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until after the war. Today we are aware of some cases where women died in combat and sadly there are a unknown number that will never be know about, who died for their believes and took their secret to the grave.
I don't begin to suggest that women soldiers single handedly had anything to do with the fate of the war, BUT they were there...so let them be remembered,and read on to keep their war sacrifices alive !  
Explore around my site to come across research carried out on women of the American Civil War by writers, researchers and re-enactors and myself.
This site has been created to share information covering as many aspects of women soldiers of the American Civil War as possible.
With the social restrictions of the period, women were not allowed to fight, so during the ACW they held roles such as nurses, spies, running the home and even the "sobbing" woman back home !
In the majority of cases this was true. However, academic research has accounted for around 400 women who managed to hold a combatant role during the war. As this was not possible as a woman, these women had to take on the guise of a man in order to enlist.
The fact that we know about these women doesn't mean they were unsuccessful. A large number were and were found out in various ways. Others managed to continue to serve and were not discovered
You will also find images, facts, literature, links and more.
I am continuously updating this site and I try to keep the information as correct to my knowledge as possible.

Thank you

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