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Life Stanza

Life continues on,
One day blending to the next...blurring into infinity.
But what is time to a shifter?
What are days, if not the barest of seconds?
But seasons, Ah!
Seasons are the life of all things!
The cycles come and go,
Turning in their living circles,
And to shifters it is...Home.

Home continues to be there,
Ever changing yet remaining true,
Like the shifter who calls this home,
But what is true to a shifter?
Never knowing what world to live in,
Never knowing just who you are,
Truth changes like the seasons,
The seasons that shifter calls home,
The home that shifter calls life.

In every walk of life there is something new,
Yet every shifter seems to walk alone.
Like the seasons, we cycle too,
Sadness chips at our hearts, but it is what keeps us strong...
For we know only one other home, dreams.
Dreams are vivid and call out to us.
We answer with every cell of our body,
Yet in the soul of our world, life is but a dream.

Written by DarkWolf, SammyHain, and Cyndi.

***There will be more to come of the Stanza as members begin to add to it.***

Group Owner: Cyndi
My Two Moderators: Sammy and Stew
Current Member Count: About 20, I just dropped like 30 people for not ever posting.





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