Tafi Mae And Mollee Anne

And Gus Tavo Too!

The Maltese
Wonder Dogs!

Mollee and Tafi are Maltese dogs. 
They are registered with the AKC

We hope you enjoy learning about our parents pride and joy.  Let them know what you think..
Also we hope you learn more  about Maltese dogs. We hope to add lots and lots of information as we build our web page.
We want to show you how fun and great a Maltese dog can be. 
If you are planning on getting a new dog, A Maltese Dog is the best choice!  We love ours!

Mollee is the smaller dog on the left.
Tafi is her mother on the right.

This time Tafi is on the left
and Mollee is on the right.
Cute, don't you think?

Get a Maltese
you will be glad
you did
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