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Astrology is a study that tells us about the character, urges and tendencies of a person. It does not tell us about the Future for sure as taken by most people. The old class of Astrologers used to stress this point but the modern persons who are adept in astrology, even though many accept the fact that Astrology is not a fortune telling system, commit the same mistake of applying Astrology to Predictions. Even if the old ones did tell something as a prediction they always pointed out that this is just a calculated guess. It may be a notch better than an ordinary guess but they never gave the guess any more importance than what it deserved, understanding well that Astrology is all “Tendencies” and not “Predictions”.

As a student of Astrology, I have studied in the Natal Charts the Suicidal Tendency, Criminal Tendency, Abnormally High Sexual Tendency, Schizophrenic Tendency, Tendency for Specific Pathology, Power-Abuse Tendency and Tendency to Apply Beauty Negatively. I have given the Indications of Suicidal Tendency present in the Natal Charts and it may be read at:

Suicidal Tendency in Natal Charts

Also, I have denoted the other tendencies too that are mentioned here and readers would find the related writings by following the links listed at the mentioned site. The detection of care for religion, morals & character by natal charts is possible easily if the following statement is kept in view.

"One of the three personal significators in the Natal Chart is within 30 degrees to Jupiter and one of these is present in the ninth house (Sun, Moon and The Ruler of the Ascendant are taken as the three personal significators)". Other alternative for this is "Both the Lights and Jupiter are components of a Grand Trine or of a T-Square while one of them occupies the Ninth House". When any of these two situations is present in the Natal Chart, the Native would be much caring towards good morals and with any of these positions, if Jupiter presents itself near the Ascendant or the Midheaven then this puts much emphasis on the regards for the good morals as the Native takes it and this placement of Jupiter with any of the two positions mentioned, also indicates a Native who deals with everyone and everything wisely. I have seen that sometimes the sign Scorpio presents itself strongly in the Natal Chart due to a personal significator inside or being on the Ascendant for those who value good morals much more than others. I have studied charts of Religious Scholars who take up and profess good morals including my own natal chart (Birth: 20th March 1959, around 10 PM at Karachi; Scorpio Rising) with Jupiter Re-St at the First House which is a part of the Grand Trine that forms between the planet and both the lights while the Moon is in the Ninth House.

It is a fact that Human Beings have superiority due to their knowledge over all the other creatures so if we develop the Knowledge about ourselves we would surely be able to make the world a better place. Astrology is also one way to achieving this task though we must keep away from taking it as a fortune telling system for the simple reason that it is not that. With the development of such knowledge, the world would promise only Peace, Love and Humanity to all and not hatred or rejection to any one as then the concept “Live and let live” would be in total practice at every time and at every place indeed.

Re-written at 9th July, 2007

Muhammad Saleem Dada


Although, I do not consider astrology to be some kind of a predictive art yet I do take the natal chart as a wonderful instrument to understand characteristics of a person. Astrology is actually a study of combinations of planets and houses that tell us clearly about the character if the judgment is good. Though signs are also given much attention in the interpretation of charts yet except to see the house rulership, they are seldom important. If one grasps the rules for such combinations, one can easily detect the salient features of the character of the native in study. I have written about the aspects and the combination of planets (including the Sun and the Moon) at the net and have pointed out that as any three bodies come in 30 degrees area anywhere, they do provide some specific information about the person in study according to their meaning. For example, when Mars, Jupiter and Moon come into 30 degrees area with or without any other body in between, this denotes depressive and even schizophrenic attitude at times. The T-square between these three also implies the same even when only two sides are covered by these three with any other body at the third side. Also, another interesting astrological point that I have seen and have pointed out is that if Mars, Saturn and Pluto come in 30 degree area or in a T-square (or even in a Grand Trine), they denote a suicidal tendency in the native that might lead him to take his own life considering it the best option available. Also, if Moon, Jupiter and Chiron come into a 30 degree area in a female’s nativity or if these three have a clear connection there, it may denote adopted morals that are mostly related to much indecency and shameful attitude. You can read these astrological articles and other of my articles by searching saleemdada (without space) at google.

Regarding the three important matters of life namely authority, wealth and suffering, I would comment here that according to my observation, if two of the three indicators of the native (Sun, Moon and the ruler of the Ascendant) are at two of the fire houses (1,5,9) and with this placement a stellium takes place in one of these houses or with this placement, a grand trine forms in these three houses by any planets, it denotes a very confident character capable of an amazingly good leadership even at much adverse situations. If Jupiter is much in play with this configuration, the native might be much caring about morals. Saturn or the ruler of the tenth house at the first puts an emphasis on this configuration. Likewise, if the earth houses (2,6,10) have two of the indicators at different houses in them with a stellium at any of these or with a Grand Trine of any planets among these three, it denotes a person capable of accumulating a good amount of wealth with ease and he might enjoy a prominence in the society he lives in. Venus or the ruler of the second house at the first puts an emphasis on this configuration. If the air houses (3,7,11) have two of the indicators inside two of this specific trio and a stellium is present in one of these or a Grand Trine forms between these three, this makes a person capable of studying all sorts of worldly subjects with a high quality of common sense and an urge to travel a lot. Such a person may have the capability to make his way in power-politics getting ahead at the expense of the political career of many a related persons who get in the way of such a native specially with Libra at the ascendant. Mercury or the ruler of the sixth house at the first puts an emphasis on this configuration. I have seen that Libra at the ascendant mostly denotes such people who prefer dictatorship in some way or other in a given situation and most noteworthy in this regard was Adolf Hitler. Please note that any of the cardinal signs gives a touch of dictatorship at the Ascendant though the native would not be able to forward much of his qualities related to dictatorship against the preferences of the society he lives in yet sometimes if the dictatorship is capable of leading a whole nation to safety & security just as an effective pill with a bitter taste, the leadership of such persons might be tolerated yet for a very short span of time (and that also with Aries or Cancer only). However, dictatorship as a way of leadership is rightly taken as totally wrong indeed. Any of the fixed signs at the Ascendant shows provision for something and that provision might be of wealth with Taurus, of rightousness with Leo, of environment based on high morals with Scorpio and of relationship with Aquarius. Any of the mutable signs at the ascendant asks for harmony with people around even if it takes some sacrifice from the Native for this, as he would prefer to buy peace with any amount that he could pay within his capacity. Now if two of the three indicators occupy any two houses of the Water Houses (4,8,12) and a stellium takes place in any of these houses or a Grand Trine forms here by any planets, the Native would spend a great amount of money and would easily incur heavy material losses in business or otherwise yet would always have something to fall back upon. He may be some kind of a Great Gambler yet always having some amount of wealth to lose. Neptune or the ruler of the twelfth house at the first puts an emphasis on this configuration. If the sixth house is in play with this configuration, due to its ruler in the first or due to one of the indicators there, he might be prone to infections and illness and he might find himself invalid for quite a time if he does not take precautionary steps for maintenance of his health (and even surgeries are possible). So in a nutshell when the indicators form a pattern by putting an emphasis on any special set of houses (these sets being 1,5,9 and 2,6,10 and 3,7,11 and 4,8,12), they convey a specific message. If this message is understood well, we might find it able to make us understand ourselves well so it is something to study with observation.

There are studies that relate to human beings and the rules of which do not apply totally for some persons because of the fact that human beings are most amazing in their physical form, mental ability and spiritual power and in fact, they are totally other form of life than animals as wrongly thought by many of the people in the world today and this I have pointed out in my writings clearly though detail in neither possible nor desired here. Even a few set rules of Economics or Social Sciences would fail totally for the person who decides to leave a normal life and lives quietly with minimum requirement of life at some place not much inhabited. So, much depends upon a persons’ own efforts as he can master his matters by faith, efforts and knowledge. Keeping this in mind, we must understand that astrology is a study of life and it shows the direction of efforts where a person might be at ease yet it does not have the power to stop a person for whatever efforts he wants to make and in this way, even though conveying an idea of fate, it appreciates free will.

Completed this writing at 23rd May 2006

Muhammad Saleem Dada

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