Crystal's Weight Loss Surgery Journey with PCOS
Hello!  My name is Crystal, I am 25 years old and I live in Smyrna, TN.  I had Open RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery on 8/8/02 and I was only 21 years old  weighing in at a whopping 313 pounds!!!!   
Sorry I haven't updated my page in forever and a day.  So much has went on since the last time I updated this page which was on October 16th, 2004 (over 2 years ago).  I HAVE GAINED 40 POUNDS BACK, but I fluctuate!  I am now at 234lbs.  I have been drinking alot of water and have been watching what I eat!
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195lbs~~6 months post-op
I am now at 234lbs as of 11/21/06.  Yes, I have gained weight back,  I am 4yrs and 3 mo. post-op.  BEWARE:  YOU CAN GAIN YOUR WEIGHT BACK!  AND YES, MY STOMACH STRECHED BACK OUT!  I PUT MYSELF BACK ON A DIET, BUT ATLEAST I DONT WEIGH 313LBS LIKE BEFORE THANK GOD!
UPDATED NOVEMBER 21ST, 2006!!!!!!!!!
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