Christine Michael

Singing Poet

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Andy Kociuch - illustrator

Article - 'And Did Those Feet?' - fact or fiction - myth or 'reality?!!!'

Article - 'The Religious Experience of Women'

Book Sales (UK) - Books for children

Book weeks and literary events for children in schools and libraries

Christine Michael at CONTACT AN AUTHOR

Contact details for bookings - please give details of your event



Picture Gallery

'Spirit of the Greenwood' -a programme of traditional and original poems, stories and songs

Story by Christine Michael - 'I will drown my baby and me'- a story which explores the theme of abuse

Talks on women's issues

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"Somewhere there's heaven
Somewhere there's grace
Somewhere there's laughter
Devoid of hate"

From Track one "Who made the Rainbow" (a song for PEACE)

play individual tracks of poems or songs here or buy cd album

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Celebrating this month:- Birth of Guru Arjan Dev, Vesak, Jeyanti

We are all one family

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