The world has changed fast and a notable change has also occurred in the “affection” that comes with adulthood as it has developed much. Astrology, if it does relate to the matters of human-kind, had to keep up with the pace in human emotions. Some Planet had to comply to this pace but the only important heavenly body discovered in recent times was not a Planet but a Planetoid (rather a comet) named Chiron. Astrology had always kept its validity by presenting the planets that were related to matters immediately at hand at the time denoting some major change in the life style of mankind and it was only a rightful expectation from it to do so at this time too. Although I am sure that it is totally useless to try to predict future in any way by Astrology yet I have always appreciated it as a great tool for the Psychological Study of Human Beings, a study in which I have been interested since my childhood. Note that Uranus (1781) was discovered when big revolutions on some prejudiced criterion were taking shape by violent means, Neptune (1846) was found when a better understanding of the natural link that everyone has to everyone among the human-kind was getting common and Pluto (1930) was finally pointed out in the sky when revolutionary ideas, high understanding of Human Psyche and deadly weapons were coming into existence. So Astrology had to conform to the present situation where our children are getting more knowledgeable earlier in things that we used to understand at our adulthood or near it and the recent astrological research that I made in this regard does prove that Astrology (without the factor of Prediction) has not failed even this time. Chiron (1977), the only important heavenly body discovered in recent times, is the body that denotes the height in emotions that may turn to become lust or to become a cause for it knowingly or unknowingly.

Before presenting my conclusion on Chiron, I would ask you to note a few points that are related to this study. First of all, I have been inclined to find out what are the indications in the Natal Charts that tell an inclination towards commiting wrongs, specially deliberate cruelty and crimes of passion. I think that if those men that have physical strength (literally in the times gone and metaphorically in the present times, i.e. the men who hold powerful official places) use their strength negatively, cruelty takes place while if those women that have been given much physical beauty apply their beauty negatively revealing themselves indecently, they may become a cause of Lust and such Passion that leads to wrongs indeed. If we could only understand such people and more than that if such people could get an idea of their own inner positions well, they might combat such temptations that lead to wrongs as the Inner Self always leans towards rightness. My religion Islam points out that “Murder”, the greatest cruelty, is the second big sin while “Adultery”, the greatest shameful act, is the third big sin (the first big sin according to Islam, is to take anyone equal to Allah and a Muslim is one who believes that Allah is the One True Source of all Power and He Only, The One True Lord, causes people and any thing in the Universe to help or create trouble for men and any other creation). Here I presented this point as I wanted you to know the initiative that asked for this study. For understanding the factors of cruelty, I have written an astrological article recently by the name of “The Saturnian Midpoints” and it might be read at:

The second point to note is that the data I took up for study, that has 207 Natal Charts in total, comprises totally of the Natal Charts of the glamorous females only (many of whom noted for revealing much) who were and are in the show-biz, most of them but not whole of them related to Hollywood, born between the years 1901-1987. The third point to note is that though the data has been collected studiously caring much that the collection remains acceptable yet as it has been collected and managed individually so there remains a small chance of error in birth-dates of one or two entries (though I would not present any name or date in this writing of course). The fourth thing to note here is that Astrology is not an exact science so the natal indications only point out the inclinations very natural to the Native yet the Native is always able to counter the negative indications by his/her good efforts (also it was not possible for me to maintain any control group in this study so I would ask my readers to try to verify the result by their own much good efforts). With these comments, let us come to the study and deductions therefrom.

For quite a time, it had struck me that many of the females in the field of glamour had Chiron near to their Moon or Venus. Quite a few had a T-square between these three and sometimes Moon and Venus had a conjunction, with Chiron at a much prominent place in the Natal Chart. At first, I thought it may have something to do with artistic qualities but as I went on with my study, I got convinced that even if it refines the artistic qualities though I find this very doubtful now, it does show a leaning in the Female Natives towards challenging accepted morals for some personal motives. I have reasons for this stance yet I find it difficult to be specific due to the delicate nature of this study and most frankly, my study on Chiron seems to say that there is a link of Chiron to much filth and even to pornography. It is not that I have not found the Planetoid prominent in some of those that are related to medicine or in many of those who are much wounded psychologically but it is not its main theme. Its presence at specific points in regards to Moon or Venus does have a negative effect as written and that position seems to present its true self as I understand. The figure that is presented for Chiron is a body of an animal below and a body of a man above (is it so?). No, not at all. In fact, Chiron represents either animal desires or angelic beauty in the character and with its prominence, one either finds easy to live in the style of an animal or in the manner of an angel (though I have noted this phenomenon about the angelic beauty too with this same position of female planets to Chiron yet practically I have yet to conform this second part by more Natal Charts). Actually, we have wrongly taken an angel for a man and it seems that there is no middle path for those who have Chiron near to Moon or Venus in their Natal Charts or if it is much prominent in them. It is a point to note that technically Chiron is not only a planetoid but also a comet and it is known well that comets are mostly taken as denoting something negative.

Although Chiron was first photographed on April 24, 1895 yet it was Nov 1, 1977 when it was finally discovered. That was the time when our living style had to face such attitude from some factions of the society that were never ever considered to be decent or conforming to the prevailing morals. But leaving the detail of change that challenged much of the concept of the accepted good morals to the good judgment of readers here, I would present here the criterion I took for my study and that is “When one planet from Moon & Venus is within 30 degrees to Chiron’s placement any side in the Natal Chart of a female, it denotes attitudes based on adopted morals that are not complementary or/and conforming to the normally appreciated morals prevailing in a given society”. Allow me to share with you the result of the study I took to prove this criterion that had 207 Natal Charts of the females prominent in the field of glamour. These Natal Charts presented 97 charts that had either Moon or Venus near to them (where both Moon and Venus were near to Chiron though such charts were not even in double figure, I omitted the overlap, taking either Moon or Venus counting it once only). The result was 97 charts positive to this criterion and this is an amazingly high figure considering its probability of occurrence. From this data of 207 Natal Charts that I took for study, the presence of 97 positive charts mean that 46.86% were positive. Being such a high figure it does not need any comment for its favor. Still I would ask my readers to verify the result by their own good efforts studying such type of Natal Charts by their ownselves, keeping the same criterion that has been taken here in this writing.

Another interesting thing that I noted among these charts in study was the aspects that presented to Moon or Venus from Uranus. I observed the aspects to the planet other than the one (Moon or Venus) near to Chiron in the 97 positive Natal Charts and found that there were 55 charts among them that presented one of the major aspects leaving opposition (0, 60, 90, 120) from Uranus to it by normally accepted orbs in Astrology. In the charts that had both the female planets near to Chiron, I took any planet from them as the other planet for convenience. There were 20 charts among other than these 97 Positive Charts that presented Venus in opposition to Chiron and they had 11 charts that presented a major aspect leaving opposition between Uranus and the Moon. It seems that Uranus also has a role here yet as it does not present its major aspects to all the positive charts so I have omitted its inclusion as an essential factor for the inclination in study to be positive. There is an interesting point to note in the entire Universe around us that everything has been created in complementary pairs (the clearest example of this is Male and Female in Human Beings) and this rule applies to the Solar System too. The complementary pairs here consist of Sun & Moon, Mars & Venus, Mercury & Jupiter, Pluto & Venus, Moon & Neptune, Mercury & Uranus etc. So there is a possibility that Chiron has an affinity with Uranus, to better some of its qualities or to combat some of its qualities as its second of the pair. This may be the cause of the aspects of Uranus found in so many positive charts in the study.

Though it needs conformation yet I do feel that the women who find Chiron at such placement that is with Female Planets near to it might combat it well if, with this indication, Pluto is strong in their Natal Charts. Chiron, being a body that denotes a deviation from the normal attitude regarding delicate matters of life, could only be challenged well by the Planet that denotes a normal attitude to those very matters so it is only reasonable to assume that when Pluto is in a challenging aspect to Chiron and with positive aspects from Jupiter or/and Venus, it has the ability to combat the Chironic effect well. The power of Pluto may increase at the Ascendant or at the Midheaven in such a combat, keeping the Native to the set morals of the society in the long run.

As Chiron seems to put a negative effect on Morals, I observed a number of Natal Charts of men too to see if any specific meaning is evident in their Natal Charts. I thought that “cruelty” may be the denoted factor here but instead I found out that many of those who had Moon near to their Chiron (within 30 degrees any side) in Natal Charts, are “Blunt” in speech. You can call this “Being Rude” very often or “Being Proud”. These attitudes also are much against the morals respected all over the world and are negative to Human Respect. This may even be termed as a form of cruelty indeed as sensitive persons may become hurt inside by such manners. However, I would again ask my readers for conformation of this observation as most of these Natal Charts were gathered from personal acquaintance (though as a teacher of Advanced Math and Statistics, I did get a number of charts of my students and few others known to me well, plus a few famous persons yet as I did not study them as thoroughly as the Natal Charts of the females in the field of glamour, this observation does need verification). In this regard, I would say that pride, leaving aside its positive meaning of “self respect”, is such a negative trait that eats up all the good deeds of a person (and perhaps it stems up from some inferiority feeling in the man) so even if he is an intelligent or a wealthy person doing much good in the name of Humanity, he puts a bad name on himself in the long run. We all are Human Beings only and there is always someone better than the other among us so pride must be avoided totally.

Studying Chiron in the Natal Charts of men, I also observed this interesting thing that those who were responsible for asking people to commit suicide paving way for mass suicide, had this placement of Moon near to their Chiron. David Koresh and Applewhite both had conjunction of Moon to Chiron in their Natal Charts while Jim Jones had Venus within 30 degrees to Chiron (though even Moon is not far away as it is within 30 degrees to Venus and by the dates I have got Jim Jones and Applewhite were born in the same month i.e. May 1931) and Chiron was at a fixed sign in all three, being in Conjunction to Sun in a couple and in opposition to Sun in the other one (the Sun also is in a fixed sign in all three and I have pointed out in my astrological writing on Suicide that fixed signs are found in prominence in such cases). I think that this may be one of the factors that contribute to such deadly act as it does not conform to the normal set of morals in any way. This is also a notable point that even at the time of Heaven’s Gate incident Moon was within 30 degrees to Chiron.

In the last, I would like to say that there is an intense observation at the back of whatever I have written here about Chiron and I have never intended to hurt anyone so I must be excused if anyone does feel hurt without my intention as such. I would like to point out again in regards to female charts that most probably the same position of female planets to Chiron gives the ability to live with an angelic character too and one has the choice to better oneself or to let the tide of events take its toll. Please note that I am individually and fully responsible for whatever is written here about the meaning of Chiron in regards to female planets though I would ask for an extensive research on this by those qualified persons whose astrological knowledge and power of observation is higly developed and who understand the value of Astrology in the study of Human Psyche. This study may become an initiative to better ourselves as human beings and even to achieve or to understand the ways to achieve an angelic character. If that is done, my purpose of presenting this paper would be fully justified.


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Friday, August 06, 2004
12:30 PM, Karachi

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