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My other crochet projects page
these are just a small portion of what i have made... i just didn't take photos of the others.
My first slippers i made my girls for christmas 2001.
My 1st hats and mittens i made 11/2001

My daughter Cheyenne is modeling hers.
My 1st Doily made 2/02
My 2nd doily
Angel Dishrag I made 5/7/02
Fish hot pads and Turtle soap savers i made my girls so they can play with in the bath tub.
Turtle hot pad and Coasters
Purse i made for my youngest daughter to match an outfit she got for her birthday.. 6/02
My 3rd Doily finished 6/02
Puppy coats i created for my fox terrior puppies.... (Thumbilina and Boon)
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