Criminal Tendency in Natal Charts Astrological Research on Criminal Tendency

Life is an amazing thing. Although we have studied life so much in so many ways by observation & scientific methods yet there is so much still to learn. Astrology is but one way to study Life though of course it is not a Predictive Art as is so wrongly thought. It is in fact a powerful tool that develops the potential in us to better judge our INSIDE (our Psyche, collective and individual) but our Future depends mostly on our own Belief, Deed and Knowledge to better ourselves by our own free will. After studying Astrology for so many years, I am totally sure that it does give us an idea of our tendencies, urges and inclinations. It has a close link to denote our characters not being the source of its making & development but merely a commentator on it, though a wonderful commentator and an amazing observer indeed. It is the power of our hearing that must be good to get what it’s telling us and the ability of our free will that must be strong to use the same in a positive manner. Recently, I have written articles on the Suicidal Tendency and the Religious Tendency as shown in Natal Charts and presently, I intend to tell the Criminal Tendency as shown in them. But before stepping on towards this work, I would ask you to please note a few points here.

First of all, this is a research work in Astrology that must be verified by other studies in Astrology concerning this same tendency, as the data though good for this study is not much vast. Secondly, the data taken for study here is collected individually from the net so with all caution, there still remains a small probability of error in one or two birth dates. Thirdly, this data contains Male Subjects only who had murder as their main crime. So again a broader study is much needed to verify the results that I have received with the inclusion of female subjects too in the study for criminal tendency. However, I have seen in the charts of the few female subjects that I could find for study that those also show these same indications as presented here for male criminals though a study with many such charts would certainly be better. Fourthly, Astrology is NOT an exact science that once all these indications that I am presenting here (4 in total) are seen in a chart, the person in study is termed as a criminal. We are studying Human Beings here who have an amazing occult power inside to combat all wrongs so it needs a fifth indication to denote that a person is a criminal and that is he must have committed a dangerous crime practically. With the practice of caution, those individuals need to be appreciated greatly too who even with the high criminal tendency, refrain themselves consciously from committing deadly crimes. Fifthly, I want the Assumption I am presenting here to be checked on a large data thoroughly and so I ask plainly not to take only my word for this matter leaving the responsibility of judgment to my person only. A clear verification in this regard might lead to the betterment of us all and as such it would be a Blessing of Allah on my humble self and on all the people who commit themselves to this good work. With these comments, let us come to the indications that show the Criminal Tendency in Natal Charts.

With persistence, I managed to collect quite a number of Birth Dates from the net of those persons who had committed deadly crimes (murder being one of them) and finally, I was able to furnish my study with fifty-two Birth Dates that related to the previous couple of centuries. You would find a date reported twice here as twins are involved. Without disclosing the names, I am presenting the dates that comprise my data of study here:

Sep.03,1931--Apr.08,1912–-Jan.18,1899-–Oct.16,1936--May 06,1943
Sep.11,1981-–Aug.27,1906-–May 09,1955-–Apr.09,1981-–May 23,1900
Jan.14,1946–-Aug.13,1936-–May 16,1860-–Jan.02,1938-–May 21,1960
Sep.05,1847-–Jun.28,1902-–Mar.17,1942-–May 29,1955-–May 28,1892
Mar.16,1911--Aug.30,1982-–Feb.03,1981-–May 10,1955-–Jun.17,1900
May 07,1967-–May 19,1910-–May 27,1850-–Jun.17,1947--Aug.27,1964
Oct.24,1933-–Feb.28,1960–-Oct.24,1933-–Nov.24,1946-–May 22,1942
May 10,1952-–Nov.20,1957-–Apr.23,1968-–Oct.07,1934-–Jul.03,1961
Jan.08,1947-– Sep.17,1859

I checked these dates on my computers and found very interesting results. Just at the beginning, I knew very well due to the astrological guidelines that I would have to keep in view the aspects made by three of the planets that possess the key to understanding this tendency. The most important was Pluto (that asks for elimination of wrongs and so even asks sometimes to eliminate those men too that the person in study considers as wrongs). The second planet to consider was Mars, the warrior, that must present itself where a viewpoint needs to be put by force. And the third one to consider was the planet that discloses morals in the nativity and that of course was Jupiter. Taking the recognized Seven Aspects that is Conjunction (allowing 10 degree orb), Semi-Sextile (allowing 2 degree orb), Sextile (allowing 6 degree orb), Square (allowing 8 degree orb), Trine (allowing 8 degree orb), In-conjunct (allowing 2 degree orb) and Opposition (allowing 10 degree orb), I found that Pluto made aspects with at least four bodies in the charts. In other words, it was in contact with much of the matters related to the native and it presented itself mostly with at least one square in the nativity. There were 45 charts where Pluto was in recognized aspects with four planets or more while there were 33 charts that presented at least one square to Pluto. By this Observation, I got the first point of my Assumption that closed at Four Final Points for the deduction of the Criminal Tendency in the Natal Charts and that was “when Pluto aspects at least four bodies in the natal chart by recognized aspects with at least one square to it from any planet, the person in study has a criminal tendency”. However, a caution must be present where the work of the native is much related to Pluto like Spiritual Leaders, Uniformed Workers like Police & Army and Mine Workers. I would leave the judgment in this regard to the reader’s own good consideration. Pluto had both the indications i.e. aspects to four bodies and a square to any planet, in 30 charts in study and that comes to 57.69 Percent and it’s a high figure by consideration of Probability in this regard.

Next I took Mars and here I did not have to concentrate much as the point was a glaring fact just as I took up the study. Mars was in Square or in Opposition to at least one of its Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). This configuration of Mars presented itself in 36 of the 52 Natal Charts in study and this gave me the second point of my Assumption being “when Mars is in Square or Opposition to any one of its outer planets, the person in study has a criminal tendency”. The percentage of presentation of Mars in these Natal Charts in this mentioned configuration was 69.23 Percent and that is a high figure by consideration of its probability of occurrance.

I also looked for the sign that presented itself strongly here but found none yet observed that at many charts the Mutable Signs presented themselves strongly. Mutable signs did have a number of planets though this was not highly recurring fact so I checked and re-checked the data and found that at least 3 planets in total presented themselves in the total Mutable Signs in 42 Charts of these 52 (80.77 Percent) and though a high figure yet if taken alone does not seem to have much value. However, when I would form the total assumption (and of course that assumption is important to which we would arrive with these points of observation that I am presenting in this writing), I would give this observation too its due share though I mention it here just as an interesting fact to note.

As I turned to Jupiter, I was expecting it weak by sign and aspects. On the contrary, I found it to be strong by sign (and traditional aspects were not relevant), occupying mostly Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. There is an Eastern rule in Astrology for Jupiter that says Jupiter is powerful in Libra too while Scorpio is a water sign that with Cancer and Pisces favors Jupiter. Sagittarius being the sign of the planet Jupiter, is also complementary to it. So here we have a point to consider. It seems to me that the Criminal mind unconsciously is going for the betterment of the environment by eliminating someone (a theme on which Jupiter in Cancer or Sagittarius might play) or there may be a factor in the unconscious that relates to showing off (a theme in consideration to Jupiter in Libra or Scorpio) or probably it is that as Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are the 3rd quarter in the signs (denoting Suspense in the attitude of others towards the Native), it denotes to take chance having better hopes (Jupiter at this Quarter) for an escape with the wrong-doing. However, leaving aside the theme at present, I would present the result I got here. Jupiter was present in one of these four signs in 37 of the charts and this happened to be 71.15 Percent here, surely a notable figure. I have also seen that mostly two of the planets from Pluto, Mars and Jupiter (the three important planets in regards to Criminal Tendency) seem to be at 30 degrees from each other anywhere in such nativities and this phenomenon was present in 36 charts here and this also is a very high occurrance for sure. This observation gives the third point for the Criminal Tendency and that is "when two of the planets from Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are within 30 degrees to each other with Jupiter preferably but not necessarily in Cancer, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius, the person in study has a criminal tendency". The Percent in which two of these important planets presented themselves near to each other in the charts in study was 69.23 Percent and as such, this observation is also able to claim a considerable weight in the Assumption for the detection of Criminal Tendency indeed.

Although the Assumption can be presented in full here now yet I would like to point out one more interesting thing in this data and make that the fourth and final point of my Assumption to complete it well. Observing the Data, I saw that partially, the pattern of these charts have a harmony with each other. There are 5 or more planets (Sun & Moon included) very near to each other in most of the Charts as if sitting in a group somewhere. This group does not sit in particular signs but it is found anywhere in the chart occupying some 60 degrees and many times sits only in 45 degrees (not two whole signs necessarily but an area consisting of 45 to 60 degrees) of the Wheel. This can not be termed as Bundle as this area is not occupied by all the planets so it is just a part of the Bundle pattern. These planets are often very close and I would term this interesting configuration as the “Closet” of the Planets. Checking for this Closet Pattern, I found that 42 Charts among this Data have this configuration so including it into the Assumption, the Fourth Point here is “when 5 or more planets are near to each other occupying 45 degree area in the Wheel anywhere, the person in study has a criminal tendency”. I think the natives with the Bundle Pattern ought to review their selves well and good. The Percent for this placement in the Charts in study comes to 80.77 Percent, a very high figure for sure and no doubt quite capable of negating all good Probability Calculations by quite a margin.

Now at this juncture, it is not difficult to form the total Assumption to detect the Criminal Tendency in Natal Charts by the given indications. So now we have the Total Assumption that “when Pluto aspects four or more planets strictly in accordance with accepted orbs and makes a square with any planet in the natal chart and in addition to this, Mars is in Square or Opposition strictly in accordance with accepted orbs to any one of its outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto), then the person in study has an Undeveloped Criminal Tendency. When Mutable Signs are pronounced in the Chart this tendency rises much though in addition, two planets from Pluto, Mars & Jupiter must also present themselves within 30 degrees to each other in the chart (Jupiter preferably presenting itself in Cancer, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius). Thus, this tendency shoots up high and gets totally developed becoming highly dangerous and it might become more so with a presence of Closet of Planets (at least 5 planets occupying an area of 45 degrees) in the natal chart anywhere”.

I would like to indicate here that I have read an artice on the net regarding criminal tendency that presents an interesting observation that Moon and Saturn are elevated in such nativities while Pluto tends to come at one of the last 3 houses. Though it does not give any attention to aspects yet this observation is interesting and placement of Pluto between MC and the Ascendant might be taken as the Fifth Point while elevation of the Moon and Saturn might be taken as the Sixth. As I did not have the ascendants for the available charts in the data so I was unable to make such observation yet as the writer of that article seems positive that her observation does seem to be connected to this matter, I took it as a mentionable point. After observing this data so much, I think that though caution must be practiced in dealing with persons with such planetary configuration, yet utmost caution must also be practiced in calling anybody a criminal as the assumption presented here needs much vast study for its verification while it must better be present in total to take anyone as inclined towards criminal activity. I would ask my readers to try to verify these results on a very high scale, taking a data of a thousand criminals if available. Even if it is verified that this configuration does show a high tendency to commit deadly crimes yet as I wrote here before too, it needs one more indication to denote that a person is a dangerous criminal and that is he must have committed such a crime practically. So with all precautionary steps for personal safety if the indications are verified, a caution must always be present too in calling or taking anyone as inclined to criminal activity disregarding his free will and self respect totally as that would be a form of injustice too.

With all said and done, please note that we are studying Human Beings here who have an amazing occult power inside to combat all wrongs and we must never turn our eyes away from this amazing quality. Criminals, like others, also have an inner power that once on due to a good guidance, might refrain them from committing wrong thus making the world a better place. We must develop Faith in our Creator, The True Lord, for He only has the Power to grant us the Mercy, Blessing and Permission to affect His world, for the rightness and for the better.


Muhammad Saleem Dada

(completed this Writing on Jan. 25, 2004)


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