign manifesting itself totally but only He knows how, when and by whom. We must give our best at this trying time as the good deeds done at this time would indeed bear great fruits in AKHIRAT. May Allah bless all Muslims and guide them to glory. AMEN



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