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Prayer is all this country needs, right now.
We have been told to pray, we had been
September 11th, 2001

September 11, the year 2001
A day of tragedy in the golden sun

Not just one life was shattered and torn
Thousands no longer will be as when born

Our country, a place we can be free
Was shattered and torn for all to see

Frozen in time, planes crashing, a total of four
Taking lives, heroes, and just folks, forever more

But we are Americans and will fight back
Against this evil and horrendous act

No one can bury or kill our Nation so strong
We will rebuild, in steel, concrete and with song.

You can't take us down, from land or flights above
We are Americans and will defend this land we love.

So while we mourn and pray for lives lost
For heroes trying to save others no matter the cost

We will rebound and remember to fear us, yes you must
Because we are Americans on our land and In God we Trust.
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