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In the last of July 2005, the discovery of a planet that was said to be larger than Pluto was announced. This caused a stir in the astronomical circle as they had to deal with the definition of “Planet” to accommodate for the discoveries that are made at this moment of time and they finally designated it (with Pluto and Ceres) as a dwarf planet in the last of August 2006. Astrologically, the finding of UB313 that is now officially named Eris (a Female Character) was very interesting as for one thing, it was taken as a planet from the beginning and for another, it was larger than Pluto establishing itself quite well as a planet in the astrological community. Please note that astrology deals with how the psyche of a person is affected to make for his development by his acceptance or rejection of options presented to him in life without relating to his future, and these options are denoted by the actual positions of the bodies in the heavens at his birth (without considering whether those bodies are planets, dwarf planets, planetoids, asteroids or SSSB and also without considering which signs those bodies occupy) as seen from the Earth, regardless of the impression these bodies may possess or may not possess by the laws of Physics. It does not question the free-will of a person though some are born with more opportunities, astrologically speaking, while others are not (yet this is true in other ways too as speaking with regards to economics, it happens that a persons is born with a silver spoon in his mouth while another has to struggle hard even for the necessities of life). Although, astrology does not provide for an insight into the future events for sure as is wrongly assumed generally yet it does denote much of the character traits by the time of birth that could be verified by anyone studying it well. With this ability, there is also a very interesting point about it that whenever a new planet was found, it provided some insight into the collective matters of the world at that time and actually that is the reason to write this article as I intend to convey the meaning of the Lovely Planet UB313 or Eris as it is named now, with reference to the collective matters currently in focus.

At present, the matters that are in focus all over the world are related to the introduction of amazing scientific gadgets making the world a global village, introduction of a strong media and introduction of using power for political achievements. I could not find much of its relationship to any of these matters by the charts I studied to conform (though the third one seems to be connected in the sense that the meaning of the Lovely Planet seems to collide headstrong with it), seeing by the works of the Natives that had the lovely planet prominent in some way in their natal charts. It is interesting to note that there is a story related to Eris where Eris proves to be a figure creating discord among a group of people. Yes, it can be an apple of discord among family members yet by what I have gathered, I consider that this is the lower or the negative meaning that comes into play only when it is totally deprived of attention and its due share of material things denoted by much adverse aspects from Uranus or/and Mars like Conjunction or Opposition with any third body in play to form a square or a T-square. So this position comes into play as an exception though it does have its say here when Mars or/and Uranus touch her yet as a rule the Lovely Planet Eris actually denotes such positive female character that stands firm against injustice even when not much capable physically to combat it fully yet trying for its end by a great patience thus registering a protest with a passive attitude that does put its mark in the long run. It is a dissenting voice of the weak against all wrongs of the powerful that goes on gaining momentum as people realize the True Love that always has turned things better in the history of mankind. So, it seems to denote a beautiful character that does not conform to injustice even when it finds it easy due to its surroundings to go hand to hand with all cruel attitude. Time would tell that the Lovely Planet Eris has this beautiful character as of the Sleeping Beauty, totally oblivious of the conspiracies that take place around her and needs only the appreciation of her beauty (of good attributes) to stand consciously with all that is right and based on total justice. I have seen this and ask you to wait and see for yourself trying to verify this meaning by the natal charts where you find the Lovely Planet prominent. With Pluto (and Ceres) being rediscovered at this moment of time (getting a placement into the Psyche of Man by another designation), I hope that now is the time when much of Pluto’s positive traits would come into play as the time when it was discovered the first time, there was much of its negative traits that manifested themselves in the current events of that time. Rise of Fascism, introduction of terrifying and very deadly weapons in the warfare and spread of hunger and famine are the events much related to that time. However, Pluto when prominent in the natal chart, has the capability to provide for the heroic attitude of doing good works it takes upon itself even at the expense of a great amount of wealth. This heroic attitude might manifest itself now to give to all the people of the world whatever it needs for its pleasure and protection even if that asks to bear some personal pain in some way. The initials of Pluto, Eris and Ceres do point towards an attitude of PEaCe that is much needed now in the present situation of the world. Coming back to the topic of what might be denoted by the Lovely Planet Eris, I am totally sure that it denotes a matter that has asked attention of many a people of the world nowadays and that is to counter cruelty and terrorism. As such, it seems to be an answer from the above to the animal philosophy of “might is right”. The point to note is that when a new important body was discovered at the sky, there was much focus to some matter yet the planet could have been connected in favor to it or against it. Its meaning could have been satisfied by both the situation as it deals with the matter in focus but with what attitude is a moot point until the events take a clear shape regarding the matter at focus. The Lovely Planet seems to me related with combating the wrongs of terrorism. Note that terrorism has two faces; one is where it targets innocent persons without any alarm so as to make them weak, totally oblivious of the grave danger they face and the other is where it targets people already weaker in physical power than itself even by information for whatever reason it deems fit just to better their matters by its own viewpoint by force. May Allah curse both these faces of terrorism that we find today around us. I am sure that very soon, use of power for personal motives would be abandoned (and I do hope that this is not just wishful thinking) as I have seen this new lovely planet to work for a compromise and a balance in attitude in natal charts. By what I have seen and concluded is that it is the ruler of Taurus and in other words, we have found another Venus in the shape of the lovely planet Eris UB313, that is even more caring in its attitude and quite humble. In Numerology, Neptune is assigned the number 11 and Pluto is assigned the number 22 (and also Zero) so in this sequence, the number assigned to Eris UB313 would be the number 33. This makes 6 in short and that is the number of Venus in Numerology. Its relation to Taurus could be understood with the consideration of how the ancient people gave rulership to the planets they used to see at the sky.

Astronomically, Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, then comes Venus, then Earth, then Mars, then comes the strip of small bodies where Ceres is placed and then Jupiter and after it, Saturn. In the ancient times when Ceres was not known, Sun and Moon both were countered by Saturn, Mercury was countered by Jupiter and Venus by Mars. With the discovery of Uranus, it was put in opposition to Sun while Neptune was placed opposite to Mercury. In this sequence, Pluto was placed against Venus. However, while Uranus was assigned to Aquarius (sign opposite to Leo ruled by the Sun) and Neptune to Pisces (sign opposite to Virgo ruled by Mercury), Pluto was not given the rulership of Aries in this sequence due to the simple reason that the roles of the Male and the Female can not be changed that are well secured from centuries while astrologically, Aries and Libra denote the Male and the Female respectively. Any attitude of change in this matter could only be taken as an aberration that the Natural Laws would not support. So Pluto was assigned the rulership of Scorpio that was opposite to Taurus, the other sign of Venus. This set the criteria in astrology that anything larger than Pluto if could be accommodated must be given a rulership due to the simple fact in astrology that Pluto was given a rulership. However, if there is no space left then even such bodies would have to do without rulerships. By this, we can understand that Eris has to be placed in opposition to Mars that is next in line leaving Earth and this automatically gives it the rulership of Taurus as Libra can not be assigned to any planet other than Venus. Moreover, its discovery beyond Pluto conforms the fact always known to us that death (denoted by Scorpio) is not the end thus putting it at the opposite of death. It is said to have an orbital period of some 560 years yet knowing Taurus, its rulership to it would not be any surprise. This would leave space for only one more planet to be assigned to a sign and that would be Gemini yet the ruler for it could not be taken from the TNO’s as they are very slow in their progress while Gemini needs some reasonably fast moving planet (so the very slow moving Sedna would not do while Ceres has a meaning “to nurture” that does not conform to Gemini and likewise, Chiron that is technically a comet too, does not seem suitable). So for the time being, Mercury would be the only planet that would be ruling two signs until some other body tipped it off clearly for Gemini. I would point out some of the matters that the conjunctions of UB313 might denote by what I have reasoned and would ask my readers to verify by their own good observation. When the Lovely Planet UB313 is in conjunction with the Sun or very near to it in a Male Nativity, it might denote a Native who is compromising and who tries his best to live with peace with all his fellow beings. He might get a good chance to work for Peace, Harmony and True Love while in a Female Nativity, such a conjunction might lead the Native to come in contact with such people who care about Peace. The conjunction or nearing of UB313 with the Moon also seems to be wonderful in both Male and Female Nativities as that might denote a character that always values Peace and Harmony and might denote a very Sweet Nature. With Mercury, its conjunction might present a Native who is interested in some foul talk with young ladies without intending any harm to them (or without intending to degrade them), while with Venus, its conjunctions might give a very compromising nature who for the sake of peace might sacrifice some of his pleasures easily though it does seem to show much laziness at times too. It might also denote a great attraction towards the Female in the nativity of male persons. If the native is female with such conjunction in her Natal Chart or where Venus is very near to UB313, she might develop a wonderful character for caring about humanity though for male persons too, this is wonderful even if Venus is 15 to 20 degrees apart though such male persons must try to control their high attraction towards the Female and they all, whether male or female, must try consciously to avoid laziness as much as possible. With Jupiter, its conjunction might denote a character that asks for much luxury yet without making any harm to anyone whatsoever. With Saturn, the Lovely Planet UB313 might show development of some reservation in its attitude of taking everyone as a nice person and check the extent upto where a balance could be gained without much loss to the Native’s own good character. Though its conjunctions with outermost planets have not taken place for quite a time yet it seems that with Uranus, its compromising trait might be badly affected while with Neptune, it might be highly established due to the meaning of these two outermost planets respectively. Its other aspects of interest might be where it is a part of Grand Trine or a T-square yet at present it would be too early to comment on these.

It is interesting to note that as soon as the Lovely Planet UB313 (and even when Sedna) was found, it was taken as a Female Character even by the astronomical circle. Now it is officially given a name (Eris) that is female in character and though it is taken as a symbol of discord yet astrologically, it denotes the end of discord by the power of tolerance passively and a challenge to all chaos and terrorism. Time would tell so and we just have to wait and see. The naming of the planet seems to tell that there would be a Female Character in play to better the situation that a Male Character has so very adamantly worsened, speaking with regards to Humanity. This Character has to be developed by male persons too though its easier for female persons to get to it, due to its affinity with Venus. We now have some 15 bodies to see at the Charts (as I see them) and upto UB313 or Eris (leaving Ceres & Chiron), these are 11 including the Sun and the Moon, while other four are Ceres, Chiron, Sedna and the Moon Nodes. This needs good knowledge plus good judgment in Astrology yet to study and try to gain an insight through it in the matters of Human Beings, does seem an attitude that is very promising in regards to providing a good guidance to all the peoples of the world. With the good discovery of UB313, it seems that Astrology has again proved itself as always, a social study that does care about Morals, True Love and Humanity.

Completed this writing on
6th October 2006
(12th Ramazan, 1427)

Muhammad Saleem Dada

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